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The mojo doctor: LA Times on the accidental fake weed inventor

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A North Carolina scientist who invented fake pot says the fake stuff is dangerous, and marijuana isnt, really.
  • A North Carolina scientist who "invented" fake pot says the fake stuff is "dangerous, and marijuana isn't, really."

In a profile in the Los Angeles Times this week, scientist John W. Huffman (described as a "bearded, elfin man") revealed himself as the accidental inventor of voodoo, mojo, spice, "incense," K2, or whatever brand or name used to describe dried up "herbs" sprayed with synthetic compounds that mimic the effects of THC (sort of).

Huffman said his research into the effects of drugs on brain receptors at Clemson University was published — as were the compounds he made (and named after himself: JWH-018, JWH-073 and JWH-200) — in medical journals, which were picked up manufacturers, and, ta-da, fake weed is born.

The LAT also reported that in August, Louisiana authorities seized 7,200 grams of synthetic marijuana ($25 to $30 per packet), which now — because it's deemed a Schedule I controlled substance — has a "street value" of $80,000 to $130,000. (The products had names like "White Widow, Cajun Spice and Voodoo Remix" — not to be confused with this, which also may be dangerous when over-consumed.)

"Mojo" preceded bath salts in Louisiana as the targeted "designer drug" and was outlawed last August. The law, drawn up by Rep. Ricky Templet, R-Gretna, made it illegal to manufacture, possess and distribute it in the state.

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Playboy Golf coming to New Orleans

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For those of you who dream of cavorting amid Hugh Hefner's bevy of former strippers* at the Playboy Mansion but must settle for a less Entourage-esque existence in New Orleans, here's something that might interest you. You may have previously thought the closest you could get to those bunnies was through bathroom reading material and your girlfriend's DVR recordings of Kendra, but now the Playboy mansion comes to you: on Oct. 14, Stonebridge Golf Club in Gretna (the Los Angeles of the Greater New Orleans area) will be transformed into Hefner's sprawling domicile when it hosts Playboy Golf, which combines the networking sport with — you guessed it — sexy ladies! (Insert really creepy double entendres using golf terms here.)

The event also includes parties at Eiffel Society and Broussard's, plus an awards dinner/party at the golf club after the tournament. Also, for anyone who's pretty and doesn't mind being flirty with some business-drunk men in khakis: according to the website there's a casting call for Playboy Golf girls at the Metropolitan tomorrow from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Who knows — maybe you could be the next Kendra.

*[UPDATE: Playboy has asked us to remove the photos they provided because I unfairly characterized the Playmates as "former strippers." I apologize and have removed the photos, and I'm replacing them with images found on the Playboy Facebook page. Again, I apologize for the unfair characterization.]



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A New Orleans cougar tells all!

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Review: Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

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If you mashed up Deliverance and the Scary Movie series, you'd get Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. It is, nonetheless, a clever and original film, embracing and inverting the grossest stereotypes of hillbillies and groups of college kids used as horror film fodder. It opens tonight at Zeitgeist and runs with the short film The Legend of Beaver Dam, a brief horror musical. Review of Tucker and Dale here.

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Listen: Gambit's free music Friday

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Madeline performs at AllWays Lounge 9 p.m. Saturday.
  • Madeline performs at AllWays Lounge 9 p.m. Saturday.

I guess it's been a while since we heard from the super-stoned-yet-super-prolific Curren$y. Here's an unreleased, G-funky track, "Light Snacks."

Athens, Ga. singer-songwriter Madeline ends her Black Velvet tour at AllWays Lounge tomorrow at 9 p.m., and begins her touring hiatus. She's playing without her Black Velvet Band, and she's taking requests. Download Black Velvet 's Carter Family-meets-Carpenters pop single "Hurry Up Pronto" here.

Big Sam's Funky Nation plays its homecoming show at Tipitina's tonight following its summer-long tour. Stream the band's 2010 album King of the Party here.

Community Records releases two punk rock LPs this weekend: The Lollies' Potential, and The Rooks' I Can't, I Won't Give Up — they're both available for free download here and here, following an album release party at Banks Street Bar 10 p.m. Saturday.

Chinquapin Records, home of Caddywhompus and Sun Hotel, released the debut EP by 22-year-old lo-fi solo recording artist Munchausens (aka Byron Chance). You can download it for free here.

After the jump, the latest music video from rapper Koan, and recent TV appearances from Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue and GIVERS, and more free music.

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Sunday: Family Ties 10th anniversary second line parade 12-4pm

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NOTE: this parade starts for NOON (not 1pm)

(route after the jump!)

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kevin Costner endorses Billy Nungesser for lieutenant governor

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The Jay Dardenne/Billy Nungesser race for lieutenant governor has been moving from a typical Louisiana low-blow boxing match to one of those ridiculous nighttime soap opera catfights involving evening clothes and a conveniently placed mud pit.

Dardenne and Nungesser have been sliming each other in online commercials for a while, but tonight The Battle of the YouTube moved from Baton Rouge to Hollywood, as Kevin Costner — resplendent in peacoat, beard and orange scarf — has now endorsed Nungesser. (From Copenhagen, no less.)


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Feast your eyes upon New Orleans' men of style

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Well guys, last month I threw down the gauntlet (a pyramid-spiked, BDSM-tinged version by Jean-Paul Gaultier, of course) and challenged all stylish New Orleans men to come forward and prove that this city's reputation as a cesspool of jorts and flip-flops is unfounded. And you stepped up. Oh, how you stepped up. More than 70 nominations poured in, and there wasn't a dud in the bunch. You didn't make it easy on us judges. At times, we had to resort to subterfuge. (We Facebook-stalked a few of you to see if you displayed consistently good fashion - sorry. It was in the name of style and fairness in judging. Really. My stalking motives were purely professional.)

Anyway, the methodology is not important. What matters is WE HAVE 10 OUTSTANDING MEN OF STYLE FINALISTS TO PRESENT. And the outcome - the three winners who will ultimately be crowned Men of Style and showered with fame (features in CUE) and gifts (the $2,000 prize package pretty much rules) - are now in your hands, New Orleans. Vote now! And thank you to everyone who came to the cocktail party at Rubensteins last night. So many fashionable men in one place - it was truly glorious to behold.




Photos by Cheryl Gerber

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BESE board debate at Dillard Oct. 5

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Candidates for the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) will meet for a debate at Dillard University Oct. 5. The BESE elections — normally one of the more low-key races on the ballot — have drawn increased attention this year because of the nascent and controversial charter school movement championed by leaders of the statewide Recovery School District (RSD). Proponents of charters cite increased parental choice and higher test scores; detractors have decried the privatization elements of charters and what some see as a push to get special-needs students out of the system. BESE candidates this year have generally been lumped into either the pro- or anti-charter category.

Brian Beabout, an assistant professor of educational leadership at the University of New Orleans, says the races are so heated because the current BESE board is nearly evenly split. “The balance of power is pretty close. It’s an 11-member board, and most significant decisions have gone 6-5 — with (Gov. Bobby) Jindal getting what he wants and the RSD getting what they want.”

Under the jump: the candidates for each seat, and the issues involved ...

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Frank's Place to screen again at NOCCA

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Tim Reid in Franks Place.
  • Tim Reid in Frank's Place.
Last year, Frank's Place — the acclaimed-but-quickly-cancelled 1980s sitcom about the fictional New Orleans restaurant Chez Louisiane — saw the light of day for the first time in more than a decade at a special screening at the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA).

Now NOCCA is bringing back Frank's Place, and Reid, for a return engagement Oct. 11 at 7:30 p.m. for a screening of different episodes. Also on the panel will be the show's co-creator, Hugh Wilson (who was a major highlight at the last screening), along with Treme writer Lolis Eric Elie and moderator Poppy Tooker. Tickets are $15 and are sure to go quickly. To get yours, click here.

(To read our 2008 cover story on the long, strange trip of Frank's Place and Tim Reid, and to find out why it's still not out on DVD, click here.)

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