Friday, April 23, 2010

Canarsie Suite

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One of the more entertaining shows from the New Orleans Fringe Festival in November was the Canarsie Suite, a rambunctious comedy by Brooklynites Aimee German and Jennifer Sargent. They play the LeRoy Sisters, not the best singing and dancing act to grace vaudevillian stages. The show is at AllWays Lounge for a brief reprise (8 p.m Friday, 8 p.m. Saturday and 11 p.m. Saturday). Tickets $10. The Fringe presents Adult Petting Zoo May 6-8, which features some new work and some pieces from the November festival.

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Theresa Andersson returns to Le Petit

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Some performers aren't meant to be watched while sitting down. At a Theresa Andersson performance, however, being seated puts viewers in prime view of where the real action is: at Andersson's feet. The songbird leads her one-woman band with aplomb, using her toes to navigate knobs and her looping pedals while layering vocals, claps and snaps, drums, guitar and fiddle. When the song really begins to soar, she lets out an exuberant "Yeah!" — the kind of exhilarated shout that comes from successfully jumping a car; it's the relief of making something go when you're not sure it's going to.

Sometimes she's joined by friends — most of them not present or not real, like a record perched on an empty stool standing in for Smokey Johnson (she samples "I Can't Help It" in her YouTube sensation "Birds Fly Away") or her own vocals, which she has given names and personalities. A real guest, like Allen Toussaint during her Feb. 28 Le Petit performance and concert DVD recording, occasionally breaks into her delightfully schizophrenic musical world to share the stage.

For anyone who missed the February performance, Andersson returns to the theater's stage Saturday at 9:30 p.m. to celebrate the release of Theresa Andersson: Live at Le Petit. The theater is the perfect venue for Andersson, who is really best seen while sitting down in an audience of rapt viewers.

Tickets are $30, and can be ordered on Le Petit's website. You can check out a clip of the concert DVD here. She also perform at Jazz Fest this Sunday at 1:40 p.m. on the Fais Do-Do Stage.

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Questionland: Vacation Rentals in NOLA?

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Questionland: Question of the Day

What's the best way to find a two-week rental in a decent location (besides Craigslist)?

Mr. Scribbles is looking for a nice flat, not filled with cockroaches and not $300 a night. Where should he look?


Post-Fest: Week One

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And here we are again.

The crowds will pour out from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival grounds, and they have to go somewhere. Or everywhere. Clubs compete in every neighborhood, foot traffic increases, One Eyed Jacks retires rock 'n' roll (at least for a couple weeks), and you get the idea — it's music overload, and you aren't trying if you can't find something to do for the next two weekends.


Seguenon Kone performs a free show at 3 Ring Circus' Big Top Gallery (8 p.m.); Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings headlines, with appropriate openers Dumpstaphunk, at Howlin' Wolf (10 p.m.); Guitar Lightnin' Lee does Saturn Bar (10 p.m.); Caddywhompus headlines its album release for the spectacular Remainder (which you can download for free starting May 11) at Ernie K. Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge (9 p.m.); Dirty Dozen Brass Band performs My Feet Can't Fail Me Now in its entirety at One Eyed Jacks (9 p.m.); George Porter Jr. & his Runnin' Pardners hits Tipitina's French Quarter venue at an unholy hour (2 a.m.); for early birds, Hurray for the Riff Raff plays down da road from the festival grounds at Domino Sound Record Shack (7 p.m.); and King Rey does Circle Bar (10 p.m.).


Morning 40 Federation comes back to earth at One Eyed Jacks (10 p.m.); Rebirth Brass Band is with Joe Krown and Walter "Wolfman" Washington at Howlin' Wolf (10 p.m.); Patti Smith brings punk rock to Tipitina's Uptown (10 p.m.), absent since Fugazi (2002), while Anders Osborne is at the venue's Quarter equivalent (10 p.m.); and DJs Kristen and Matty rule as Emperors of the Youth at the inevitably sweaty rain-refuge Mod Dance Party at Saturn Bar (11 p.m.).


If you're not watching Treme, for some reason, there is the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars at the Den at Howlin' Wolf (10 p.m.) and a free metal show at The Saint: The Anselmo-approved, heavy, heavy Haarp, with Mountain of Wizard and The Unbeheld (8 p.m.), followed by DJ Pasta.

Have a good weekend. Don't do anything stupid.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

SDT adds recycling services

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After more than a year in the making, SDT Waste & Debris has unveiled its recycling service, available starting May 1. Here's the release from the company:


  • $11.75 per month for pick-up twice per month on Sundays. ·
  • This is a flat rate; there are no additional charges.


Please fill out the service agreement and one of the payment forms - Automatic Credit Card or E-Check then return to SDT via fax, email or mail.

Accepted materials:

  • Plastic containers #1 - #7 with tops removed (emptied & rinsed)
  • Metal containers – includes aluminum and steel cans (emptied & rinsed)
  • Mixed paper – includes newspapers and inserts, magazines, catalogs, phone books, office paper, junk mail, windowed envelopes, and cartons (emptied & rinsed)
  • Cardboard and chipboard packaging (cereal boxes) MUST BE BROKEN DOWN.

Materials we will not accept:

  • Plastic grocery bags and other plastic film (packaging materials), Styrofoam, plastic hangers, & toys
  • Metal pans, wire hangers, scrap metal, foil, food trays, aluminum siding, etc.
  • Frozen food packages and 12 pack carriers
  • No paint, hazardous waste, and medical waste
  • NO GLASS!! Sorry, there is no facility in the area that accepts glass.

SDT will provide one 18 gallon cart. This cart is for recyclable materials only. If the recycling bin has materials that we do not accept, it will be considered contaminated and will not be serviced until the materials are removed. Cardboard and chipboard packaging must be broken down in order to receive service; do not bag recyclables, place them loose in the bin.

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House of Bounce

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Bounce, as noted in the New Orleans: The Underground Guide, is the "official music of new millenium New Orleans."

Tonight, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art opens its doors for "Where They At: New Orleans Bounce and Hip-Hop in Words and Pictures." (Click the link for more information.)

This week, DJ and Grammy-nominated producer Diplo kicked off his No One's Safe web series — his first episode brings him to New Orleans and focuses on, of course, bounce music. (Heads up: There are, obviously, scenes featuring booty shaking.)

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Not to be Superstitious or Anything...

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There are many reasons to get excited about Drew Brees gracing the cover of "Madden 2011". For one, it puts the Super Bowl MVP on the cover of one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world and, as a result, his face will be in the home of nearly every video-game playing football fan in America. Positive national publicity for Brees, the Saints and the city of New Orleans is always a good thing and you can only congratulate the QB for his achievement.


Drew Brees madden Cover


Photo lifted from


That being said, you could also name a few reasons why Saints fans should be yelling "OH SHIT". Specifically, there are 10 reasons to be worried and they're all the players that have graced the cover of Madden since the turn of the century. Yes, it's the dreaded "Madden Curse" and if you don't believe in it, then just look at the history behind it.


Since 2002, 10 players have graced the cover of Electronic Arts' signature sporting franchise, and all but one (Larry Fitzgerald) suffered injuries or some other setback that upcoming season. Dante Culpepper set a record for fumbles and threw 23 interceptions when he was on the cover back in 2002, Michael Vick graced the cover the next season and then broke his leg before the regular season started, Marshall Faulk didn't run for 1,000 yards again after he was on the cover, and the list goes on. Ray Lewis, Donovan McNabb, Shaun Alexander, Vince Young, and Brett Farve were all on the cover in the following seasons and they all ran into some bad luck that affected them on the playing field. Fitzgerald, who shared the cover last year with Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers, was the only one who escaped the curse and actually made it to the Pro Bowl last season (though he did sit that out with an injury). Polamalu, on the other hand, was injured twice last season and the defending Super Bowl Champions Steelers failed to make the playoffs.


There are many reasons not to believe the curse. Football players, after all, get injured all the time and many a player that wasn't on the cover of Madden has been injured and derailed his team's season (see: Brady, Tom). Also, not all of the Madden cover athletes were injured the season they were on the game. Aside from Fitzgerald, Culpepper just had a terrible season, and Lewis' season was just sub-par for the perennial Pro Bowl linebacker. Still, that leaves a lot of other players that were injured.


Now I know that being in New Orleans people may tend to be a tad bit more superstitious than in other parts of the country, and so the news that Brees is on the cover of a notoriously jinxed sports game may come as unsettling news. The fact that Brees made it to the top of the football world after suffering a catastrophic injury makes it no less nerve-racking.


I guess the only consolation may be that, well, if any athlete could break the Madden curse, it would be Brees. The Saints proved last season that all manner of superstition, bad-luck history and paranormal activity surrounding sports isn't founded in anything more than the belief that these things exist. The Saints won the Super Bowl for Chrissakes! Anything can happen.


Though it probably won't hurt if Who Dats everywhere getting some gris-gris together for #9. You know, just in case.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day in N.O.

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Tomorrow, April 22, is the 40th annual Earth Day observance. Here's a summary of some Earth Day goings on in New Orleans:

  • One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) launched its discounted solar purchasing campaign yesterday, hoping to save potential solar customers in New Orleans thousands of dollars — coupled with a 50 precent state tax credit and a 30 percent federal credit — by offering residential solar panels at $6.65 per DC watt, about 15 percent less than the market price. Get an idea of the kind of savings this program could provide through its online estimate tool: Enter your ZIP code, find your roof, and 1BOG provides a chart and financial breakdown showing the upfront costs (after rebates) and how long the solar panels will take to pay for themselves (and then some). 1BOG partnered locally with solar installer South Coast Solar. The program is available to greater New Orleans residents through July 20. Find more information on its website.
  • Today, Entergy Corporation announced its Double Your Difference program, which will match customers' carbon offset purchases to help lower carbon emissions. Its Make An Impact website (partnered with the Pew Center on Global Climate Change) calculates customers' carbon footprints and offers the offsets while also providing tips and resources to help make those footprints smaller.
  • Tomorrow, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., the Louisiana Bucket Brigade celebrates the New Orleans Earth Day Festival at The Maison. More info here. Admission is $10 and proceeds benefit the brigade's "bucket" sampling.
  • And, of course, there's always an app for that: USA Today has a run down of "50 green iPhone apps" for the environmentally challenged.

Find more green news in Gambit's Green Matters — online and, well, everywhere else.

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Conservative challenger to David Vitter has an arf-fully interesting side business

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Mike Spears created waves in Louisiana Republican circles yesterday when he announced he would be running for the Senate seat now held by David Vitter -- as an independent and "constitutional conservative." Spears' announcement was carried in many Louisiana newspapers (including The Times-Picayune), and he was interviewed on Fox News Radio affiliate KVOL-AM.

Spears, a former Louisiana National Guardsman, is now a Lafayette-based entrepreneur who runs his own Web development company, Firefly Digital. He told Gambit this morning, "When we try to reach out to Washington, nobody seems to respond. They continue to do things contrary to the will of the American people. I am running as an independent, not as a representative of the Tea Party. What I am saying is that my ideals and beliefs are consistent with the Tea Party, and it’s an affiliation I’m proud to say I’m a part of."

Spears also took a swipe at Vitter in print when he condemned last week's decision by a U.S. federal judge finding the National Day of Prayer to be unconstitutional, writing on the Louisiana political website The Hayride:

Last week a Federal judge ruled the National Day of Prayer, unconstitutional. This is an attack on the Constitution. Where is Senator Vitter, or any of the other Republicans in Congress on this issue? Our Congressmen must defend the Constitution at all costs. It is the foundation, the wellspring of our liberties and freedom. Today, its the National Day of Prayer. Tomorrow it may be the right to private property or the right to bear arms.

In the "About Mike" section of his website, Spears also spelled out his biography while making some not-so-oblique references to Vitter's "very serious sin":

Mike Spears is a devoted husband, entrepreneur, successful small business owner and dedicated community leader. Alarmed at the corruption and irresponsible behavior of sitting Congressmen, Mike has decided to take a stand and is running for U.S. Senate ....

Like many Americans Mike has proven himself a successful innovator and small business owner. His credibility is strengthened by an impressive portfolio of relevant community service work. Mike’s arrival in Washington is sure to shake-up the political “status quo.”

Omitted from the entrepreneurial resume on his election site was one of Spears' side businesses, one more colorful than that of Web provider: Spears owns a company called Molle Tache, where he calls himself "The Dog Designer."

Molle Tache (French for 'soft spot') sells high-end pet furniture and fashions "fitting for any dog's home, personality and lifestyle," and Spears has written that his dream as The Dog Designer is to have his own reality show and become the "host of an wildly popular dog style and fashion TV program."



A June 2008 profile of Spears in the Lafayette weekly The Independent mentions that Spears does all the design and manufacturing for Molle Teche himself, including the "Stage Coach" dog bed ($28,500) and the "Queen's Obsession" ($18,500), "a four poster bed with a Swarovski crystal chandelier."

The Dog Designer's couture pieces includes canine clothing lines with names like "The Little Socialite Collection" (a sleeveless dog gown with "ruffled accents on the collar and skirt and pearl buttons along the back line"), the "EuroStyle," "Dress Blues," and "Lace Formal" ("It's exquisite and charming, playful and elegant. It's exactly what a sophisticated dog requires for any affair, particularly one in your honor! The Lace Formal features a well-fitted jacked, layered laced over satin with prim lace trimmings, adorned with Victorian buttons along the back. Underneath is a delicate ruffled blouse, with a lace collar").

Spears (who, along with wife Ilse, has five dogs, all rescue animals) laughed when asked about his alternate identity as the Dog Designer. "I was one of those guys who watched This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop," he said. "Once I had my own workshop, then I got these 2 little Yorkies, and taught myself how to do upholstery and build furniture." Spears said his life as the Dog Designer was a side business and hobby that's been shelved, partially due to the recession: "They take so much time to do that I have to price them outrageously. I’ve sold quite a few smaller pieces, but the larger pieces -- I haven’t sold any," and added he's also put aside hopes of hosting a reality show: "All that sort of stuff sort of died when the recession hit. I recognized I didn’t have the time or resources into that venture."

Spears says he's now concentrating on national politics, and strategizing about how to compete with the war chests already built up by the leading contenders in the race, Vitter and Rep. Charlie Melancon. He says his campaign will likely be funded by small individual donations: "I don’t want to ally my campaign with special interests. We have adopted a Pledge of Fidelity regardless of the source of our contributions."

Above all, Spears added, is his concern for the U.S. Constitution and America's future: "I just recently got married and we’re planning on having kids, and I look at their future -- the way things are changing now -- and it worries me." But he's hopeful about his campaign.

"We thought we’d have a slow start, but our original launch and our press conference generated a lot of stir," Spears said, adding he hadn't heard much from Melancon supporters yet. "But I have seen a lot of commentary from the strong Vitter supporters, and the feeling is: 'Finally. Wow. We have a choice."

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Questionland- The best places to go out?

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Questionland- question of the day?

"Where can a bunch of girls drink, eat and dance this weekend?"

Show your southern hospitality and your "in-the-know knowledge" and help some ladies out on Questionland.

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