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Questionland: question of the day- If you could dine...

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Questionland question of the day

If you could dine with just one New Orleans personality, who would it be? Where would you eat? A "personality" can be a politician, musician, author, artist, actor, etc.

Answer now on Questionland.

Our favorite answer will win a $25 gift certificate to Gott Gourmet. Answer by Friday, March 5th.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Abramson: Don’t Let Appointed Lt. Gov. Run

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State Rep. Neil Abramson, D-New Orleans, has prefiled House Bill 62, the intent of which is to bar the person who will serve as the appointed interim lieutenant governor after May 3 from running for the job in the fall. The lieutenant governor’s office will become vacant when its current occupant, Mitch Landrieu, takes the oath of office as New Orleans’ next mayor.

Under current law, Gov. Bobby Jindal will nominate an interim replacement, who must be approved by a majority vote of both the House and Senate. Because more than a year will remain in Landrieu’s term when he resigns, a special election will be held in the fall to choose a successor.

Many speculate that Jindal’s nominee will have to promise not to run in order to win legislative approval in light of the fact that several high-profile lawmakers are said to be considering a run for the office in the fall. Those lawmakers include state Senate President Joel Chaisson and House Speaker Jim Tucker, along with Secretary of State Jay Dardenne and possibly others.

Abramson’s bill, if it passes, would become effective upon the governor’s signature, and he says he intends for it to apply to whoever gets the interim appointment. “I realize technically there may be a timing issue of whether it will be effective, depending on how quickly it moves through legislative process before a person is appointed,” Abramson said. “I would think practically whoever gets appointed … wouldn’t want to chance it if he or she had intentions to run, with this bill out there. Also, even if the appointment occurred before the effective date of this bill, the appointee might have to resign once this bill becomes effective if he or she wants to run.”


Friday, February 26, 2010

New Orleans #5 on list of cities with worst body odor

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Just last week some national condom company was claiming Big Easy men had the biggest, er, easies in America. Now comes some Web site called Total Beauty to take us all down a peg or two, claiming New Orleans is among the worst cities in America when it comes to body odor*. The reasoning:

The Big Easy's fragrant, eau de Post-Party Frat Basement scent doesn't help matters. It's also a very sweaty city, with high temperatures and humidity year-round. And it's a smoker's paradise -- the state tax on cigarettes is low, and the public smoking ban doesn't extend to bars. About 20 percent of adults in this city smoke.

The stinkiest city in America, according to Total Beauty? Las Vegas, followed by Houston, Phoenix, Chicago, us, San Antonio, and Yuma, Ariz. The site came to its conclusions, it says, by "assessing climate history and smoking data," which doesn't sound like the most rigorously scientific method of measuring stench.

What do you think, Gambiteers? Are we all a bunch of Boudreaux Le Pews?

* hat tip to The Huck Upchuck for pointing out this important info

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The right way to raise money for Haiti

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We all know to never look a gift horse in the mouth. But what if that gift horse is a grating, self-congratulating display of celebrity?

It's great that celebrities are raising money for Haiti. It really is nice of them. Regardless, the new "We Are The World" is unlistenable, unwatchable and completely puzzling. Consider this version's lineup: the original "We Are The World," written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie to benefit African famine relief, brought together a veritable slate of 80s icons. The new version's lineup contains, just to name a few singers in the zillion-person ensemble, the aggressively irritating and omnipresent, New Orleans' prodigal son (and dentists' worst nightmare) Lil Wayne and perennial Twitter trending topic Justin Bieber. And there's also that guy who bounces around at awards shows (Jamie Foxx), some American Idol contestants you may vaguely remember, a Jonas brother or two, and the insane cackling of Wyclef John. If you haven't seen it yet, and want to risk the PTSD that can occur as a result, watch it here.

But, just as many suspected we were approaching the precipice of a terrible music-induced apocalypse (actually, we might still be), something like this comes along. Here are some great, though not as ubiquitous as the Black Eyed Peas, musicians getting together to record a charity single in an unpretentious manner. The Pogues' Shane MacGowan, The Pretender's Chrissie Hynde, Nick Cave and — hey! — Johnny Depp are some of the artists in this soulful cover of Screamin' Jay Hawkins's "I Put a Spell On You." It's eminently enjoyable, and we can hope it'll help rebuild Haiti — and also, the concept of "music" that "We Are The World 25 for Haiti" tore asunder.

Via New York Magazine, Stereogum.


Oscar-nominated live-action short films

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If you plan on joining any Oscar pools before or during the awards (March 7), don't give away an easy pick on live-action shorts. The New Orleans Film Society screens the live action shorts starting today and running through Thursday with daily matinees at 2:30 p.m. at the Prytania Theatre. The five nominees come from India, Australia, Sweden, Ireland and the U.S. All are well-made, though I found Kavi (about poverty and child labor) predictable and Miracle Fish (about a bullied young boy) pointless. The Door (sort of about the degradation Russian people experienced at the hands of the Communist regime), from an Irish director but filmed in Russia, was exquisitely well done. I would bet the winner will come down to either the humorous Swedish film about a not-so-talented magician who lives with his parents and The New Tenants (above), a darkly comic, claustrophobic bit of pathos reminiscent of David Lynch's best work. It alone makes the showcase well worth the ticket.

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Well, My Five-Year-Old Brother Can Beat Up Your Dad

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You probably wouldn't want to meet Guliano Stroe in a dark alley...or a kindergarten class. This five-year-old Romanian kid possesses the kind of power and muscles that any steroid-crunching bodybuilding wannabe would envy. He just set the world record for air press ups (believe me, I had to look this up). With his feet in the air, he pushes his body from a horizontal position into a handstand — and he did it 20 times!

Check out his abs and these aren't photo shopped.

And of course, the accompanying video:

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Couturious is a recently-launched website that allows one to play with paper dolls on a grand scale: instead of raggedy newsprint cutouts, you can outfit your choice of gamine, computer-generated babes in the latest pieces by Yigal Azrouel or Cynthia Rowley. Fledgling stylists, shopaholics and chronic procrastinators select from an extensive, pixillated wardrobe to experiment with proportions and color, coming up with various flattering combinations like “Safari Barbi” or “Jetsetter.” I call this look Crackhead Chic.


Crackhead Chic (CC) inherits Heroin Chic's greasy, cigarette-burned mantle: it allows those of us who prefer to eschew showers, square meals and the sun to affect the pretense of being fashionable.

The CC look was pioneered by Marigny resident Jane Stubbs in 2007. “From far away, sometimes you can't tell if someone is a hipster or a crackhead,” Stubbs says. “It seemed like hipsters were starting to take on some of the fashion idiosyncrasies that happen when somebody is not quite in touch with reality because they are under the influence of a substance.”

In CC's case, form follows function. Note my model's layered look: a staple of CC. Layering is essential when you're bone-thin and sleep-deprived; the cardigan handily doubles as a pillow when it's time to crash. A haphazard, asymmetrical updo is appropriate for panhandling or a meeting with your P.O., and skipping the shampoo for a few days only heightens its casual, just-rolled-out-of-my-inflatable-mattress appeal. Lastly, a fluffy pair of mittens keep self-mutilation at bay when the dreaded opiate itch sets in.

Crackhead Chic: from conception to Internet phenomenon (you can post your creations on Facebook, by the way) thanks to Couturious.

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Questionland question of the day: CRAWFISH

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Questionland question of the day

Crawfish! Where to find 'em? What's the going rate?

Help MariaB out!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soul Rebels Kickin' it Live

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The Soul Rebels Brass band will be kicking off a big weekend tonight at their regular Thursday night spot at Le Bon Temps Roule. They'll be getting ready to drop their new CD "No Place Like Home" at their release party at Tipitina's on Friday night.


Going back to June of 2009, we've been working with the Soul Rebels as part of our brass band documentary project (be we, I mean myself, Jonathan Bachman, Michael Seaman, Greg Rhoades, and the intern Clay Smith, among others who make up our production crew). We aim to document not only the history of brass bands in New Orleans but their cultural significance to the city and the lives of the players themselves.


The Soul Rebels allowed us into their lives and let us record a show at the Blue Nile not too long ago to do the documentary in exchange for putting together an EPK for them. It contains some interview footage, press on the band and cuts from five songs played that night. It's also a brief glimpse into our documentary's subject matter. Enjoy.

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Jackie Collins brings Poor Little Bitch Girl to Harrah's

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By Brandon Meginley

Jackie Collins comes with a tagline: “She’ll keep you up all night.” Given the titillating nature of the bestselling author’s work, readers may find themselves opening the blinds to sunlight after sitting down to read her 27th novel, Poor Little Bitch Girl. It’s classic Collins characters at their most licentious. It opens with courtesan Annabelle Maestro primping in preparation for a gig with the 15-year-old son of a wealthy oil man. What could go wrong?

Collins has sold 400 million books internationally since the late 1970s. This places her somewhere between fellow Brits JK Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien in all-time sales. It puts her at an advantage over Michael Crichton, Anne Rice, and James Patterson combined. Poor Little Bitch Girl will be sixth on the New York Times Best Seller list this Sunday. She signs books at Masquerade at Harrah’s New Orleans Casino at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m Saturday.

Collins talked to Gambit about the book, her impressions of New Orleans, and her writing process.

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