Friday, October 2, 2015

Second line Sunday: Family Ties Social Aid and Pleasure Club

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Family Ties parade
  • Family Ties parade



NOON-4 P.M. SUNDAY, OCT. 4 2015

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Second line: YMO Jr. 131st parade rescheduled for Saturday

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  • Kim Welsh
  • YMO Jr.

This parade has been rescheduled to roll this Saturday after cancelling original date 9-27-15 due to rain. Saturday’s parade begins at noon.



Noon-4 p.m. SATURDAY, OCT. 3 2015

Dedicated to the memory of Bros. Stephen "Mr. Steve" Soloman, Alfred "Bucket" Carter, Herbert "Wizard" Gettridge and Richard "Ricky" Randall.

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City Council presses NOPD after New Orleans restaurant robberies

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Gunmen robbed patrons and the cash register at Patois in August. Similar robberies followed at Atchafalaya and Monkey Hill Bar.
  • Gunmen robbed patrons and the cash register at Patois in August. Similar robberies followed at Atchafalaya and Monkey Hill Bar.

Members of the New Orleans City Council have received several complaints and calls to action to address robberies at two Uptown restaurants and one barroom. The Council pulled together a special Criminal Justice Committee meeting with New Orleans Police Department's (NOPD) top brass to ask why these crimes are happening, and what other resources NOPD needs.

District A City Councilmember Susan Guidry said the robberies and other recent violent crimes are "highly disturbing and have everyone on edge" and there's a sense that "violence is around every corner."

"The rash of robberies in high-profile establishments is not why we’re here today," said Council President Jason Williams Jason Williams. "The issue is they were brazen, they were planned, and the risk of harm to others is so high."

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A critical vote for Louisiana: Gambit's endorsements

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Gambit makes the following endorsements in the Oct. 24 Louisiana primary election. Early voting begins Sat., Oct. 10. To learn more about the candidates, see sample ballots and find your polling place, download the Secretary of State office's smartphone app, GeauxVote. A downloadable and printable PDF of these recommendations is at the bottom of the page.

Governor: Jay Dardenne

Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne.
  • Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne.

Voters across Louisiana will begin picking a new governor when early voting commences this Saturday, Oct. 10. Every election is important, but this one is pivotal. We have one chance — just one — to reverse the failed policies of Bobby Jindal. We cannot afford another culture-warrior governor who’d rather grandstand on social issues than solve the structural problems that hold our state back. We can do better. We must do better.

Louisiana desperately needs intelligent, honest, courageous leadership. We need a governor who will unite us, not divide us. We need someone who can and will reach across the aisle to forge consensus for policies that fully fund public universities, hospitals, mental health programs and other priorities. We need a leader who will focus on fiscal and budgetary reforms, restore our fragile coastline, reduce our horrific incarceration rate and improve access to early childhood education. This is no time for divisive ideologues — we’ve had that for eight years, and it has shown with disastrous consequences just how miserably government can fail. For these reasons and more, we believe Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne should be Louisiana’s next governor.

The best predictor of someone’s future performance is his past performance. In his nearly quarter-century of public service, Jay Dardenne has served admirably, ethically and intelligently at every level — as a state senator, as our secretary of state and most recently as our lieutenant governor. He knows every corner of Louisiana. He understands the needs of all her people. He works with everyone for the common good — and above all, he does the right thing for the right reason.

As a state senator, Jay Dardenne championed reforms that made our state stronger. As secretary of state he improved services to citizens and businesses, and as lieutenant governor he helped grow Louisiana’s hospitality industry. Most important, throughout his career Jay Dardenne has worked successfully with Republicans, Democrats and independents to do what’s truly best for Louisiana. He is a man guided by his inner moral compass, a man whose actions and decisions come from a clear-headed sense of purpose. As governor, he will bring those strengths to a state sorely in need of honest, intelligent leadership.

Unlike some of his opponents, Jay Dardenne is not hidebound by ideology. He has not flip-flopped on Common Core, and he has never signed the Grover Norquist pledge. Instead, he has put Louisiana’s interests first. He is practical yet principled. He believes in fixing what’s broken — such as Louisiana’s loophole-riddled tax code — rather than tilting at windmills. He would abolish the inventory tax but still provide aid to local governments; he would cull statutory budget dedications rather than automatically raise taxes; and he would negotiate Louisiana-specific terms with the federal government that would allow us to provide health care for the working poor.

Voters will be bombarded with rhetoric, hyperbole and attacks in the coming weeks. We urge all Louisianans to reject the divisive political tactics of the culture warriors and ideologues. We hope voters instead will focus on what candidates have actually accomplished. By that measure and others, Jay Dardenne is the best person to lead our state for the next four years.

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Indywood Theater finds permanent home on St. Claude Avenue

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The new Indywood Theater will occupy the first floor of 3400 St. Claude Ave.
  • Photo by Ken Korman
  • The new Indywood Theater will occupy the first floor of 3400 St. Claude Ave.

It was a sad day for local film fans when the Indywood Theater lost the lease on its Elysian Fields Avenue building in June of this year. But, as promised at the time by Indywood’s brother-sister founders and management team Will Sampson and Haley Sampson, this downtown hub for independent and regional film will rise again. Indywood has secured a new and permanent home at 3400 St. Claude Avenue at the corner of Desire Street in the Bywater.

In a true story that has already taken on the air of a fairy tale, a benefactor and fan of Indywood — who wishes to remain anonymous — purchased the building with the express purpose of offering the theater a long-term lease on its huge, 7,000-square foot first-floor space. The Sampsons have already developed plans for a two-screen theater along with a community coffee shop and a bar as city permits are acquired. Indywood plans to open the new theater in plenty of time to celebrate the second anniversary of the original theater’s launch, on January 23, 2016.

The Sampsons intend to continue Indywood’s potent mix of foreign, independent, local and regional films popular at the original theater and at this summer’s nomadic Indywood screenings. But a new wrinkle will be added to the programming schedule: audiences will be able to vote on which films are screened by buying advance tickets on the Indywood website. “Our goal is a community-curated theater,” Hayley Sampson said.

A crowd-funding campaign and other fundraising activities are in the works starting with a garage sale at the new Indywood this Saturday, Oct. 3 at 2 p.m. The theater will celebrate the new space with on-site screenings (using portable gear) of Fats Domino documentary The Big Beat at 3 p.m. (with a director Q&A) and 7 p.m. (with a “blueberry dance party”). You just can’t keep a good theater down.

More info is available at the Indywood website.

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"Marilyn" domestic violence case settles

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A woman was strangled and thrown against a mirror in her apartment by an ex-boyfriend. When she returned from the hospital the next day, she received notice from the property manager to leave the apartment complex — her lease agreement read, in part, that a "resident or any member of the resident's household, or a guest or other person under the resident's control, will not be involved in any aspect of domestic violence." Violating those terms, according to the lease agreement, gives the landlord permission to end the lease.

The case of "Marilyn" was the subject of a Gambit cover story on the state of domestic violence-related housing discrimination, in which victims often are unfairly evicted or asked to leave properties after an incident. Survivors also have difficulty getting housing, particularly if their last address was a shelter and not a "home." Marilyn's case, and others like it, compelled state Sen. Sharon Weston Broome, D-Baton Rouge, to draft legislation to better protect survivors and their housing — an uphill, years-long legislative battle that became law Aug. 1.

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Review: The Walk

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Hollywood has spent much of the last three decades gradually improving computer-generated imagery (CGI) in hopes of achieving true photorealism without using a camera. The promise — as conceived by early CGI pioneers — was unlimited creative power for filmmakers no longer obliged to build costly sets or devise elaborate in-camera effects. Whatever writers and directors imagined would be created on high-powered computers and presented on the big screen.

A major breakthrough in CGI that occurred 10 years ago resulted mainly in a rash of mediocre action films, many featuring the destruction of the world’s great cities as familiar landmarks crumbled convincingly on screen. The problem, it seemed, was not just developing photorealistic CGI but also figuring out what to do with it.

Today, the quest for CGI photorealism appears to have ended in unqualified success. For proof we have director Robert Zemeckis’ wildly entertaining The Walk, which depicts a gloriously unfilmable real-life event — French aerial artist Phillippe Petit’s 1974 high-wire walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Viewed in IMAX 3-D, The Walk’s CGI-generated images are breathtaking. But Zemeckis also solved the larger, tougher problem by employing all that hard-won technology in service of an engaging human-scale story.

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Bevi Seafood Co. opens Oct. 2 in Mid-City

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Bevi Seafood Co., at N. Carrollton and Bienville Avenues in Mid-City, opened today.
  • Bevi Seafood Co., at N. Carrollton and Bienville Avenues in Mid-City, opened today.

Bevi Seafood Co. (235 N. Carrollton Ave., 504-488-7503) opens today, Oct. 2, in Mid-City. The N. Carrollton Avenue seafood spot serves a menu similar to the offerings at the flagship restaurant in Metairie, including raw and boiled seafood dishes and po-boys. 

The Mid-City corner shop was home to Cajun Brothers and Kjean's Seafood before Bevi Seafood owner Justin LeBlanc took over the spot earlier this year. 

LeBlanc opened the Metairie location in 2013, quickly picking up a following of crawfish aficionados and fans of the shop's "peacemaker" sandwich, made with roast beef debris, shrimp and Swiss cheese. 

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Shank Charcuterie opens, and We’ve Got Soul pops up at Carrollton Station

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Smoked chicken wings are served at We've Got Soul, a pop-up at Carrollton Station. - COURTESY TRES BARNARD/PHOTO BY ALEC QUIG
  • Smoked chicken wings are served at We've Got Soul, a pop-up at Carrollton Station.

Kristopher Doll opens Shank Charcuterie (2352 St. Claude Ave., (504) 218-5281) today. The new butcher shop, breakfast and lunch spot is across from St. Roch Market (2381 St. Claude Ave.), where he also sells cured meats and charcuterie under the same name. 

At the market, Doll offers a pared-down version of what he plans to serve at his new brick and mortar, where daily cuts of pork, beef, chicken and other cured meats will be sold in addition to a full breakfast and lunch menu.

The 11,000-square-foot shop includes a 20-foot “Italian-style lunch counter,” where Doll says customers can sit and drink an espresso while they wait for a meat order or stay for a full meal. The menu will change daily, Doll says, depending on what products he’s currently stocking.

“The idea is to just go through what’s in the case,” Doll said.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Louisiana governor candidates spar at WDSU-TV debate

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At tonight's gubernatorial debate at WDSU-TV, six candidates discussed the issues (from left): The Rev. Jeremy Odom, Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, state Rep. John Bel Edwards, U.S. Sen. David Vitter, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne and Cary Deaton.
  • At tonight's gubernatorial debate at WDSU-TV, six candidates discussed the issues (from left): The Rev. Jeremy Odom, Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, state Rep. John Bel Edwards, U.S. Sen. David Vitter, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne and Cary Deaton.

Sen. David Vitter was the major target at a televised debate tonight featuring all four of the major gubernatorial candidates: Vitter, Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, state Rep. John Bel Edwards and Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne. Also on the dais were two minor candidates: Democrat Cary Deaton of Metairie and the Rev. Jeremy Odom of Natchitoches (no party).

The hourlong event, held at WDSU-TV and moderated by Scott Walker, was heavily focused on social issues — the first 10 minutes were spent on Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, another 10 minutes were spent on marijuana (medical and recreational), while the national Planned Parenthood controversy took up more time. The state’s budget crisis, including the shortfall in higher education funding, was barely touched upon, and the question of coastal restoration never came up, nor did Gov. Bobby Jindal's rejection of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

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