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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Friday Night Film Series at Vintage---80's Teen Movies Rule!

Posted By on Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 4:07 AM

“Don’t You (Forget About Me),” by Simple Minds, is the theme song to the 1984 teen hit, John Hughes, The Breakfast Club.  Don’t worry Mr. Hughes, this product of the eighties, will never forget this gem of a movie or any of the great stars who fulfilled the classic stereotypes of the high school paradigm. This is a love letter to the heroes of The Breakfast Club, my coming-of-age movie.

Molly Ringwald: I love you as the princess and I still wish for the janitor closet encounter with Judd Nelson (Pretty classy, being a diamond earring and all..) I am sorry, Molly, that we the children of the eighties, sold you out to the Lifetime franchise and even made you move to France for a while.

Ally Sheedy: I love you because you taught the teens of the eighties that a “basket case” can be really cool and that sometimes a make-over is not really who you are.  I apologize for the years of movie mishaps such as Maid to Order.  The eighties were hard on all of us.

Emilio Estevez: I guess you showed me that most jocks are just that…So, upright of you to be attracted to Ally once she ran a brush through her hair and lost the wooly mammoth coat.  Anyhow,  I do forgive you for the years with Paula Abdul.  What were you thinking?  I guess you have been living a bit in the shadows of your more tabloid-admired brother Charlie.  Sorry that your dating and mating habits have yet to garnish a reality show.

Judd Nelson:  Oh, what can I say about you Judd?  You let us all feel okay about our attraction to the bad boy or criminal (as you are deemed in the film).  I think everyone can agree that your acting moment of glory is when you state, “This is what happens in my house when you spill paint in the garage.”  It definitely sends chills up my spine.  You are the Brando of the bunch.  Just kidding!  I do forgive you for trying something wacky, like a television series with Brooke Shields.  I know the allure of Blue Lagoon must have pulled you in…but really…Suddenly Susan?

Anthony Michael Hall:  I will always love you, my brainiac, my dork, my nerd.  You are the guy that grew up to be Bill Gates or even better, Jon Stewart.  I can never hear the story about the lamp you made in shop enough.  Tell me more.  I know you went through some awkward buff years.  Quite the opposite to what normally happens to us in our youth.  I nearly choked on my popcorn when I saw you in Edward Scissorhands as of all things—the jock!  Gasp!  However, when you went on to some success with your television series, The Dead Zone, the brain was back!

Come see the Brat Pack of the 80’s in The Breakfast Club, written and directed by John Hughes.  Rekindle your love for your favorite character! Were you a brain, a jock, a basket-case, a princess or a criminal?   It will be much more fun than Saturday detention.  Remember what made the 80’s so great!  Come for the late night screenings of 80’s Teen Classics during the Summer Friday Night Film Series at Vintage above The Savvy Gourmet.

What:  “Midnight” 80’s Movies   The Breakfast Club

When:  Not really midnight.  Us kids of the eighties have to get to bed sometime… The movies start @ 10:30 pm

Where:  At the super, fabulous space, Vintage, above The Savvy Gourmet  4519 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA . . 504.895.2665. Check the link for details:

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