Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dems Da Breaks

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Watching Hillary Clinton’s fanatical supporters do everything but cut off their noses to spite their faces this week has been the single most inimitable facet of what has so far been a wholly inimitable Democratic Convention. On Tuesday, after Clinton’s rousing address, Larry King Live hosted the movement’s Idi Amin: PUMA (that’s Party Unity My Ass) member and Just Say No Deal founder Elizabeth Joyce, who came across less like a goodnatured activist and more like a bad SNL skit, smiling wildly at inappropriate times while blathering incoherently about not supporting Barack Obama because some bloggers had insulted her. The best moment came when King asked why Joyce would vote against her own self-interest, given the parallels between the Clinton/Obama platforms. “I need to be courted before I vote for any candidate,” she answered, beaming intermittently. So, what? Drinks with David Plouffe? Dinner with David Axelrod? “All I’m saying is that they need to earn my vote. I’m a good Catholic girl from Boston, Massachusetts, and I don’t vote on the first date.” OK, I was joking. But rogue grins notwithstanding, Joyce and Co. seem to be dead serious. As this whole solipsistic soap opera drags on, they increasingly resemble deranged auto-parts enthusiasts who, hellbent on protecting a prized radiator, stand ready to hand over their entire car.    


Have you been in "Bad Hands"?

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It was almost midnight when my plane landed at the Louis Armstrong International Airport. Even though I felt my lungs and my hair instantly fill with a ripely familiar swell of hot and humid New Orleans summer air as soon as I rolled my suitcase over the automatic-door threshold, I was still in a happy daze — trying to savor the last remnants of cool, unencumbered relaxation from a week-long Vermont vacation that I didn’t want to admit had officially ended.


I snapped out of it pretty quickly in the taxi line, however, when I saw the suspicious looking minivan the orange-vested woman with the walkie-talkie was directing me to get into.


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Through the looking-glass and into an alternate universe

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"Karl Rove, a former adviser to President Bush, said the big question is whether Bush stays in Washington, D.C., or travels to St. Paul to speak....

“The Republicans can’t seem to get a break when it comes to August and when it comes to the weather,” said Rove, a FOX News analyst.



Get your Gambit early!

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Because of the holiday weekend, Gambit Weekly will go to press early this week and the papers will hit the streets on Saturday! In keeping with the spirit of this "Going Green" issue, ride your bike to your favorite Gambit distribution point and read about other ways to help the environment. The weather on Saturday is supposed to be sunny, with a high of 93 and low of 80 (Maybe a cool breeze will be coming in?)


The Katrina Myth

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Sandy Rosenthal gets right point as to why produced its latest video, The Katrina Myth: The Truth about a Thoroughly Unnatural Disaster.

     “To obliterate the myths that are hindering and slowing the region’s recovery.”

     This newest effort by the local grassroots organization will be premiered this evening. Here are the details:

     Where: Touro Synagogue, 4238 St. Charles Ave (secure parking at Carondelet and

     General Pershing St.

     Time: 6:30 p.m., Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, live jazz band

     7:30 p.m. film presentation followed by discussion

     The short film is already receiving a positive buzz from the United Kingdom of all places. Here’s a snippet about the video from a recent article by Ethan Brown in The Guardian

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Un-American Graffiti

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Banksy update: someone has painted over the visible portions of the flowers in the original painting. The paint is beige though, not gray, so the perpetrator could be a "Gray Ghost" copycat. Intrigue in the world of guerilla graffiti. Photo by toaminorplace.

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Online contraflow Google Map

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Here's a handy tool if you're considering an evacuation: the interactive New Orleans Contraflow Map*. Click your destination and it will plot your best bet for getting where you need to go, down to exact highway onramps and offramps. Thanks to the uncredited cartographer who created this resource.

*(For out-of-towners who may be joining us in progress: "contraflow" is a system in which all lanes of major highways become one-way after an evacuation is declared.)

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Who is this Banksy?

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Gawker is reporting that the artist known as Banksy is in town to commemorate the third anniversary of Katrina. Gawker has posted six works allegedly painted on New Orleans' walls. Gawker also notes the Banksy vs. Fred "Grey Ghost" Radtke angle of the work. For more on Radtke, see this piece from Gambit Weekly's Best of New Orleans 2008. The photos of the local work come from  flickr pages by three local photographers (onetwothree). They are updating the photos as the each new splash of paint hits the wall. 


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Cone of Insanity!

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You've seen it. You've heard about it. You've read about it. And you're probably talking about it more than you could ever have imagined. The National Hurricane Center calls it the Forecast Cone, that unsettlingly familiar graphic depiction of the projected path of a storm and the surrounding area representing the margin for error. The Center provides an exquisitely detailed definition of the Cone, based on  historical tracks and circles of error and other meteorological minutiae. Joe & Jane Six-pack are spared exposure to such head-spinning calculations thanks to the Cone. The Cone is supposed to make things simple for us simple folk, but, alas, such is not the case.

On WWL TV's 10pm broadcast, meteorologist Carl Arredondo referred to the Forecast Cone as the Cone of Error, stressing the variations and inaccuracies that are possible. His colleague, Jonathan Myers, along with NBC's Tampa affiliate, went a step further and called it the Cone of Uncertainty, which certainly isn't helpful. The Palm Beach Post puts an ominous spin on things by calling it the Cone of Probability, as in, "It's anybody's guess right now, but hey, it'll probably hit somewhere inside that Cone!" OK, most of us don't have degrees in meteorology and certificates in storm prognostication, but you don't have to be Nash Roberts to know that when something is simultaneously referred to as the Cone of Uncertainty and the Cone of Probability, something ain't quite right. What's next? The Cone of Confusion? The Cone of Contradiction? The Cone of Complete Cluelessness? Can El Cono del Muerte be far behind?

Big help. Thanks a lot, folks. All I know is every time that infernal Cone shows up we all start talking about whether or not we're in it. If we're not in it, all is well. And if we are in it, well... we know how deep in it we could be.

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Vote Democratic, get a guitar

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Actually, this photo shows Leo Nocentelli (center), Allen Toussaint (left) and Walter “Wolfman” Washington (right) accepting the Heroes of the Storm award on behalf of the Music Rising foundation on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  The group Friends of New Orleans gave the award; presenting it is Friends executive director Emily Byram. The small ceremony took place during a concert to help remind convention attendees that there is much work to be done on the Gulf Coast. Music Rising was organized by U2’s The Edge, producer bob Ezrin and Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz. Since the storm, Music Rising has donated 2700 instruments directly to musicians and helped schools and churches rebuild music programs. There are many foundation partners that have contributed to efforts to support  music and music education on the Gulf Coast, including the Bush Clinton Katrina Fund. Music Rising support also helped Preservation Hall reopen in April 2006.


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