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And grisly ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom...

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There are bingo shows and then there's the New Orleans Bingo! Show. I'll take the latter every time. I've settled on a genre for them: Neo-Carney Circus Rock. I think that about sums up the insanity that goes up on stage. And off it, on occasion.


Bingo trapeeze


That is a trapeeze artist risking her life for the enjoyment of the Bingo Parlour crowd. It was incredible, as most death-defying stunts are (so long as deat is, indeed, defied). Other cities may have music festivals, but they sure as hell don't have the Bingo Parlour, and that's what makes New Orleans amazing.


Irvin Mayfield


Photograph by Jonathan Bachman


New Orleans also has Irvin Mayfield, which is basically like having access to unadultered bliss any time he performs. He drove the crowd nuts singing "I got your sister in here and you can't come in/I got your momma in here and you can't come in." He's also meddles with the trumpet (or so I've been told).


bright lights


It's a beautiful day in City Park and, aside from a little mud, it's all close to perfect here. If you're not here, you should really reconsider your life at the moment.

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Coming up in this week's Gambit: Hallovoodoodaylightsavingtime edition

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Hello, Gambiteers. Happy Halloween! Love your costume. Brrr...scary! Very creative. Wish we'd thought of that. Hey, have you lost weight? Here, have a Bit O'Honey and an Mars Bar. Sorry, we're all out of Hubig's Pies.

Anyway: coming up in this week's Gambit:

• Our cover story is our annual "40 Under 40," celebrating some of the city's younger folk who are making New Orleans a better place...what Stephen Colbert would call "Difference Makers"....

• Local HIV/AIDS agencies are still struggling to get the funding that's theirs. In a follow-up to last year's cover story, "What's in Their Wallets?," David Winkler-Schmit talks to the agencies which are still looking for city reimbursement....

Clancy DuBos remembers the late Gov. Dave Treen, who died on Thursday....

Will Coviello previews Southern Rep's next big production, I Am My Own Wife....

• Winkler also has an interview with author Dave Eggers (Zeitoun), who's appearing this week at NOCCA....

Ian McNulty goes out for dim sum on the West Bank and comes back full of dining advice. And dumplings....

• ...and we'll be having reports from the Voodoo Music Experience all weekend, right here at the Blog of New Orleans.

See you on the newsstand Sunday, or back here online Monday afternoon. Say, did someone say something about a football game Monday night?

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About Last Night - Voodoo

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" width=

Photos by Gary LoVerde.
At least visually, Eminem's set followed a storyline about a homicidal patient escaping a hospital ward. The video intro included a scene of Em gobbling pills. Why there are large kitchen knives in hospitals made less sense, but Em picked up the motif on his T-shirt. More Friday photos after the jump

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10TH Annual All Saints Day Jazz Funeral Second Line Sunday, November 1, 2009 3 P.M.

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Start: D.W. Rhodes Funeral Home, 1716 N. Claiborne Avenue. Out Claiborne to St. Anthony. Right on St. Anthony to N. Robertson. Up Robertson to St. Bernard Ave. Right on St. Bernard Ave. to N. Claiborne Avenue. Left on N. Claiborne Ave. to St. Philip St. Left on St. Philip.

Stop: Charbonnet Family Services, 1615 St. Philip St. (10 minutes). Proceed down St. Philip to Treme St. Left on Treme to Barracks St. Right on Barracks.

Stop: Little People's Place (10 minutes). Proceed down Barracks to N. Rampart. Right on N. Rampart to Ursulines. Right on Ursulines to St. Claude. Right on St. Claude to the Backstreet Cultural Museum.

Stop: Backstreet Cultural Museum, 1116 St. Claude Ave. Presentation and Refreshments.

This year's procession is dedicated to the memory of Henry Faggin Jr. a political activist who died on February 3, 2009 and Leo Ivory a house painter who passed on September 29, 2008.

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Voodoo - Friday Night

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" width=

The Voodoo Music Experience weathered heavy showers on its first day. By the time French turntablist duo Justice exploded into mosh-pit worthy griding guitar sounds over disco beats, its crowd was mostly shrunk wrapped in disposable rain gear. After 20 minutes, the rain subsided and Justice settled on more more mellow sounds for much of the rest of its set.

Eminem's set phased in against a video projection depicting a gruesome crime scene in a hospital, complete with blood strewn walls, bloodied bodies and vials and vials of pharmaceuticals. Em kicked off with "3 a.m." and mostly stuck to familiar work such as "The Way I Am," although the video motif of chemical compounds and pills continued, which seems to refer to his most recent work on Relapse.  He and D12 seemed perfectly comfortable on stage together again, but I didn't find it to be a terribly sharp performance, and not as lyrically rich as Relapse often is.

For all of the hubris about drug lust and telling everyone to "suck his d--K," Eminem's spontaneouw rants ran out of ideas quickly. I found FischerSpooner's (pictured) wildly self-important electroclash arthouse opera more entertaining. Vain, melodramatic and self-indulgent, yes, but also less cartoonish than Eminem's picture of himself.

And for those keeping score. A 12-oz. can of Miller Lite costs $5 at Voodoo. Maybe the rain or average age of the crowd had more to do with it, but beer lines weren't long this evening.

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Remember the Hornets?

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With the Saints undefeated and going into a huge Monday Night matchup against the Falcons all on the tail end of Halloween/VooDoo weekend, it's excusable if New Orleanians overlooked the Hornets home opener (though the 17,306 in attendance would suggest otherwise). Well the Hornets did beat the Sacramento Kings tonight and stand at 1-1 on the season.


But what do we really know about this team? It's very hard to tell. Coach Byron Scott mentioned that his team was "lucky to get a win" tonight and that they still played effectively on both sides of the ball in the same breath. The Hornets were caught "bird watching" -- Scott's term when his players watch shots instead of looking for bodies to block out -- and lost the rebound battle 52-43.


Emeka Okafor, much maligned in the press because of having appeared in zero games during the preseason, turned in the performance of the night with a put-back dunk that put New Orleans up for good and two blocks in the final 15 seconds to cement the win.


"I'm very impressed," Chris Paul said of his new teammate. "The thing about him is that, no matter what, you can't take away his passion. I don't care how many days he missed, how many pre-season games he missed, he plays with a passion."


Indeed the Hornets showed flashes of passion and flashes of complacency. Kevin Martin and Tyreke Evans notched 20 and 22 points, respectively for the Kings but the Hornets were able to completely shut down the rest of Sacramento's squad (save for Andrew Nocioni who scored 16).


"We're nowhere near where we should be," Scott said afterwards. And though this team is techinically off to a worse start than last season, the feeling is that this year it's just a matter of time.


Then again, when is it not?

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What you got on a man in a banana suit?

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peanut butter jelly time

Nothing. Rain, though, had something on everyone today. It came, it went, it came again and eventually the darkness drove us back to the car and towards the shelter of the New Orleans Arena. Not before stopping by the Bingo Parlour and seeing a little insanity, though.


That's the March Fourth Marching Band. Another fine example of "carny rock" (as I call it) which seems en vogue right now among some New Orleans Bands. Of course the best example is the New Orleans Bingo! Show, but we'll get to that tomorrow. In terms of live music, whatever you call this genre is quickly becoming a favorite for me.


Stay cool, people. We've only just be

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Friday, October 30, 2009

3-Day Weekend: Oct. 30-Nov. 1

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For this third edition of Gambit and WWL-TV's 3-Day Weekend, my foster morning family threw me for a loop: the surprise return of eccentric uncle Eric Paulsen. At first I wasn't sure what to make of his untethered references (how does one retort Blues Traveler?), but then I realized he was just messing with me. Paulsen, you got me with the oldest morning-show hand grenade in the book! Blues Traveler. What a nut.


Park the Van five-year anniversary

9 p.m. Friday, Marigny Theatre

(Gambit feature)

Quintron and Miss Pussycat

10 p.m. Saturday, One Eyed Jacks

(Gambit pick)

Hot Chip

11 p.m. Saturday, Republic

(Gambit pick)


Friday the 13th

Midnight Friday-Saturday, Prytania Theatre


Noon Saturday-Sunday, Prytania Theatre


A Raisin In the Sun

8 p.m. Friday-Saturday, 3 p.m. & 8 p.m. Sunday, Anthony Bean Community Theater


Angus Lind signs Prime Angus

7 p.m. Friday, Rock 'n' Bowl; 3 p.m. Sunday, Barnes & Noble

(Gambit feature)

Diana Grove signs Dot.Conned

Noon Saturday, Maple Street Book Shop

(Gambit review)

Sugar skull demonstration

12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., Southern Food and Beverage Museum


"Metamorphoses," paintings by Saskia Ozols Eubanks

Closes Saturday, Soren Christensen Gallery

(Gambit review)

"En Plein Air," inaugural group invitational exhibition feat. Auseklis Ozols

Closes Saturday, Garden District Gallery

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Yoda Kotb?

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" width=

Hilarious this costume is. And we did meet Yoda in a swamp, so sure, fair enough. (Via Gawker).

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Battle for New Orleans

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" width=

If you want to control New Orleans, sooner or later you have to cut a deal with pirates. John Georges was photographed by the New York Times while meeting with a representative from the Krewe of Wenches. Argghhhh! The accompanying story, however, was mostly about the people not running, or even close to running, such as Brad Pitt. One would have to guess the Wenches' favored not-running  Johnny Depp candidacy.

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