Monday, August 13, 2012

Did Mr. Ghetto have a premonition of the SWAT standoff?

Posted by on Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 9:56 PM

Ten months ago, Mr. Ghetto, infamous for his "Wal-Mart" music video, released his "Jailhouse Bounce" music video, a combination if-I-ever-go-to-jail manifesto and wishlist to his lover on the outside. Today, Mr. Ghetto is being held in Orleans Parish Prison on counts of resisting arrest, battery, failure to comply and extortion by threats following a six-hour standoff.

So how's jail treating Mr. Ghetto? I'm going to guess not as well as he imagined...

Mugshot of Mr. Ghetto, Robert Maize
  • OPP
  • Mugshot of Mr. Ghetto, Robert Maize

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Under the cut — lyrics and images probably NSFW or the easily offended...]

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bluth Ipsum

Posted by on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 8:02 PM

At lunch today, I fired up the iPad app to read about Frank Fradella's court appearance. That story wasn't on the front page, but this one was — click to embiggen:


"Everybody's laughing, and riding, and cornholing except Buster. ... "

Whaaaa? I thought it was some kind of spam (turned out it wasn't, but dummy text from the sitcom Arrested Development). It had clearly been up there for an hour; the timestamp was 12:39 p.m. and the time on my screenshot was 1:42 p.m. But it was odd, so I sent it out over Gambit's Twitter feed and forgot about it.

Late this afternoon, it got picked up by media reporter Jim Romenesko in a post titled "What's Going On," And it got a response from editor James O'Byrne:


"Approximately 5 or 10 minutes"? Hardly.

It's still on the front page of the site, more than 7 hours after it was posted:

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Y@ Speak: Elephants, rogue dolphins, mutant spiders, oh my!

Posted by on Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 10:49 AM

There's all sorts of creatures in this week's roundup including mutant albino spiders, urban elephants, an aggressive Slidell dolphin and David Vitter. Also this week: controversial tweets from Drew Brees, Snake and Jakes' position on bubblegum vodka and NOLA Pride Festival.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dump the Pump NOLA Triple-Bus Adventure Recap

Posted by on Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 7:38 PM

To celebrate National Dump the Pump Day on June 21, I bought a $3 RTA day pass and rode around the city on the Broad...


Morrison Express...

and Franklin buses.

Unlike my typical bus adventures, I didn't stop at any places along the route and instead just enjoyed being chauffeured around the city.

Those who are hesitant about using public transportation should first try exploring like this, riding without getting off, just to get accustomed to bus travel without fear. Riding like this is like dipping your toes in the pool before getting in.

Of course, as with taking any other trip, there are things you should know before you go...

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Y@ Speak: The axe falls

Posted by on Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 11:08 AM

The inevitable Times-Picayune bloodbath happened. Among the many casualties was award-winning food critic Brett Anderson — who was later rehired? — which really pissed off the Internet. Other firings sparked similar outrage among Twitter users. Congratulations Advance: you've now moved to the top of New Orleans' shit list, the most terrifying place to be in the world. As T-P contributor Todd A. Price said in a tweet, "Does the Newhouse family realize that New Orleanians know how to hold a grudge?"

(For anyone interested in helping the severed T-P employees, check out the DashThirtyDash fund.)

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Brett Anderson invited to not leave the Picayune; Finney not re-signed as sports columnist; we have always been at war with Eastasia

Posted by on Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 11:29 AM

Brett Anderson has always been the food critic at The TImes-Picayune.
  • "Brett Anderson has always been the food critic at The TImes-Picayune."
Apparently we have always been at war with Eastasia. And Brett Anderson has always been reviewing Oceana.

After a week which saw Times-Picayune food critic Brett Anderson fired on Tuesday (confirmed by Gambit and reported on the T-P's own online site,, we now find it was all a big kooky culinary misunderstanding:

Earlier this week, it was reported that Anderson was to be laid off as part of the newspaper's reorganization into a digitally focused news organization. Anderson had previously announced his intention to accept a fellowship with the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University, beginning this fall.

Times-Picayune Editor Jim Amoss said the newspaper has always wanted Anderson to be part of its dining and food coverage and that when Anderson applied for the fellowship, the newspaper agreed to give him a leave of absence for its duration.

Perhaps they should have told Anderson that on Tuesday, when he confirmed to Gambit and other media outlets that he had been fired. Anderson has not yet decided whether to accept the paper's offer to stay.

This reversal came after a 24-hour period in which Anderson and Amoss were seen having a lunch meeting at Mandina's in Mid-City, and after restaurant columnist Susan Langenhennig had confirmed on Twitter she would be writing dining reviews for the paper after the transition to three-day-a-week publication this fall.

Langenhennig would seem to be the victim in this latest fiasco in The Times-Picayune firings. Earlier this week, longtime sports columnist Pete Finney learned from that he had been fired before he had been given the chance to meet with his supervisors. In a reversal similar to that of Anderson, Amoss later announced Finney's column would continue on a freelance basis, telling Judy Woodruff on PBS' NewsHour, "The sports columnist, for example, will be writing for us with the same frequency with which he writes for us now, albeit on a correspondent, freelance basis."

A spokesman for the Finney family disputes Amoss' account, saying the columnist has made no agreement with the new NOLA Media Group — because no financial offer has been tendered.

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More confusion from NOLA Media Group: Langenhennig not the new T-P food critic

Posted by on Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 1:28 AM

As management at the NOLA Media Group — the new company that will oversee and The Times-Picayune — continues to struggle to report the news of its own transition, more confusion arose tonight over the fate of the paper's award-winning dining coverage.

Despite the firing of longtime and well-respected restaurant critic Brett Anderson, editor Jim Amoss told The New York Times on Thursday, "[W]e will have substantial coverage of the New Orleans restaurant and food scene, with two full-time writers devoted exclusively to it. Our coverage will include restaurant reviews.”

That role would seem to have fallen to the paper's restaurant writer Susan Langenhennig, who took to Twitter on Thursday to say "No one can replace @BrettAndersonTP. I will do restaurant features/news at first and reviews eventually" and "It will be awhile before we start reviews."

Reached tonight by Gambit as to her role as restaurant reviewer/critic, Langenhennig refused comment, other than saying that though she may be providing restaurant reviews in the future, her title would not be that of "dining critic." Asked if she had signed the newspaper's offer of a new job with the NOLA Media Group, she had no comment.

Langenhennig has served in a variety of positions at the paper, most recently that of fashion editor. Several months ago, the role of restaurant columnist was added to her job. She joined the paper's freelance food and drinks writer, Todd A. Price (a former Gambit columnist), who, reached by phone tonight, expressed general support for Langenhennig, adding that the uncertainty regarding the transition has been "difficult, because Brett is my best friend at the paper."

The state of the paper's dining coverage is just one more wrinkle in the confusion that has ensued since word leaked out that The Times-Picayune, under the banner of the new NOLA Media Group, would be going to thrice-weekly publication this fall. That news — which first appeared in The New York Times, catching The Times-Picayune's employees by shock — has left many of them unsure about their roles in the new company, even after a day that saw 200 people fired and others offered letters of new employment that raised more questions than answers.

As to the question of the content, quality, or general makeup of the new enterprise's dining coverage, that has still not been addressed in the pages of The Times-Picayune, on the digital platform of, or with the readers and advertisers themselves — only with The New York Times.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Public Transit Tuesdays: Canal Streetcar

Posted by on Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 10:21 PM

Canal Street is the hub of public transportation in New Orleans. In fact, most of my Public Transit Tuesdays and non-Gambit bus excursions have me crossing Canal Street at some point. Also, if you're ever lost on a bus adventure, you'll be halfway home if you can find your way back to Canal Street. Sadly, this doesn't work for the RTA's demon seed, the Kenner Loop. The Canal streetcar demographic can't be explained, as it's full of tourists, locals, students, working people and the unemployed. That inexplicable demographic is one of the best parts of riding the Canal streetcar, as you never know who you'll meet. The only depressing thing about riding the Canal Streetcar is that it makes you long for the New Orleans that was...



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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Times-Picayune sources: It's unclear whether revamped paper will print a Saints Monday edition

Posted by on Sat, May 26, 2012 at 3:54 PM

Copies of The Times-Picayunes biggest Monday editions, featuring the New Orleans Saints, are collectors items on sites like eBay.
  • Copies of The Times-Picayune's biggest Monday editions, featuring the New Orleans Saints, are collectors' items on sites like eBay.
According to sources within The Times-Picayune, the transition from a daily paper to a website with a three-day-a-week print component (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) is scheduled to take place in September — right around the kickoff of the 2012 New Orleans Saints season. The first game is September 9, when the Black and Gold will host the Washington Redskins in the Superdome, and there are three subsequent games that month.

What’s not clear is if The Times-Picayune will publish on the Mondays following the games.

At Thursday’s newsroom meeting, where editor Jim Amoss attempted to answer some questions about the transition, one person asked if the new schedule meant that there would be no Times-Picayune on the morning of Monday, February 4, the day after Super Bowl XLVII is played in the Superdome. Amoss did not have the answer, but said that the paper’s new schedule might allow for special editions.

Moreover, multiple sources within the paper’s sports department say that no word has come down to them as to whether they will be putting out a regular Monday print edition after Sunday Saints games. Sports editor Doug Tatum, who was included in the offsite meetings held last week where Advance Publications officials outlined the future of the company, has not returned Gambit’s call as of Saturday afternoon.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Ricky Graham and Betty White cake: Separated at baking?

Posted by on Sat, May 19, 2012 at 11:31 AM

We got a press release about the recent Friars Club roast of Betty White, which featured a cake in the actress' image constructed by TLC's Cake Boss.

It was an impressive piece of pastry, but it didn't really look much like Ms. White. It did, however, look a lot like local actor Ricky Graham, who is starring in Shirley Valentine at Southern Rep. Consider:

  • TLC


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