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Date Your Liver 

a Gambit Quiz

Gambit bets we can guess how old your liver is by the watering holes you visited in New Orleans.

There are the classic bars we all hit as we were being initiated into the bar scene (Bruno's, Fat Harry's, F& M's and The Columns) but there are just some classic New Orleans bars out there that when you reminisce about them, it shows how old your liver really is....

Check your answer for the results

And tell us about some of your favorite New Orleans bars that are not there any more in the comments section.

I have fond memories of visiting the following New Orleans Bars:

  • A. Delicate Jerry's (DJ's) , Rockery Inn, The Fountain Lounge at The Roosevelt, LaLune, Ched’s
  • B. Graff's, Larry & Katz, The Beaconette, La Casa de los Marinos, Ruby Red’s
  • C. Jed's on Oak Street, Quasimodo's, Shanahan's , Dionysious, Robear's
  • D. Que Sera, Sitting Duck, Melius', Sharky's Reef, City Lights, Neobeach, Parlez's
  • E. The Red Room, Club 360, The Wine Loft, Shim Sham Club, El Matador
  • F. Not sure of any of the above and I have never heard of Nicks Bar, but I do frequent Le Phare, Republic, Cure, Oak Bar and the Eiffel Society.

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