Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Video: Best of Antonio Daniels

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A.D. and T.C.


Photo by Jonathan Bachman


In an effort to give Hornets fans the best look at their favorite team, I’ll be showing a series of video interviews with various New Orleans Hornets players in Gambit’s “Best of” theme. Some will be short and sweet while others will be a bit longer and still sweet. With the Washington Wizards in town to play the Hornets tonight, I thought, 'what better time to get to know the player the Hornets traded Mikes James to Washington for?' There isn't a better time. So hit the jump for the "Best of Antonio Daniels." Music is courtesy of Sampson and the Folkadelics


(P.S. I apologize in advance for some of the poor quality on this one, but either YouTube or my editing software is being stupid ... maybe neither.)


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Irish New Year, and Eating After Midnight in Mid-City

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There's more going on in the Mid-City neighborhood tomorrow night for New Year's Eve than the suddenly high-profile bonfire.

Finn McCool's Irish Pub, the seat of the city's soccer-and-rugby-loving  expat community, will host its annual "Irish New Year's" with a countdown to 6 p.m., when the New Year is marked in Ireland's time zone. This is a pretty good option for those who want to get revved up early, do a big countdown, sing Auld Lang Syne with a brogue chorus and be home and abed before the amateurs have even downed their first Jager bomb.

Or it could simply be the first heat for a long night leading up to and beyond the stroke of New Year's in our central time zone.

For those up late and feeling the need for a little more fuel, as Bukowski might say, the Ruby Slipper Café will open for wee-hour dining. The café is normally open for breakfast and lunch only, but will transform itself into a late-night diner on Jan. 1, serving its breakfast menu from 12:30 a.m. to 4 a.m. for hungry revelers.

Their migas, pictured below, will go a long way to chasing off that dog that wants to bite you. Should its jaws connect, however, the café reopens at 9 a.m. that morning for normal breakfast service with "hair of the dog" drink specials.

-- Ian McNulty


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Save the Bonfire: Permits in hand, all systems are go

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The Department of Parks & Parkways issued the permit for the annual New Year's Eve bonfire in the neutral ground of 4200 block of Orleans Avenue, putting in place the final piece of the puzzle that will allow the Mid-City neighborhood to continue the decades-old tradition. (For the backstory, see this week's lead news story, "Burning, Man").

Virginia Blanque, vice-president of the Mid-City Neighborhood Association, sent along this list of guidelines agreed upon by the neighborhood committee and city officials:

The Mid-City Bonfire Committee Guidelines

• No Fireworks In or around bonfire (City Ordinance No. 123-45.a)

The N.O.F.D. will extinguish the fire immediately if fireworks are tossed into the fire. If you want to see this tradition continued, no fireworks.

Do Not Throw Items in Fire

Only fire personnel only can place items in fire. If you bring a tree place it in the designated area.

No Glass Containers

Respect the barricades, volunteer marshals & the NOPD & NOFD

Be Nice Or Leave

This is a family-friendly neighborhood event. Please behave accordingly.

Do Not Litter

Please take your trash with you when leaving to dispose of properly.

The citizens who worked frantically around the Christmas holiday to work out a compromise wish to thank the New Orleans Fire Department, the New Orleans Police Department and the Parks and Parkways Commission for their willingness to find a compromise. Also thank you to New Orleans Roofing and Metal for volunteering to build a metal fire pit, John Cummings for your support in obtaining the necessary insurance and to the Friends of St. Patrick Park organization which agreed to request the necessary permits.

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Video: University of Utah Practice 12/29

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The University of Utah conducted their first practice that was open to the media today. Not sure what I was expecting but it pretty much went the same way most practices do. The team scrimmaged 11-on-11 for most of the time the media was available and used loudspeakers to simulate crowd noise for a portion. The players and coaches were focused but seemed loose and genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves. Hit the jump for a video report (which would've included coach Kyle Whittingham if the wind had not made him completely inaudible — though I don't think he'll mind).


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Monday, December 29, 2008

Stacy and Sidney, doin' that crazy hand jive

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Because a couple of you asked...here's the image from this week's Gambit cover story, Greased: The Year in Review, with Prom Queen and King Stacy Head and Sidney Torres standing in for John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John:



Mess with Chris Paul at your own discretion

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Chris Paul complaining


Photo by Jonathan Bachman


Reason #3519873 to love Chris Paul: He will make opposing teams' fans pay for heckling him.


It turns out that during last night's game against the Indiana Pacers, CP3 got heckled a bit by a Pacer fan for his (up to that point) quiet performance. Well, as the Pacer fan puts it, Paul was none too happy about it.


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"Happiest Man in the World" - tonight!

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Nomad, raconteur, visionary, lunatic - Poppa Neutrino, the off-the-grid patriarch of a vaudevillian clan that includes New Orleans chanteuse Ingrid Lucia, his oldest daughter, is probably worthy of all these titles. As a sort of modern-day Don Quixote, the charismatic Neutrino willingly dropped off the grid and turned his brood of kids into sort of a gypsy caravan, leading a peripatetic life that included signing the whole family into a traveling circus in Mexico and crossing the North Atlantic on a homemade raft. The fantastic story was immortalized in the award-winning documentary "Random Lunacy" and in the book "The Happiest Man In The World" by New Yorker writer Alec Wilkinson. Tonight at 8 p.m., Poppa Neutrino will hold forth at the Fair Grinds Coffee House (3133 Ponce de Leon St.) in Bayou St. John. Copies of the documentary will be on sale to raise funds for his next adventure - a trip through the Panama Canal, for which he sails January 7. 

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Merry Christmas, New England Expats

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I received a surprise, early Christmas gift this month on the news that Harpoon IPA is finally, at long last available in New Orleans.

This is probably not a big deal to you, unless you happened to learn to drink in New England. Harpoon IPA, the hoppy, full-flavored India pale ale from the Boston-based brewery Harpoon, quickly became my favorite. The company started brewing in 1986, the same year as Abita Brewing Co., and was a fine, rare craft beer at a time when few other options outside the produce of mega-breweries were around.

But while it is served and sold widely around New England, it was unavailable in the Deep South until very recently and in New Orleans until this year. I pleaded with beer retailers to stock it, but there was always some kind of distribution hang-up. When I traveled home to Rhode Island, no Dunkin' Donuts, grinder shop or chowder joint would do until I had a homecoming pint (or so) of Harpoon IPA. New England friends flying down for Jazz Fest knew to pack up a six pack for me, a task which became much more difficult after TSA restrictions on liquids and gave me a new, personal stake in the War on Terror.

Last spring, I found bottles of the stuff in a bar in Mobile. I mentioned this to several ex-Bostonians living in New Orleans and they agreed that a two-hour road trip was not excessively far to travel for a taste of home.

Then, in December, the cell phone picture was texted to me from a friend standing rigid with disbelieving joy in the beer aisle of a local grocery store: the range of Harpoon had finally reached my new home.

So far I've seen the beer at the Uptown Whole Foods and at Cork & Bottle, though it must be available elsewhere in the area too. The day I find it on draft somewhere local will be the day I'll have to organize a second line to celebrate.

- Ian McNulty

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Leases Hit Four-Year Low

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Louisiana officials are trying to put a positive spin on the state Mineral Board’s most recent oil and gas lease sale, which came in at $1.4 million — $1 million shy of last December’s take — and is the lowest year-end sale since 2004. Sliding crude prices and a dismal national economy have been pegged as culprits for the December slump.

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Banks Binging on Bailout

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Until recently, the idea of the federal government bailing out financial markets and buying bank stocks was unthinkable. Times have changed. Stop at almost any bank in Orleans Parish, especially those with regional or national names, and the upper brass will attest to that.

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