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  • Apr 18-24, 2006
  • Vol. 24, No. 164


  • The World is Watching

    The first citywide elections since Hurricane Katrina will be studied for years to come -- as much for their mechanics as their results.
  • Child Proof
  • Child Proof

    For many parents, finding work is no problem. But who's going to watch the kids?
  • Not-So-Public Records

    Louisiana government is supposed to work in the sunshine, but a closer look suggests it's partly cloudy.
  • Crowded Fields
  • Crowded Fields

    A stampede of candidates qualified for the seven City Council seats, and some incumbents are on the bubble as a result of voter unrest.
  • "IQ" vs. "You-Know-Who"
  • "IQ" vs. "You-Know-Who"

    Never before have the city's seven assessors all been taken to the mat at one time in a fight for their political survival.
  • Cornerstone Office
  • Cornerstone Office

    Candidates for clerk of Criminal Court vow to fix the office's woes, which are many after three years of Kimberly Williamson Butler.
  • Tour of Duty

    This is it, the thing we can;t stop thinking about or talking about. In some way, I have not gotten used to it, this every-day, every-moment obsession. In some horrible way, it;s worse than ever.





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  • Corner Comeback
  • Corner Comeback

    Contractor Willem Sypesteyn, a homeowner with an appreciation for art, and interior designer Nancy Greenfield take a worn century-old cottage from wallflower to belle of the ball.

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