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Da Tweet Heard 'Round Da Parish

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Anyone monitoring the official Jefferson Parish Emergency Management Twitter account (now defunct!) at 1 a.m. on Monday must've been up for a surprise ... a surprise that had nothing to do with hurricane watches, tornado warnings or Black Friday at Clearview Shopping Center.

The T-P called it "waxing philosophical on e-mail about an old flameWe'll let the official JP press release explain what happened:

This morning at approximately 1:00 a.m. an employee of the Jefferson Parish Emergency Management Department was at home e?mailing a friend on a privately owned computer device. The two were discussing an old girlfriend using some explicit language. In the midst of their e?mail conversation the employee accidentally sent a reply to the parish’s emergency management twitter account. The employee immediately realized his mistake and removed the content from the twitter site.

We sincerely apologize for this incident and for offending anyone who may have received this message.

The parish is removing the twitter account from the site until such time as more safe guards can be put in place to prevent this from happening again.

We must strike a balance between giving our emergency management staff the ability to send emergency information to our citizens on 24/7 basis from any location in an effort to protect lives and property with the need to prevent accidents and abuses from occurring on these social media sites.

Due to the fact that these messages were sent out on privately owned devices on a non?parish owned network we do not have any access to the e?mails or messages.

Fortunately, we do. Courtesy of Gambit reader Champ Superstar, the unexpurgated offending Tweet:

@JPEmergncyMgmt: frm behind. She love DP too. And loved 2 watch me be onside another woman

Reminder, kids: Don't drink and Tweet!


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New Orleans Sports Scuttlebutt 10-27-09

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By Clay A. Smith

To borrow a phrase from the epic classic Rocky Balboa, the Saints "got on the job training in courage," in their 46-34 point win over the Dolphins. Okay, perhaps characterizing any of  Sylvester Stalone's cinematic undertakings as a classic or an epic is both objectionable as well as grounds for immediate institutionalization. But as I sat in awe of what the Saints had done  in Land Shark Stadium Sunday, those were the only words that came to mind.


The Saints went into their locker room at halftime, humbled by a Miami team that at 2-3, weren't at all impressed by their flawless 5-0 record. A team of lesser character would have almost certainly packed it in after trailing by as many as three touchdowns before the break. And who could blame them for resting on their laurels a bit? There's no shame in going 5-1, and the first twenty-eight minutes could not have been scripted any worse for the "Black and Gold."


In all, Saints' quarterback Drew Brees was sacked 5 times and was under duress practically the entire first half. Dolphins' LB Joey Porter was on Brees like they were sharing a jersey ,and whenever Miami unleashed its vaunted Wild Cat offense, New Orleans could offer little resistance. Worse than that, the Saints having never trailed in '09,  found themselves in unfamiliar territory after an early  Bress interception -behind.


After converting the first of three Brees interceptions into a 7-0 lead, former Saints' RB Ricky Williams scored his second TD of the game on a 68 yard run, putting Miami up 14-3. An eight yard scamper by RB (slash Wild Cat officianato) Ronnie Brown gave Miami a 21-3 advantage and seemed to be the proverbial nail in the coffin.


However: having shown no signs of life, with two seconds left before the half, stalled at Miami's one yard line, with no time outs, and their field goal unit already lining up to kick for three, the Saints caught a  break. Miami, perhaps themselves caught off guard by such a conservative call, took a time out -enabling Brees to lobby  to head coach Sean Payton for one more shot at a touchdown. After a one yard sneak by Brees, the Saints pulled within fourteen (24-10), but more importantly, proved that they could take Miami's best shot and still keep moving forward.


The team that walked off of the field at the half looked more like the Saints of old, so unaccustomed to holding success that they fumbled it away the first chance they got. But the team that showed up for the second half looked more like the team that we'd seen the first six weeks of the season.


New Orleans came out and  attacked Miami from every angle. After allowing their quarterback to get knocked around for the better part of thirty minutes by linebacker Jerry Porter and the Dolphin's "D", the  Saints' offensive line dug in their heels, allowing Brees time to engineer pivotal scoring drives. And although you'd never know it by looking at the score, the defense actually played well too.


Safety Darren Sharper and corner back Tracy Porter both had interceptions for scores. Linebacker Jonathan Vilma  had a game high ten tackles and helped limit Williams to just eighty total rushing yards (most of which came off his 68 yard run). When all was said and done the Saints had held the leagues number one rushing attack to 137 yards (nearly 40 yards under their average) and fought their way back into what appeared to be an upset.


But what best encapsulated Sunday's dramatic win, was TE Jeremy Shockey's 66 yard catch and run that set up a spectacular touchdown on a reverse by RB Reggie Bush.  Shockey turned what was already a huge thirty yard catch, into a point of  reference that the Saints would use to rally around, carrying Dolphin's safety Gibril Wilson for thirty extra yards, it was clear that Shockey would not be denied-and nether would the Saints.


Tuesday morning news dump

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SAINTS SAINTS SAINTS: WWL-TV's Bradley Handwerger takes a look at what the national media are saying about the 6-0 New Orleans Saints.

BAD LIEUTENANT...GOOD MOVIE?: CinemaBlend reviews Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, which recently screened at the New Orleans Film Festival:

Though the New Orleans film community is rapidly growing, the crowd at the screening seemed uniformly bemused at Cage’s balls-to-the-wall performance, and appreciative that the movie managed to capture New Orleans as a mysterious, colorful, violent place… without a single shot in the French Quarter. There were no shadowy saloons, no gaudy voodoo queens—Cage is the burlesque here. The audience proudly bore witness to how each element of their town—its locations, its actors, its own myth—were used to bring out his performance, all too happy to provide the scenery for him to chew on.

Elsewhere, CinemaBlend shoots down rumors that the movie is going straight to DVD; it'll have a "limited release" before coming to your TV in Feb. 2010.

PUT ANOTHER CANDLE ON THE SLOT MACHINE: Harrah's New Orleans turns 10.

ALL BARK: The Canadian Press looks at the controversy over street barkers in the French Quarter:

On Tuesday night Ashley Roy, a 19-year-old college student dressed in shorts and a snug sweater, stood mindfully on the threshold of Jester Mardi Gras Daiquiris hawking a tray of shots with names like "Buck You Up," and "Sex on the Beach."

"The cops said I can't sell shots on the street anymore," Roy said. "I don't know why. But it hasn't really hurt my business. A lot of guys still come over and buy."

("Buck" You Up?)

ANNE OF PALM SPRINGS: Former New Orleanian Anne Rice talks to Good Morning America about her latest book, and why she hasn't been back to NOLA since Hurricane Katrina.

AND FINALLY: There's some sort of kerfuffle in Chicago over Mike Ditka and whether or not he endorsed a GOP Senate candidate. Not that we care, but buried in the kerfuffle was this nugget:

Ditka doesn't buy that junk. He was a major Sarah Palin supporter during her run with presidential candidate John McCain in 2008.

Palin/Ditka 2012! Who's with me?!?!

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Council Members Want Public Input

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Starting tonight at 7 p.m. in the New Orleans City Council Chambers, Councilwomen Shelley Midura and Stacy Head are asking for the public’s participation in the upcoming city budget hearings. The councilmembers are holding the joint town hall meeting not just for residents from their respective districts, but for anyone who is interested in the budget process. Mayor Nagin has been reporting that there will be an expected $68 million deficit in this year’s budget.

Midura held a meeting with reporters in which she explained how she and Head have been reaching out to neighborhood associations, church and community leaders in their districts in order to make their voices heard in council budget hearings, which will begin on November 6.Midura stressed that the city budget is the biggest problem facing New Orleans, and that the budget should reflect the public’s wants and needs, but that will only happen with greater public participation in the budget hearings.

“That’s how you can wield influence, by the more people you have,” Midura said.

Head did not attend yesterday’s meeting, but aides say they have contacted and invited 20 neighborhood associations along with other local leaders. Midura has held two meetings with neighborhood association presidents in her district, and is hoping that these associations will send representatives to monitor the budget hearings, ask relevant questions and make their wishes known to the council. Midura and Head also plan on holding weekly budget review meetings, where residents will be encouraged to discuss various sections of the budget and what spending priorities should be.

Meanwhile, Mayor Nagin has been holding meetings of his own with hundreds of city employees to provide information on the 2010 budget. Nagin, along with his budget and finance offices, told city department heads and staffers about possible changes to healthcare coverage, a citywide 10 percent cut, a hiring freeze, a reduction of non-essential services and other reductions.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday afternoon news dump

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six and oh: six and oh six and oh six and oh ....

POW!: Rep. Charlie Melancon, way behind in the polls for the 2010 Senate race, comes out swinging against Sen. David Vitter:

If a company wants to receive taxpayer dollars, they should not be able to force victims to give up their constitutional rights as a condition of employment.

David Vitter has refused to explain why he voted to allow taxpayer-funded companies to sweep rape charges under the rug. We can only guess what his reasons were.

Vitter punches back:

If Charlie Melancon is truly 'shocked' that David Vitter would vote against this amendment, one can only imagine his thoughts on President Obama and Obama's Department of Defense having the exact same position on this amendment as the Republicans - which they do.

OUR MAN IN HAVANA: More blowback on C. Ray in C.U.B.A.

THE NEW K-VILLE?: NBC is developing a new show set (but not shot?) in New Orleans:

"Nola," from writer Diane Ademu-John ("Medium"), revolves around a down-on-his-luck private investigator and a charismatic ex-con capable of being inhabited by ghosts who become unlikely partners to help solve the problems of New Orleans citizens, living or dead.

Yeah, well, good luck with that.

MEDIA AT WORK: The CNN crew stinks on ice when it comes to Celebrity Jeopardy!; top anchors Wolf Blitzer and Soledad O'Brien managed to lose to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and one of the Desperate Housewives. (Blitzer's final total: $-4,600.)

A CNN flack explains


"They are reporters, not trivia experts. And the buzzer is complicated."

Have a nice day.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Original Four SA&PC Second Line Parade Sunday 1-5pm

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Start: Armstrong Park. Proceed up N. Rampart to S. Rampart. Continue to Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.

Stop: Clear Head Learning Center, 1800 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. Proceed down O.C. Haley Blvd. Right on Jackson. Left onto Simon Bolivar. Left onto LaSalle to Washington Avenue.

Stop: Washington & LaSalle (Family Ties. Up Washington. Right onto Loyola to make a left on Foucher.

Stop: The Other Place, 3601 Foucher St. Proceed up Saratoga St. Right on Louisiana Ave. Proceed up Louisiana.

Stop: Louisiana Ave. and Magazine St. Proceed up Louisiana Ave. Right on Tchoupitoulas St. Continue down Tchoupitoulas.

Disband: The Rock Bottom, 3801 Tchoupitoulas.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Orleans Sports Scuttlebutt 10-24-09

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Clay A. Smith

"Trap Game"- an ostensibly winnable contest, usually following a physically and or emotionally taxing win, that has all the makings of a potential upset. The Saints are riding high after their 48-27 drubbing of the prematurely anointed New York Giants in the Super Dome this past Sunday. Suddenly, the NFL's perennial cellar dwellers have become marked men, with teams circling the Saints on their calendars instead of casually glancing over them.


Now media darlings, New Orleans is taking their number one ranked offense (averaging 38.4 points a game) and their ninth ranked defense (fifth against the run) into "Wild Cat" country. However, just as the teams before them, New Orleans will soon find out that the Dolphins' running game is a different animal altogether.


The architects of the Wild Cat offense, Miami has made the unconventional a staple in their overall offensive attack. Widely viewed as a "gimmick", most teams have adopted some variation of the Wild Cat, and it'd been reported that in preparation for Sunday's match up, the Saints have used Reggie Bush on their scout team to recreate it. But nobody does it like the boys from South Beach  and they have the numbers to back it up.


Miami is the number one rushing team in the NFL (177 ypg) and held their own against some of the league's top tier teams. If the rule is "you're only as good as your record," than the 2-3 Dolphins are the exception. Of their three losses, which include at Atlanta , at home against Indianapolis , and at San Diego, only the under achieving  Chargers have a losing record. Despite losing a close one to the undefeated  Colts (27-23), the Dolphins used their ability to run the ball and stop the run to dominate time of possession. For the game, the Colts had the ball for less than a full quarter.


Sure Miami has their share of problems. They're not 2-3 for nothing. The Dolphins aren't very good against the pass (ranked 26th), which plays directly into the hands of Saints' head coach Sean Payton. And the inception of the Wild Cat in and of itself is symptomatic of Miami's inefficiency in their passing game. Still, at tenth in the league the Dolphin's the "D" is among the league's best when it comes to stopping  the run (behind #1Arizona and #2 Pittsburgh). But what should be even more unsettling for the "Black and Gold" is the fact that they'll be visiting a Miami team that has had an entire week to game plan for them.  If you don't think that that's a big deal, just ask the Giants. They know all about that.


Friday, October 23, 2009

You wanna be in a movie? How 'bout a TV show?

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3-Day Weekend: Oct. 23-25

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For years I railed against the garish lighting, canned segues, Stepford cadences and nervous paper-shuffling of TV newscasts. Then, with one cheery "Welcome to the WWL morning family!" from the charming Rob Nelson, I melted — and became one of them. Every Thursday morning at 7:45 a.m., catch Rob and I counting down the weekend's hottest activities. Or, if you happen to feel that's a godforsaken hour when no human should be awake, let alone on camera (start the letter campaign, please), you can read all about it here, in your skivvies and stubble, at the crack of noon like a normal person. Gambit's 3-day-weekend rundown for Oct. 23-25:


Rik Slave & the Phantoms

10 p.m. Friday at the Circle Bar


8 p.m. Saturday at the AllWays Lounge

Black Heart Procession

10 p.m. Sunday at One Eyed Jacks

(Gambit preview)


Vampire Film Fest

Friday-Monday at Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center

(Gambit preview)

Army of Darkness

Midnight Friday-Saturday at Prytania Theatre


Loup Garou

5 p.m. Friday-Sunday at City Park

(Gambit review)

Rocky Horror Show

7:30 p.m. Friday, 7:30 p.m. & 10 p.m. Saturday at Westwego Performing Arts Theatre



5 p.m. Friday, 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Deutsches Haus

(Gambit feature)

Costumes from Old Clothes workshop

10 a.m. Saturday at the Green Project

(Look for the Gambit Q&A in next week's Green Matters)


"William Woodward: An American Impressionist in New Orleans"

New Orleans Museum of Art

"Jaune Quick-to-See Smith: Made in America"

Newcomb Art Gallery

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  • " width=
    Tomorrow at noon, celebrate a day of worldwide climate action with the Alliance for Affordable Energy, the Tulane Green Club and Repower Louisiana. The groups lead a demonstration for climate change awareness and legislation, part of the global movement lead by 350.org.  Meet on Tulane grounds across from Audubon Park on St. Charles Avenue. On Sunday, from noon to 2:30 p.m., the alliance, the Gulf Restoration Network, 1Sky and Louisiana Bucket Brigade, among others, along with 350 musicians, hold a rally at Congo Square in Louis Armstrong Park, followed by a second line to d.b.a. (in time for the Saints vs. Dolphins).
  • Also in football and rallying event news, if you're checking out the LSU game this Saturday, stop by the carbon-neutral tailgaiting party hosted by ECO LSU and Repower Louisiana from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m in the parking lot of Campus Federal Bank near the Coastal Sciences Building. The event is solar-powered and recycling- and vegetarian-friendly.
  • And another event tomorrow: From 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., check out Global Green's green job career fair at Walter Cohen High School (2523 Dryades St.). More than 40 green professionals will be present, covering everything from environmental law to solar installation services. Meet employers from Sierra Club, Future Proof Architecture, ResCom Energy Savers and Green Coast Enterprises construction.
  • One more for tomorrow: In next week's Green Matters, I talked to Kerry Fitts with Bayou Salvage to learn about DIY Halloween costumes. You can learn more at the Green Project tomorrow from 10 a.m. to noon, where Fitts teaches a workshop to make your own Halloween gear.

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