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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Going through the motions with the 2015 Saints on Falcons night

Posted By on Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 10:58 AM

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Bury the Saints. They're done.

Here's a relevant song for you to listen to while you read, because if you're anything like me, with these Saints you're just going through the motions.
When the Saints are this bad and the Falcons are this good, what's the point? Why am I even going to the Dome tonight? Do I just enjoy watching things I hate obliterate things I love? In terms of contending this year, the team is entirely hopeless, and its coach is eyeing potential lifeboats. So what am I even going to cheer for? 

Here's a few ideas.

Drew Brees' Physical and Mental Well-Being

The Saints' offensive line is so bad that Drew Brees is on pace to be sacked almost twice as much as in any previous year. Every snap is like high-stakes gambling, and the most likely result is you lose everything. 

Brees' shoulder has already been nearly destroyed once this year, and he took another hit to the thing last week in Philadelphia. It didn't seem to bother him as much, not that that mattered, because it wasn't like he had a chance to do anything with it before Eagles defensive end Fletcher Cox pummeled him.

Brees is still a good quarterback who should have a few more years of quality play in him. He won't if his career gets ended in 2015. 

And even if he survives the year physically, will he mentally? Dude's tough, but he's already "angry." I'm not sure we'd like him when he's angry.

The Superdome Scoreboard Operators

In these high-definition times, there probably isn't an upper limit on the score that can be represented on the Superdome scoreboards. That's good, because the Atlanta Falcons will be taking the NFL's third-best offense to the Saints' 32-ranked defense. 

This game is sort of like the Saints/Falcons games back when the Saints were good, except back then the Falcons were also pretty good. The Saints are not. The Falcons probably won't score 100 or anything, but there's a chance this turns into one of those games in which they could if they tried.

The Source Close to Sean Payton Who Is Feeding "Payton to Miami Rumors" to Reporters 

First, the Miami Dolphins were interested in Payton. Then Payton denied he'd leave the Saints, but somebody somewhere just after his denial said he was "intrigued" by the idea. Now:
That won’t keep people in the league from being convinced that Payton will be coaching in Miami as of 2016. And people currently in the league definitely believe Payton will coach the Dolphins next year.
So this rumor has experienced rapid intensification. Here's my best guess as to what's going on.

Sean Payton's contract runs through 2017. That means, without an extension, if he remains in New Orleans he'll become a lame duck after next season. NFL coaches don't like being lame ducks, but given the Saints are, at best, a big rebuilding project, Payton can't be certain he'll improve the team enough next year to justify a contract extension that would keep him the most highly-paid coach in football. 

Enter Miami. By instigating a trade to the Dolphins, Payton will ensure he has stability in Miami with new deal there that pays him what he's making now, or more. Or, if Tom Benson and Mickey Loomis value Payton enough even after the disastrous 2015 season, he could parlay Miami's interest into an extension before 2016, locking himself in place and ensuring his comfortable situation.

That's my guess.

The Falcons Suck

Oh, yeah. Here's the last and best reason to cheer tonight. It's a primetime home game against the Atlanta Falcons. The Saints could finish the year 2-14 and I'd be at least a little happy that their last win came tonight, over the Falcons.

So. Who dat.

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