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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Interview with an intuitive business consultant

Posted By on Tue, May 1, 2012 at 10:59 AM

New Orleans native Monique Guild is an international business consultant who has worked with Showtime Networks, MacLaine Enterprises and clients ranging from politicians to athletes. However, she's not your run-of-the-mill life coach: Guild uses her highly developed intuitive side to receive "blocks of information" about a client, which she then addresses when helping formulate a business plan. Here, she discusses her unique consulting style — and what she'd like to see the city of New Orleans do in order to move forward and create a bright future.

Monique Guild
  • Monique Guild

So what exactly is an intuitive business consultant?
I'm a business consultant who has an extra ability: I'm highly intuitive. ... I have an ability in business, no matter what it is. I get information about what has caused that business to get stuck and what to do to turn it around. I work with anyone, from CEOs to diplomats. One of my clients is at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, which is the largest think tank in the world, where all the leaders go to make business decisions.

What does intuition have to do with business?
I believe we are all highly intuitive. ... Most people in business will say things like, "I listen to my gut." Any of these high-level executives go on their gut instincts. I teach people how to trust that gut instinct and be guided from the inside out, as opposed to the outside in. Many people live their lives having the outside world tell them what to do. Oftentimes, because of family situations or chaotic relationships, we can't hear how that inside self is guiding us. So I really help people clean that stuff up and get focused on what they want to create.

What does that mean, exactly? How do your clients clean up and move forward?
If someone has a drinking problem, I may ask them to check out a few Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. If they are a giver and have given so much to everyone else, we teach them how to give their energy back to themselves. As children, we grow up in certain environments, and as a result (of our thoughts and emotions), chemicals flow through our bodies. If your body has grown used to a certain environment, you can get addicted to your emotions. So this is how you create certain thoughts that create events that can pull you down.

This sounds more like personal work than business work.
The atoms don't know the difference between...our personal and business lives, so it's about being clean, direct, forward and focused with your energy and connecting with a future reality. If your energy is jig-jagging, (what you want) is not going to show up in your business life. I teach people to ... heal the blocks that prevent them from hearing how their future selves and intuition are guiding them.

You're from New Orleans. WIll you share a little about your upbringing?
I went to preschool at Cabrini Day School, when we lived on Bourbon Street. I went to school at McDonough #15 in the French Quarter for first through sixth grades. Then, when my parents divorced, I moved Uptown with my dad and went to (Louise S.) McGehee School. I know the difference between the public and private school system. There's a huge difference, and I feel very fortunate to know both.

Let's say New Orleans is a consulting client of yours. What blocks does the city need to heal in order to move forward and create a dynamic future?
The blocks are education, poverty and politics. The political corruption and lack of funds that go toward the educational system and all the things that get hidden from the amazing people of New Orleans absolutely affect the city. Funds have got to go to the education system and stop being pocketed. If you want to turn the city around, start educating people. Give instead as opposed to take.

We need to support the teachers who are busting their butts to help so many kids. We need to go into poverty-stricken areas and teach people about addictions, chaos, abuse and how to heal that instead of ignoring it. People who want to be healed and get out of abusive relationships, who want to hear how their inner voice is guiding them to be a better person — these are the people we need to reach. Generally, they come from backgrounds where there is not a lot of time to think about how they feel and what they want to create; they just need to survive. Those are the people we need to reach

There have to be more jobs for the people who are from here. Those people need to be given jobs first. It's such a huge question, and I'd have to think for an hour before I could answer it, but I believe (the keys are) education, jobs, empowering people, and knowing that what you do, at the end of the day, doesn't only affect (other) individuals. It is you who has to live with yourself and actions you have taken.

How do you want to use your talents to help New Orleans?
I would love to donate my time to teach a workshop for the people of this city and help people listen to how their intuition is guiding them and ... get on track in their business and career lives. I'm open to any business that would be open to putting on a workshop for this city. This is an amazing city, and it deserves all the support it could possibly get.

For more information on Monique Guild and her upcoming workshops, visit

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