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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Public Transit Tuesdays: Lakeview

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I assumed there would be no ratchetness on the Lakeview bus, but I actually came across two riding stock characters, a riding snacker and the never-before-mentioned riding rambler, who speaks loudly on the phone for the entirety of the ride, a couple who might be transient youth and suburban kids blasting rap music from their cars. Also ratchet: Bugs. Lots of them...

Pontchartrain Boulevard and Harrison Avenue in Lakeview, New Orleans
  • Pontchartrain Boulevard and Harrison Avenue in Lakeview, New Orleans

First of all, I didn't realize I could catch the Lakeview bus from here...

Less scary place to catch the Lakeview bus
  • Less scary place to catch the Lakeview bus

Instead of here...
Scary intersection
  • Scary intersection

I've said it before, but crossing that intersection is frightening, so I like to avoid it when possible.

Since it took a long time to cross City Park Boulevard after leaving the Canal streetcar, the Lakeview bus was leaving as I approached the stop. Almost as soon as I sat down, some twenty-somethings with camping style backpacks came and sat next to me, and I thought they were some of the transient youth who hang on Decatur or Elysian Fields, asking for money and leftovers. They asked me if they were in the right place to catch the Lake Vista bus. "LakeVIEW? Yeah," I said. One of the guys lit up a cigarette and stood directly in front of me to smoke it, so I walked to another bus stop, the one by the Dollar Tree.

Waiting for the Lakeview bus near Dollar Tree
  • Waiting for the Lakeview bus near Dollar Tree

Fire ants bit me and lovebugs circled me while I was waiting, but at least the bus came on time (30 minute intervals). I sat in The Perch in the back, as always, though I'm still grossed out by seeing German roaches there on the Lake Forest. With the exception of the riding snacker and the riding rambler, the bus ride was enjoyable and I can see myself catching this bus to connect to the Veterans bus so I don't have to cross that scary, time-stealing intersection.

My first stop was to Cafe Navarre, a place I hadn't been to since my Lusher Extension days, back when it was Weaver's . Though the lady at the counter suggested I get the Tuesday special of pulled pork on a bun with fries, I was feeling nostalgic and ordered the last thing I had there in '97: a roast beef po-boy. I'd rank it just below my current favorite roast beef po-boy (since Teddy's Grill never came back), from Da Wabbit, just because the roast beef tasted a little like salty Taco Bell meat. But there's Barq's Red Creme Soda, and that's always a plus.

Roast beef po-boy from Cafe Navarre
  • Roast beef po-boy from Cafe Navarre

Barqs Red Creme Soda
  • Barq's Red Creme Soda

As I was eating, I looked up and saw a girl who was thee most scantily clad young woman I'd ever seen. Her midsection was completely bare, except for a belly button ring, and her skirt was upper thigh-length. She only came in to get a soft drink and was using her laptop outside when I left, but I'm almost 80 percent sure I went to Lusher with her. If it's the girl I think it is, she's the same girl who invited the entire Spirit Squad to her [mom's] house to go over the Christmas dance routine, when it ended up being a middle school drug, alcohol and boys party. I called my Mom to pick me up, something she'd brag about until her death in 2002, and was really mad that no one got to try the fancy new Hint of Lime Tostitos that I brought.

Scantily clad woman in a family restaurant
  • Scantily clad woman in a family restaurant

(If anyone wants to see, I still remember some of the Christmas dance routine. Also, I'm pretty sure I asked Peggy Scott Laborde where the go cups were. I've loved her since I was a kid and was really nervous when I saw her, so I didn't know what to say. I wish I would have said something cooler.)

While walking to the bus stop, I noticed two really nice houses for sale.

Nice house for sale on Canal Boulevard
  • Nice house for sale on Canal Boulevard

Nice house for sale on Canal Boulevard
  • Nice house for sale on Canal Boulevard

My next stop was to Goodwill on Robert E. Lee, where I saw several things that I wanted to buy and some unattended children who were getting into everything. The Mom was looking through clothes while the kids went behind the counter and moved all the DVDs, then the little girl messed with the VHS tapes and the little boy played with the shopping carts in such a way that he could have really injured himself. I tried to lead them to their Mom before I left.

Unattended children at Goodwill
  • Unattended children at Goodwill

Goodwill shopper
  • Goodwill shopper

A cicada (H/T: @Liprap) landed on me at the bus stop and I freaked out. Here's his picture:

Fugly cicada!
  • Fugly cicada!

I couldn't remember the last time I went down Harrison Avenue near Pontchartrain Boulevard, so I got off there, being pricked by a wasp on the way to Lakeview Mini Mart, where I bought a Weekly Jailer and an ice cream sandwich. They have Diet Pineapple Big Shot in stock and some weird little pre-mixed margaritas called Stinky Gringo, too.

Blue Bell ice cream sandwich and The Weekly Jailer
  • Blue Bell ice cream sandwich and The Weekly Jailer

Across the street from Lakeview Mini Mart is Harrison Grocery, with Harrison Deli attached. Harrison Grocery, to me, is like a mini mart or corner store with a unique variety of liquor. Three alcoholic drinks that I'm not proud to say I like were there: moscato (I liked it before Drake rapped about it, thank you), Hypnotiq (this reminds me of the summer between high school and college) and Pink Lemonade Taaka Vodka. My favorite thing to do with Pink Lemonade Taaka Vodka is to make Pink Panties like my cousin Julie taught me while I visited her in Houston during Katrina. I've been wanting to try my hand at new media lately, so I made an animated GIF of how to make Pink Panties and I even put it on Tumblr (which I haven't gotten into yet).

How to make Pink Panties frozen drinks
  • How to make Pink Panties frozen drinks

Thanks again for checking out this bus adventure! In addition to making animated GIFs, I've decided to start putting the outtake photos on my Facebook journalist page so we can make Public Transit Tuesdays more interactive and fun.

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