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Stacy Head's official response to the email flap

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In the last hour, New Orleans City Councilmember Stacy Head issued an official response to the ongoing email flap. Here's what she had to say:

Well, here I am again. The center of attention because I am consistently "me." What have my emails - the "smoking gun" that those opponents of reform and progress have gloatingly teased the media and public with - shown? For starters, they have shown that I am the same person privately as I am publicly. I am as true to my conviction behind closed doors as I am in Council chambers. They have also shown, again, the bane of my existence, my outspoken character. No one needs to wonder what I am thinking. Am I embarrassed by the tone of some of my emails? Do I wish that I had been more cautious (and used spell check) before sending out some of them? OF COURSE! In fact, my humiliated mother has washed my mouth out with Tabasco for my crude description of Mr. Riley's "man parts." But, what I hope they have most shown is my non-wavering passion for New Orleans and the city that it is and can be. This is not the time to beat around the bush. This is a time for action. We are wasting the opportunity borne of great tragedy to restore New Orleans to a city that connects to its unique and extraordinary past and provides opportunities for prosperity for all.

My detractors' tired, old political antics have shown that there are a few people determined to tear our city apart in order to retain relevance and power. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, do they think we are idiots? The seeking of only 4 Councilmembers' emails and then cherry-picking mine was done for a reason. These opportunists attempt to change focus from the fact that we have FAR more in common than we have differences. Despite our race or ethnicity, we all want the same things - a safe city, affordable quality education for our children, decent housing, and a new direction for New Orleans. A recent poll confirmed it. But before that data confirmed it, my heart knew it. Most mothers want the same for their children. We are all connected. Success in one community brings success to all. Our common concerns led me to run for office and keep me working day and night for this city. I want a better city for my children. I want to grow old here with my friends and family.

So, I ask you, New Orleans, please join me in repairing some broken things in our wonderful city. We cannot do it without setting aside our old divisions and congregating around our common desires. Together let's stop tolerating corruption. Let's make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely to assure that we have decent streets and playgrounds from Gert Town to Algiers to the Ninth Ward. Let's make sure that we are business-friendly enough to grow opportunities so that every child in New Orleans has the chance to stay here and succeed. I firmly believe that this is what most of my constituents want.

Finally, these political games need to end. I am posting my emails (redacted for privilege, etc.) on my website,, with private citizens' names and contact information redacted (they will be available no later than Monday, May 18, 2009). I will say it again, some of my language is not what I would want to hear from my children, but I am proud that I will have a record to show what their mother wanted for them, and all our children. A chance to live in the best city in the world for a lifetime.

If you disagree or have better ideas, as always, you have my email address!!!!!!!!

Gotta admit -- the woman has, as she put it in her own emails, ba::s.

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