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Friday, May 20, 2011

The latest on Mr. Ghetto's "Walmart"

Posted By on Fri, May 20, 2011 at 4:22 PM

1. In just a few days, Mr. Ghetto's "Walmart" has been the subject of nearly three million Google searches:


2. Since Alex Woodward wrote about the song Wednesday, it's been taken off YouTube, then reposted "adults only." Gossip blogger Perez Hiltonwho calls the song the "smash hit of summer 2011" — preserved a copy, which we'll put here in case the original disappears again:

3. AdAge, the advertising industry magazine, wrote a lengthy article about it, noting "At Least Store Was Clean, Well-Stocked", while suggesting Mr. Ghetto missed out on paid product placement opportunities:

But besides content deemed offensive by most YouTube voters, the store comes across looking pretty good — clean and well stocked with a wide assortment. Right on message for Walmart.

And Mr. Ghetto portrays Walmart as a great place to meet women. "Man, forget going to the club to meet some new," he says at the outset. "When I want me some new, I will get me a basket and walk around Walmart."

Summer's Eve and Massengil feminine wash products also get prominent play, as does the Louisiana Purchase state electronic benefits transfer card, all almost certainly without pay or authorization.

4. One group not so amused by the whole thing: a lot of black women. ("the most visited urban website in the world") named the song "Hot Mess of the Week," while Bossip's discussion boards were full of angry messages. For those, let's twerk our way under the jump.

I must say this video is a mess! However, PLEASE don’t let this give you the wrong idea about ALL of New Orleans women. What you see displayed here is a mere fraction of the people New Orleans has to offer. There are plenty of Educated, Professional, Purposeful individuals living in the city born and raised and I happen to be one of them. The generalizations people make when seeing things like this are unfortunate. I do not come across people who live this way and I live in the center of the city. I think just like in other places of the world there are many diverse individuals living in New Orleans and the media highlights those that make black people look bad. It’s stereotyping. Anyway, just thought you should know that New Orleans has a LOT to offer. Don’t know where u r from but maybe you can visit this GREAT city and see what we really have to offer.

Now that you mentioned it..I want to know who was it at Wal-Mart management allowed this tomfoolery to take place? They should be demoted to bagger for this…no better yet. They need to be pulling carts.

its just so ridiculous that they think this is cute..then we have other impressionable young females especially our black females thinking that this is the only way to be seen or acknowledged, by having a big butt and shaking their A** in videos and to have a dude lookin at them making them feel the best…ladies if you dont have respect for yourself nobody will…get a clue and get a life

This trash on BOSSIP shame on you! Until now I really enjoyed blogging on this site but have to tune out for a while. As a proud black woman and countless others everyday we must continue to rise above the odds. Respect yourselves ladies still we rise!

Ladies please don’t buy any unpackaged underwear from Walmart. You don’t know whose cooch been “twerkin” in it while shooting an ABOMINATION of a video at Walmart.

But this quote on YouTube was worth sharing as well:

Uhhh, will people stop saying they're ashamed of being black after watching this? White people don't say they're sick of being white over Charlie Sheen's shannanigans. Stay in school and keep being productive.

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