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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Morris Peterson is Familiar With Impossible Shots

Posted By on Thu, May 1, 2008 at 12:38 AM

by Alejandro de los Rios

click to enlarge mo pete and reporters

UPDATE: ZOMG!!! I found the commercial!

I've posted at length about the Hornets and their extensive trick shot abilities. But no Chris Paul half-court shot and no Jannero Pargo behind-the-backboard shot will ever top this shot by Morris Peterson during Hornets practice this morning. (And for those of you who think the Hornets are still lacking in media love, note that this video is scheduled to air tonight on SportsCenter and on ESPNews.)

Some things that don't appear in the video or ESPN article:

  • It can't be emphasized enough, but the players took what seemed like 1-2 thousand shots. Don't believe me? If you count, there are 15 shots that are taken in that video, which is around 40 seconds long. That's around 20 shots taken every minute over what was about 30-40 minutes. I'm not math major, but that tops out at close to the 1,000 shot mark.

  • It all started with players trying to shoot over the backboard from behind the hoop too the right of where I was shooting. Not a single player was able to make that shot, despite it looking much easier than the one Mo Pete made.

  • Chris Paul hit one or two half-court shots, I'm not sure. The fact that this went all but unnoticed is a testament to CP3's ability to hit the shot with such regularity. Also, Bonzi Wells hit an over-the-head shot from half-court with his back to the basket. It was no less incredible than Mo Pete's if only he hit it in his first 5 tries (sorry for not knowing all the specifics, you have to understand it was all happening at once). Unfortunately, I wasn't ready and didn't bring the camera out in time. Good thing too, cause I probably would have been content with that and missed Mo Pete's shot all together.

  • After he hit the shot, and he finished air-bumping every teammate in sight, Mo Pete approached the media like he just won a heavy weight championship by 12-round knockout. Not going to lie, we ate it up. All in good humor, local affiliates asked questions about the shot as if it was the game winner to the greatest game ever played. Peterson talked about the advantage of being left-handed and how he knew he would make the shot all along but wanted to let his teammates think it wasn't possible.

Of course, the shot immediately brings to mind that redonkulous Morris Bart commercial that Mo Pete did a while back. You know, the won were Bart delivers his patented pitch while Mo stands there like a cigar shop indian? The one where Bart heaves a ball over his left shoulder and it miraculously makes a 90-turn in mid air to go through the hoop on the other end of the court? The one that has no video presence on the internet whatsoever?Found it!

Yea, that's the one.

For the record, the commercial gives a completely false interpretation about the type of person Peterson is. Whereas he appears nearly comatose and humorless, Peterson is in fact (surprise, surprise) affable and engaging (notice how those are my two favorite words for describing everyone on this team?). So, why is it that Mo Pete was so serious in that commercial?

"That was like the 20th take," he said.

Yes, apparently, the commercial in which Peterson has to utter just one line, took "numerous" takes to film. How did Peterson get mixed up with the attorney anyway?

"His people actually approached me," Peterson said. "We have the same first name so they thought it was a good idea and pitched it to me."

Peterson went on to say had nothing but good things to say about Bart, despite the long day shooting and even had some fun on the set.

"I kept joking with him about how there was no way he would make that shot," Peterson said, referring to the camera-trick aided shot by Bart at the end. Turns out Bart never did make the shot, but thanks to some Hollywood magic, it all came together. Capturing Peterson's shot required no magic, just a lot of patience.

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