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So about those Saints questions

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Anyone's who's picked up this week issue of the Gambit will no doubt notice the cover story is about the Saints. If you look closely at the top of Page 21, you'll also notice an announcement saying that, all season long, we'll be taking your Saints questions and asking them to the players and coaches. So send your e-mails to and we'll start getting answers. Like, starting right now.


Oh, but first, allow me to elaborate with a handy FAQ:


Is this for real?


Indeed it is. Following the Saints can be a trying exercise at times and yet the fans have stuck with this team through thick and thin (mostly thin). Consider this a reward for all your suffering and a chance for you to have a voice with the players and coaches you follow so loyally.


So we can ask anything?


In an ideal world, you could send me a question for Jeremy Shockey along the lines of "Hey, you drunken neanderthal, who do you think you are passing out at a Las Vegas pool when you should be at OTAs?". Alas, this world is far from ideal. Basically, all I ask is that you put yourself in my shoes: ask only questions that you would feel comfortable asking yourself. If you're unsure, send me the question and we'll work it out. Otherwise, all topics are fair game so long as they are appropriate for a work setting.


How many questions can we ask?


1, 46, a million, as many as you feel like asking. There is no limit to the amount of questions we'll take and from who we'll take them. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, doctors, fellow season ticket holders and tailgating buddies to pitch in. We want as many questions from people as possible.


How long are you gonna do this for?


Every day from the start of training camp until the final whistle blows on the Saints season. We will be checking the e-mail account constantly and won't stop asking questions until you do.


OK, so what's the catch?


Well, unfortunately it's not going to be completely perfect. There may be a million questions you guys want asked of Drew Brees but the man has only so much time. Same goes with Sean Payton. Also, there's a chance that multiple readers will ask the same question, in which case we'll direct you to the blog post where that question and response was posted. But otherwise, I see no catch. Just keep in mind, big time players have big time press hordes surrounding them. Questions for someone like Jabari Greer or Jon Stinchcomb might have a quicker turnaround than those for Reggie Bush and Brees. All I ask is patience.

Anything else we should know?


Think of questions and send them to Now.

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