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Sunday, September 13, 2009

What fun in week 1

Posted By on Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 11:04 PM

We're going to try something new this season. In lieu of a full game report like the ones I gave last year, we're going break down every Saints game with fun cheers/jeers rating. But because this is the internet and we have to be clever, we're going to call it "Spicy Gumbo" (the cheers), "Spoiled Crawfish" (the jeers) and "Room Temperature Abita" (the neutral). It's all very New Orleans. Let's get to it!

Spicy Gumbo

  • Drew Brees -- [Insert wind pun here]. Yea, he's pretty incredible. He threw for something like 27 touchdowns today (I imagine that's some sort of record) and probably single-handedly secured me a win in my fantasy league. Oh, and after the game he saved a box of kittens from a burning building while delivering a baby and doing a cover shoot for GQ. This guy is going places.
  • Jeremy Shockey -- He had his first touchdown and second touchdowns as a Saints (the second one being a tough, juggler at the back of the endzone) and put up YARDS. I think I join all of Who Dat Nation when I say "about f***ing time!"
  • Saints Defense -- Given a lot of crappy field position, the defense stayed stout and came up with big stops, forced turnovers and generally just looked better than they did last year (although it is against the Lions, so let's not get too crazy).
  • Darren Sharper -- Nice debut with the Saints with two interceptions tying him for 15th-All time on the career interceptions list. He can also hit like a truck which is nice for a defense that seemingly would forget how to tackle last season.
  • Thomas Morstead -- He nailed pretty much every kick through the end zone and didn't give the Lions any return opportunities. And he (probably) did it drug-free!
  • Calvin Johnson. The Lions should change their name to the Detroit Calvin Johnsons cause he seems to be the only person worth a damn on their team. STATS
  • Southern University Marching Band -- They did an all-Michael Jackson halftime show and it rocked. Their rendition of "Thriller" brought the house down (no easy feat during usually somber NFL halftimes). Something about the King of Pop coming through brass instruments just does it for me. No matter how many times I see it.

Spoiled Crawfish

  • Reggie Bush -- He admitted that he may have been dancing a little to much in the backfield in previous seasons and that juking wasn't working (what a groundbreaking discovery). Apparently that only applies to running back Reggie Bush because kick returner Reggie Bush looked like he was trying to tango down there. Oh and let's not forget the two fumbles, the second of which he muffed inside the 20 giving the Lions great field position to end the half (Darren Sharper did Bush' job by intercepting a Matt Stafford pass and returning it YARDS). Not the best start to the season for Mr. Kardashian.
  • The Lions defense -- Awful. Just awful. I could get paid six figures and have my defense get run up and down the field. I'll just take the money and never come into work.

Room-Temperature Abita

  • Saints' Special Teams — Meacham gained a lot of return yards but the Saints also gave it up in bunches. The Dennis Northcutt return (when he nearly scored after two Saints failed to bring him down) led to a Lions touchdown. Reggie Bush also failed to do anything of value returning punts but at least no one was injured. Oh, and it's good to see John Carney is not missing extra point attempts and is now just getting regular field goals blocked. Overall, though, nothing tragic.
  • The Lions going for it on fourth down -- Doing this at the start of the first quarter shows a lot of gumption on the part of the Detroit coaches. The misderection used when Kevin Smith scored show the coache's ingenuiety. You'll notice "gumption" and "ingenuity" are better than the adjective most used last year when describing this coaching staff: "incompetent." Unfortunately, this is the only play in this game that the Lions could be complimented on.

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