Saturday, May 30, 2009

Intern-apalooza '09

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Summer's here, and you know what that means: pants-wetting terror every time there's a cloud in the Gulf new summer interns at Gambit! They're bright, they're young and they're looking forward to the limitless possibilities ahead in the completely healthy, not-at-all troubled world of print journalism! And what better way to do that than to learn how to check listings and other mundane office tasks? Lucky them! Lucky us! Welcome! Pull up a cube and join us!

They'll also be posting on Blog of New Orleans and Gambit's Twitter feed (we hope) with some fresh viewpoints -- check out new intern Briana Prevost's profile of The Dirty Bourbon River Show elsewhere on the blog -- and maybe even collecting some bylines along the way.

But what of our former interns, you ask? Bryan Davis just graduated magna cum laude from Tulane (we like to think we had something to do with that) and will soon be taking over the world in flip-flops. And the stylish Kyla Boutte has been bumped up to contributor to our monthly fashion magazine, CUE, entitling her to the usual Gambit perks: a car and driver, wardrobe allowance, open credit line at Galatoire's her own part-time cube and a modest stipend. (Be sure to check out Kyla's own personal fashion blog, Mane and Chic.)

So welcome one and all; we're glad to have you. Coffee's in the kitchen; if you finish a pot, please make a new one. And sorry about the pay thing, but at least we're not charging you to intern here, like Satan's own Botoxed handmaiden, Arianna Huffington, who recently auctioned off a $13,000 opportunity to be an unpaid intern for The Huffington Post. We're not that evil.


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Friday, May 29, 2009

More fun than CB radio: New Orleans live police scanner now online

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Forget Internet radio -- it looks like this is going to become a lot of people's favorite desk-timewaster: the live NOPD scanner brought to you by the folks at

Click to get all the dispatches as they happen, along with a helpful printable list of police codes from a "30C" (homicide by cutting) to "83" (soliciting for prostitution). And there are some surprises on there; "87" is "abortion," "90P" is "gambling by pinball" and "116" is "flag desecration."

There's also a sorta-chat sorta-Twitter forum where listeners can post what they're hearing and discuss it (seems to have been a murder on Cherry Street within the last hour). Oddly, sadly fascinating ... and, possibly, addictive.

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Dirty Bourbon River Show

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With their eclectic vaudevillian styled New Orleans influenced music, The Dirty Bourbon River Show has been known to incite a drunken good time. So, be sure to catch their last performance on June 5 at Banks Street Bar before they temporarily disband for the summer.

Their extremely varied song repertoire ranges from slow blues based jams with an intensely emotional saxophone to the folksy type circus music that sounds as if it could score Donnie Darko. The band is comprised of Noah Adams (vocals), Jethro Celestin (bass), Dane Schindler (drums), Wayne Mitchell (multi-instrumentalist), and guest guitarist Michael Franco (formerly of Funk Soul Family). They decided to play seven back-to-back gigs in area clubs to accommodate for the members who do not permanently reside in the city.

“Well, most of the band left for the summer, and I had to try to pack all these gigs in back to back for the members who flew in for it to be worth the money,” Adams said. “But we want to be more regionally known and there’s so many amazing venues to play here.”

Adams moved to New Orleans as a transfer student at Loyola University where he first embarked into music as a one-man-band writing, singing, and playing all of his ownmusic. But he soon realized that he couldn’t do everything by himself, and needed more people “if you want to have a unique sound.”

So, Adams recruited fellow Loyolians Schindler and Celestin to carry the groove of his “circus funk” and the Dirty Bourbon River Show expanded from there. They went on to play their first gig in Dec. 2008 at the Neutral Ground Café, and garnered the attention of local club owners around the city who began to book them for certain gigs.  This led them to play at Tipitina’s in March 2009, boasting the third biggest draw for Homegrown Night in Tipitina’s history following behind Flow Tribe at number one, and Funk Soul Family at number two.

Their Dirty Bourbon River Show might be playing their last show before summer on June 5, but the boys aren’t putting up their Bourbon bottles just yet. Fans can hear them live once again this Fall when all the members are reunited. The band has also already released some home-made CD samples, but plan to continue recording their debut album slated to come out by the end of this year. — Briana Prevost

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Classified Craziness

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Even with plummeting revenues forcing many newspapers to pull the plug on the presses, advertising reps still need to be careful to check the fine print. The Times Observer in Warren, PA recently ran a small ad in it’s classified section that read,May Obama follow in the footsteps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy!”

     Apparently, the person at the Observer who took the phone call for the ad didn’t recognize the significance of the names. Another argument for not outsourcing your ad department to a foreign country, or should ad reps be required take courses in American history?

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey, kid, get off CityBiz's lawn.

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CityBusiness' Mark Singletary can't stand these newfangled emissions standards. He says Obama's proposed standards for new American autos seem like "the perfect way to do away with, once and for all, American car companies":


Our government is proposing new mandates that significantly increase fuel efficiency and emission standards for automobiles sold in this country. The intent is to have new cars get at least 35 miles per gallon by 2016 and seriously reduce the carbon footprint stamped out by automobiles.


This trip toward ultra-efficient cars and trucks is down a potentially dangerous and frightful path. We’ve been down this road before, you see, and the results of that trip might well be the reason American automobile manufacturers are in such dire straits today.


The Chevette, the Pinto, the K car and the Vega are frightening examples of how brilliant Detroit-based engineers working hard for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler can lose their minds.


The same technical wizards who designed and built the GTO, the Mustang and the SuperBee were given marching orders to lighten up, downsize and de-power American cars. Various oil and gas crises in the 1970s caused a national panic. That panic begat aluminum-block engines, exploding transaxles and houndstooth interiors.


Consumers ran away from domestic cars and straight into the arms of Japanese and European car companies that satisfied their every automobile fantasy. The foreign manufacturers offered high style, top-notch quality and whatever kind of motor your pocketbook and insurance rates could handle.


I would've avoided putting "Pinto" and "brilliant" in the same sentence.


Singletary reminisces of the days of yore, when cars had muscle and slapped fuel efficiency in the face — 'Merican made was and is all that matters. And now, as we face foreign competition from efficient, safe, affordable, family friendly and in some cases eco-friendly foreigners, Singletary says, "we’re about to enter another period of accelerated federal mandates that will produce cars that don’t look good, don’t go very fast and won’t protect you when you crash." Thirty years post-Pinto? Doubtful. This is the bygone, irresponsible worldview that lead us into the environmental mess we're in today.

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Good morning, Tropical Depression #1!

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Werner Herzog + Nick Cage = Crazy Awesome New Orleans Movie

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So the trailer for Werner Herzog's remake of "Bad Lieutenant" hit the internets not too long ago and, boy, is it something (Warning: NSFW). Not sure what exactly that "something" is, but, quite frankly, it looks awesome.


There isn't much info out there on the flick except that Herzog has said this is "not a remake" and that he never saw the original (it starred Harvey Keitel in a critically acclaimed role). Also, while the original was set in New York, this film was filmed entirely in the Crescent City.


Now, we all know that New Orleans has a, shall we say, interesting history when it comes to how it's depicted in Hollywood, but Herzog and Cage look like they've got something here (again, we can't be sure what that something is). If the trailer is anything to go by, this outrageous-looking dark comedy does a good job capturing part of the spirit of the city. No absurd accents (we're looking at you, Mr. Quaid), no awful voodoo shennanigans and no sensationalist melodrama. Just a completley batsh**t insane and surreal experience that looks classy but doesn't take itself too seriously.


That's the New Orleans I know and love.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deciphering the Green Goddess

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A Web site is up for the Green Goddess, the new restaurant opened last week by chef Chris DeBarr. It's a good idea for any restaurant to promote itself online these days, but the Web site is especially helpful in the case of the Green Goddess, since it does a good job of explaining a restaurant that defies easy categorization.

Continue reading »

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Benefit details for Chef Mat Murphy

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As Ian McNulty wrote yesterday, chef Matthew Murphy of the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans remains hospitalized since Friday with an invasive group A streptococcus infection, which has led to toxic shock syndrome and DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation), a rare, life-threatening condition that prevents blood from clotting normally.

Besides being a longtime fixture on the New Orleans restaurant scene, Mat is also an avid rugby player, a volunteer for various causes in town, the father of quadruplets (!), a rather hilarious Irishman and a generally nice guy.

A benefit featuring dozens of the city's best chefs has been organized for the Murphy family on Sunday, June 14 from 4-8 p.m. at the hotel...the press release tells the whole story:

The event will include tastings from at least two dozen of the city’s premier chefs including Scott Boswell, Justin Devillier, Tenney Flynn, Donald Link, John Folse, Bob Iacovone, Brian Landry, Duke LoCicero, Jean Luc, Gus Martin, Mark Quitney, Greg Reggio, Jacques Saleun, Susan Spicer, Chuck Subra and Kevin Vizard to name a few. Calls and e-mails have been pouring in day and night from chefs, the hospitality community and individuals who have worked with the chef from as far away as China. The Murphy Family Fundraiser is a testament to one of the city’s most beloved chefs. Murphy has been with the hotel since 2002 and was appointed to the position of Executive Chef in 2006.

A silent auction will feature everything from multiple night stays at exclusive hotels and resorts around the world, autographed copies of the participating chef’s cookbooks, celebrity memorabilia, artwork, wine, gift certificates and jewelry. There will be a “wish” board for each eighteen month-old Murphy quadruplet (Margaret, Molly, Carolyn and Elizabeth) and donations to the Murphy fund can be made on-site thanks to Capital One.

The funds will go towards the chef’s hospital care and childcare to assist Chef Mat Murphy’s wife, Alicia, who is pregnant with their fifth child. The ticket price for the event is $65 and patrons can call Restaurant Reservations at The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans directly at 504-670-2828.

Updates on Mat's condition will be at the family's Web site,

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