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Monday, July 2, 2012

Y@ Speak: Health care, Hornets and confetti guns

Posted By on Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 12:04 PM

This week the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate portion of President Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and America has officially gone the way of Europe. I'm currently writing this from a park where I'm enjoying a baguette and Brie to celebrate the completion of my grueling two-hour work day. Also this week: Flaming Lips dumped a bunch of confetti and balloons on New Orleans audiences, we got some new Hornets and it's really, really hot outside.

Y@ Speak 6/24-7/1

Storified by Gambit · Mon, Jul 02 2012 09:06:17
There are movies and then there's #beastsofthesouthernwild #givehushpuppyheroscarBrett Anderson
Growing old is not for wimps.norman robinson
Big news from the T-P! @JudyWalkerTP reports that when the 3 day publishing plan goes into place - WEDNESDAY will become FOOD SECTION day!Poppy Tooker
Hello New Orleans! You are hot as shit, and not in the I wanna fuck you way.Michelle Collins
"What the hell happened to you w/ your parents? Honey, you're just dumb as a box of rocks." -Glenn Beck, re: me. McClelland
I just heard a woman say, "'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter' is '50 Shades of Grey' for the Twilight generation."O'Shea Gray
Now the guy behind the "Back to the Future hoax" is saying it was an accident. Yeah right, buddy. You're going to jail!Scotland Green
Well it's history. President Obama is the first president to successfully, constitutionally pass landmark health care reform.Melissa Harris-Perry
Conservatives: Sky is not falling; America not becoming Europe. Liberals: Health Care in this country still sucks and PPACA wont fix it..BlackenedOut
Disappointing ruling by #SCOTUS. I am more committed than ever to repealing #Obamacare outright. #repealandreplace #tcotDavid Vitter
@DavidVitter Thanks. Medical care is the worst. Please get rid of it.Vintage Orleans
Anyone who is not in favor of government mandated health care is more than welcome to drop dead.Matt
I am proud of my work to make #ACA a reality. Its benefits are clear: ↓ deficit, ↑ access and affordability & improves health outcomesMary Landrieu
figuring out how i can get the debutante beatBuster Bluth
There go the balloons & confetti! Magazine
Some band named #theflaminglips just made a mess in our music hall.... #oma @ House of Blues New Orleans
One of two takes. Flaming Lips. Starfox
A shot from the record-breaking @theflaminglips show in #nola. @waynecoyne Satchfield
So thankful for this opportunity! have to thank God! I love new Orleans and I'm excited to play there and become a new Orleans Hornet!Austin Rivers
My server said, "you look really, really, really familiar." I should tell her I'm Nene from 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.'DJ Soul Sister
Officially a Hornet!! #NOLAAnthony Davis
Shh! Keep it down. We're all trying to work in here. The TP newsroom this afternoon ... Monteverde
2012 has been a rough year for closeted gay movie star Scientologists.Brett
I will be adjusting my Twitter handle in the coming weeks: Barrow
You definitely don't need coffee to jumpstart your day when you have flying roaches deal with. #nolaChamp Superstar
Overheard at Anthropologie : "this is like a really expensive store for grandmas."Alison Fensterstock editor: Do we have a picture of the bar? Reporter: No. Editor: Well we gotta put something up!
I live in constant fear of Treme coming back. #jazzJulie Klausner
Thanks for correcting my pronunciation, bartender. How do you pronounce 10%?Andrew Polk
I will not implement Obamacare in LA. I will work to elect @MittRomney and repeal Obamacare.Gov. Bobby Jindal
If we don't we will have more people riding in the cart than pulling the cart and America will go the way of Europe.Gov. Bobby Jindal
@BobbyJindal Have you ever BEEN to Europe?David Roberts
BREAKING: It's still fucking hot.Fake Times-Picayune

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