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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jannero Pargo Knows Not of This Internet You Speak

Posted By on Sat, May 3, 2008 at 12:12 AM

By Alejandro de los Rios

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UPDATE: ticktock6 pointed out that I never clarified on Jannero's name. For the record, he has never changed the spelling of his name. Anytime it's been spelled differently has been a typo on the part of whoever wrote it that way, be it media guides, programs, box scores or Wikipedia entries. Apologies for not making that clear earlier.

This is a subject that has been nagging me for a while now. While some are looking at Jannero Pargo's emergence as one of the league's premiere sixth man, I've been fixated on this passage from his Wikipedia entry:

When Pargo first entered the NBA as a free agent with the Los Angeles Lakers, his first name was spelled with a single N —"Janero". He was released by the Lakers during the 2003-2004 season and, when he was signed by the Toronto Raptors, his name had gained the extra N that is now reflected in his name.

I finally approached Pargo about it yesterday and it led to this exchange.

Me: You ever look at your Wikipedia page?

JP: Who?

Me: Your Wikipedia.

JP: Uh-uhn. What's that?

Me: An online encyclopedia where anyone can edit and create entries.


Me: You've never heard of Wikipedia?!

Pargo then went on to say that he doesn't read any newspapers or Web pages or anything like that. And, even more surprisingly, Jannero said he doesn't even like his name.

"Every time I meet someone, I gotta say my name four times," he said.

Well, I can definitely relate to that. I then left practice yesterday pretty content on what I found out. But something kept nagging at me. Is it possible that they don't have internet and newspapers in the Shire?

So I went up to Jannero again and continued our talk about the internets. Well, fret not, Jannero does know what the internet is and does go on it occaionally, if only to visit and As to what else he does in his free time?

"I'm really into poker now," he said.

This isn't the first time the subject of Pargo and poker came up — Both he and Chandler have mentioned the two playing in passing. It was actually Chandler that taught Pargo how to play. Pargo, though, is quick to mention that though he was once the learner, now he is the master — though not in so many words.

"I am the best," he said.

Pargo does have his limits. Pargo says he makes occasional trips to hit the tables at Harrah's, but knows that there are better players there, some who make a living out of winning money off living-room poker junkies.

"They know they can't beat me on the basketball court, but that they can beat me at poker," Pargo said.

With all the money he's making, does he feel any pressure to make big bets?

"Never," he said. "I always set a limit, like $300 or so. If I lose that, I'm done."

That's using moderation. Although, I guess the ultimate move is still betting with just $5 bills.

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