Sunday, October 31, 2010

Voodoo concludes

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Bringing the Preservation Hall Jazz Band on stage to do "Highly Suspicous" is getting to be a regular thing for My Morning Jacket. It was a hit at the band's Jazz Fest set. And it worked again tonight at Voodoo, although it followed two long gothic guitar doom jams that seemed perfect for Halloween but didn't make much use of the horn section. The two bands also played "Carnival Time" and Jim James handled the vocals ably, without Al Johnson this time.

Chrissie Hynde's voice seemed ageless, or maybe her talents are timeless, singing with JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys. She even turned in a pretty version of Iggy Pop's "I Wanna Be Your Dog."

Janelle Monae's set was more than a half hour late starting, and it took a few songs to get going, going from lounge-y chanteuse to funk/pop instigator. She finished her set by making her way through the audience, and then returned to the stage and threw down the mic stand, which isn't quite the same as smashing a guitar, but that seemed to be what she was going for. The crowd mingling messed up her otherwise perfect hair, and it seemed to fit her mood.

Katey Red's "Punk Under Pressure" lead into a popping extravaganza by several stage guests during her set with Big Freedia and Sissy Nobby. Not a surprise event, but nonetheless rather impressive.

Minus the Bear's lead singer Jake Snider passed judgment on Halloween at Voodoo: lots of great costumes, but a few too many Waldos. He was easy to find.

Voodoo 2010: Day 2 in pictures

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Voodoo Music Festival 2010: Day 2 - Images by Jonathan Bachman

Voodoo 2010: Sunday, Oct. 31

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(For maps, more picks and previews, check out this week's Voodoo 2010 issue.)

Count on the MarchFourth Marching Band brigade (10:45 a.m., Preservation Hall) to ring in Halloween in true costumed pomp and performance. Add the season-appropriately named Walter "Wolfman" Washington & the Roadmasters (12:45 p.m., Soco/WWOZ) for some spooky blues-funk.

Janelle Monae , the Prince-ly, outer-space James Brown (2:15 p.m. Soco/WWOZ) performs concurrently with Minus the Bear (2:15 p.m., Voodoo), the noodley, "college dude" indie rockers.

Interpol (4:15 p.m., Voodoo), the long-running New York post-punk nü-Joy Division, meets New York's new class: the blog- and blotter-friendly MGMT (5:30 p.m., Sony), who've planted millions of earworms with the ubiquitous fauxhemian anthem "Time to Pretend":

Reigning bounce queens Big Freedia, Sissy Nobby, Katey Red and DJ Rusty Lazer take over the Bingo! Tent (6 p.m.) before they pass the baton to the tent's namesake and closing performers.

Fest closing duties go to My Morning Jacket, fresh from a marathon performance at Terminal 5, where the group performed its entire catalog over a string of dates. DJ Soul Sister's (8:30 p.m., Preservation Hall) cold funk jams kick off the afterparties.

Stay tuned to Gambit for a fest wrap-up, and have a happy Halloween.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Woord Up

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Die Antwoord more than delivered on anticipation at its packed Le Plur show early Saturday evening. This video (which is kind of safe for work) shows how the band could be mistaken for a performance art project or joke, an issue addressed by Alex Woodward in his Gambit preview of the band's Vooodoo appearance. But live, the band is pretty good, and far more aggressive and dirty mouthed than one might expect. Some songs are just filthy throwdowns, and Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er also did "In Four Face," "Rich Bitch" and "Fish Paste," which actually came with some lessons in South African slang about your mother's body. But Ninja isn't easy on anyone and he spent time before the set giving the sound board operator a hard time, and later he got on the lighting board as well.

On the local front, Rebirth Brass Band started its set off with the theme from Ghostbusters and rolled with it. Buckwheat Zydeco turned in a surprisingly energetic set, and Supagroup sexed up some meathead rock. Audiences on the mainstages got decent rap rock from Street Sweeper Social Club, featuring Tom Morello on guitar. Drake continually addressed just the women at the fest, but should have skipped lifeless tunes like "Fancy." And Ozzy Osbourne is the nicest old man in rock. He started his set a few minutes early and did some songs off his new album, but he's probably not the scariest thing you'll see this Halloween weekend.

Voodoo playland

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The Le Plur tent attracts a crowd at Voodoo.
  • The Le Plur tent attracts a crowd at Voodoo.

The Voodoo Experience drew a good crowd on Friday. A dance tent is part of the festival again — last seen in 2004. The Le Plur tent is located in the spot occupied by the Bingo! Tent and Noo Moon stage in recent years. The reconfigured festival plan lines up the smaller stages - Preservation Hall, SoCo/WWOZ and Bingo! and all now have what looks like a flying shell cover, similar to the Le Plur tent pictured. Also expanded this year is the playland aspect of the main mall's displays. PlayStation's tent is a gaming center full of large flatscreens, and other interactive digital fun is available in a video Zynch Zone, in the Sony Bloggie station and even in the Toyota Prius Playground, which features exercise bikes and a see-saw that allow participants to generate some power and put it to use, ie to charge a cell phone. And in an old-fashioned approach to playing, there are Hula Hoops for your amusement - between the Bingo! tent and food area.

NBA in pictures: Hornets vs Nuggets

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NBA: 2010-10-19 Hornets vs Nuggets - Images by Jonathan Bachman

No second line this weekend ...

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Start: D.W. Rhodes Funeral Home, 1716 N. Claiborne Ave. Out Claiborne to St. Anthony. Right on St. Anthony to N. Robertson to St. Bernard Ave. Right on St. Bernard Ave. to N. Claiborne Ave. Left on St. Philip.

Stop: Charbonnet Family Services, 1615 St. Philip. Proceed down St. Philip to Treme St. Left on Treme to Barracks St. Right on Barracks to Little People's Place.

Stop: Little People's Place. Proceed down Barracks to N. Rampart St. Right on N. Rampart to Ursulines St. Right on Ursulines to St. Claude Avenue. Right on St. Claude.

Disband: Backstreet Cultural Museum, 1116 St. Claude Ave. Presentation and Refreshments.

Honoring Al Morris, Chief of the Northside Skull & Bone Gang, 1942-2010 and Ernest Skipper, creator of “Shot Gun Joe,” 1948-2009.

Voodoo 2010: Saturday, Oct. 30

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(For maps, more picks and previews, check out this week's Voodoo 2010 issue.)

The permanently rocket-fueled Big Rock Candy Mountain (11 a.m., Voodoo) and Fatter Than Albert (11:15 a.m., Preservation Hall) put Saturday's schedule into overdrive right off the bat. And the ragtiming Luke Winslow-King (12:30, Bingo! Tent) and jazz freakouting Helen Gillet (2 p.m., Bingo! Tent) steer the Voodoo ship elsewhere.

Rebirth Brass Band (3:30 p.m., Soco/WWOZ) gets it right, and Die Antwoord (6:15, Le Plur) gets it very, very weird — the South African rave-rap meme explodes into New Orleans for the first time. (Bonus fun: The group was selected for the Guggenheim's YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video, including the video below.)

The U.K.'s Florence + the Machine (6 p.m., Sony) puts its otherworldly, stagepiece pop on display — also an N.O. debut. (Read Lauren LaBorde's interview with Florence Welch here.)

Hip-hop heartthrob Drake (7 p.m., Voodoo), a DJ-only set from The Crystal Method (7:30 p.m., Le Plur), and the "How the hell is he still alive?" Ozzy Osbourne (9 p.m., Voodoo) close out Day Two. Stay tuned for more.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Voodoo 2010: Day 1 in pictures

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Voodoo Music Festival 2010: Day 1 - Images by Jonathan Bachman

It’s never too early for big wins.

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Emeka Okafor blocks Carmelo Anthony during the Hornets 101-95 win

Is it too soon to begin getting excited about the Hornets? Short answer: yes. Two games do not a season make.

Long answer, though? You really have no reason not to at this point. The Hornets are 2-0, they’re playing well, executing Monty Williams’ system and they just notched a 101-95 victory against a Denver team that put up 110 points on the Utah Jazz.

Not only that, but after the game, Williams talked about how pumped up his players were to head down to San Antonio and play the Spurs tomorrow. These Hornets are hungry and excited, so it’s OK if their fans are too.

After all, Chris Paul made huge plays down the stretch (10 points in the fourth

Granted, with all the brewhaha surrounding the Nuggets organization, it’s hard to say whether or not they’re hitting on all cylinders. But for all the drama and spectacle Carmelo Anthony brought with him, he still managed to put up 24 points.

The Hornets, though, were resilient all game long. You have to be when you blow 16-point and 10-point leads. The second team bench is playing competently, if not out-right productively, combining for 37 points. That includes a stretch midway through the second quarter when they hit three-pointers on three straight possessions to push the score to 45-34 as Paul was getting ready to come back in the game.

The importance of having a bench that can keep leads means that Paul can keep himself on the bench. It seems like every season since Chris Paul’s been drafted the talk has been about his minutes. And for all the talk Byron Scott, Jeff Bower and Monty Williams have devoted to keeping Paul’s minutes down, they were handcuffed by the fact that the Hornets were only competitive with Paul on the floor.

We may be headed in the right direction. Though Paul played just over 37 minutes tonight, nine players had double-digit minutes and no one played less than 5:27. Williams clearly trusts his players, even when there are so many questions about their talent.

A lot will be made of Monty Williams’ decisions as a head coach and the direction that this team will take under his guidance. Early returns are good. After losing their 10-point halftime lead, Williams called a timeout to calm his troops. It resulted in the Hornets tying the game with 6:20 left, taking the lead and then not looking back.

But there were still some tense moments. When Paul came up gimpy after Billups fouled him with 3:28 left in the game, it was hard not to hold your breath. The Hornets committed three straight turnovers in the beginning of the fourth quarter and the Nuggets capitalized to take a five-point lead. It seemed like every time the Hornets took control of the game, they found a way to keep the Nuggets in it.

And yet, you can’t say this Hornets team didn’t close. Though the score was close, this game ended when David West hit his turnaround jump shot to beat the shot clock and put New Orleans up six with 43 seconds left, the game was well in hand.

Yes, it’s too early to start talking about playoffs and, to paraphrase Williams, the Hornets will get their butts kicked by some team this season. But optimism reigns right now and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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