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In case you missed it: Drew Brees on the Jay Leno Show

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Unlike some lucky people, I couldn't make it out to Gambit's Lawman Watch Party at Theo's (as of this writing the first of back-to-back episodes is just finishing), but there is a silver lining: I was able to catch Drew Brees' appearance on the Jay Leno Show.


Now why would I be watching the Jay Leno Show you may ask? Because Drew Brees was on. I managed to catch that segment and that segment alone. How lucky am I?


Now I don't have DVR and didn't have the presence of mind to record it off my TV screen, but I did take some meticulous notes and for those of you who missed it (or are too lazy to check out the clips on Hulu) here are the highlight's from Brees' appearance.


  • The segment was all part of what I assume is a regular Leno bit called "9 at 9". It's called "9 at 9" because it comes on approximately 9 p.m. mountain time. Well it's 9:57 central time right now and the segment ended some 10 minutes ago do the math.
  • The first question was about Drew Brees' nickname in high school - "Cool Brees" - which Leno said sounded like a bad cologne. He then added that his nickname in high school was "Chinzo". I can't tell why people aren't watching this show.
  • Second question was about Brees' NFL commercial with Barack Obama. Apparently the president "razzed" Brees about the Bears having the Saints number in recent years. Brees then claimed he was a "rooftop sniper" away from throwing the president a pass with a little extra heat. Snipers, Drew?
  • Leno asked Brees if he's ever stolen anything from a hotel while on the road. Brees admitted to having taken some towels from his hotel in Hawai'i when he played in his first Pro Bowl. In his defense, this place looks like it would have some nice towels.
  • Fourth Question: If Brees had just $10 to spend on fast food, where would he go? He gave two disappointing answers: In & Out Burger (he'd order two double-doubles, no cheese, animal style with fries and a Sprite) or Jimmy Johns' (for their Italian sub). Now while these are no doubt delicious purveyors of burgers and sandwiches, Brees couldn't have thrown some love to Popeye's or Raising Canes? For shame.
  • Brees' guilty pleasure show: Glee. He watches the show with his wife (crowd: "awwwww") but doesn't try to sing along cause he can't sing very well.
  • Clearly not paying attention, Leno then asked Brees to sing the Purdue fight song. Brees complied, though he only sang the second part. I'm sure he'll be hearing from his alma mater.
  • Question seven was about Brees' pre-game eating ritual. For all you gourmet buffs out there, he has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the night before a game and an egg-white omelet with ham, bell peppers, spinach, and some links of sausage. Any breakfast joint worth its fryer grease should start serving that immediately. Call it a "Cool Brees Omelet" (see what I did there?)/
  • Brees was asked what the strangest thing he's ever signed was. He said in training camp back in 2006, a fan asked Brees to sigh a black and gold prosthetic leg complete with fleur de lis. Brees, ever the consummate professional, signed.
  • Last question: Brees was asked to name as many New Orleans dishes as he could in 15 seconds. Brees named three types of oysters, three shrimp dishes, red beans and rice, po-boys, turtle soup, gumbo, and "anything fried or blackened." He did leave jambalaya, muffalletta, and any kind of crawfish dish off the table but that's not bad for 15 seconds. And he gets bonus points for the "fried or blackened" quip.


And just like that the segment was over, Leno threw to commercial and I turned off my T.V. before a GAP commercial nearly made me chug drain cleaner.

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