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Friday, September 5, 2014

Gretna Heritage Fest to CeeLo Green: Forget you

Posted By on Fri, Sep 5, 2014 at 5:11 PM

CeeLo Green, your presence is not required in Gretna. - ATLANTIC RECORDS
  • CeeLo Green, your presence is not required in Gretna.

Singer CeeLo Green may have apologized for his wildly controversial tweets about rape, but the furor hasn't gone away; TBS just canceled his reality show, his gigs are getting shut down, and today Billboard ran a helpful article titled "How CeeLo Green’s Career Can Be Saved." 

Now the good people of the West Bank have added to CeeLo's troubles by canceling his planned headline appearance at this year's Gretna Music Festival

In a press release citing Gretna Fest as a "family friendly oriented event," the board wrote, "In recent controversial comments made by Ceelo Green that have have been made surrounding recent incidents involving Mr. Green, they are not acceptable by artist that are scheduled to perform at the Gretna Heritage Festival."

Green's replacement? Proving that Gretnaites truly love rock and roll: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Below the cut: the letter from Gretna Fest. And we don't need to imagine CeeLo's response.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

City proclamation welcoming Operation Save America "issued in error," says Landrieu spokesman

Posted By on Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 4:13 PM

A Facebook screenshot of the City of New Orleans proclamation welcoming Operation Save America to town and recognizing its "outstanding service to the City of New Orleans." After this story was broken on UptownMessenger.com, it spread quickly through New Orleans social media. - FACEBOOK
  • A Facebook screenshot of the City of New Orleans proclamation welcoming Operation Save America to town and recognizing its "outstanding service to the City of New Orleans." After this story was broken on UptownMessenger.com, it spread quickly through New Orleans social media.

A city proclamation welcoming the anti-abortion group Operation Save America to the city and recognizing its "outstanding service to the City of New Orleans" was issued in error, according to an email this afternoon by a spokesman for Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

The story originally was broken by Robert Morris of Uptown Messenger, who reported that the group — a renamed version of the controversial 1980s organization Operation Rescue — received an official welcome to the city signed by Landrieu on the same day the group's members interrupted a service at First Unitarian Universalist Church in Uptown New Orleans and picketed the homes of people the group claims provide abortions. In online writings, Operation Save America called the Unitarian church the "synagogue of Satan."

Change.org petition demanding the city rescind the proclamation congratulating Operation Save America had more than 800 signatures in less than 24 hours, and the story was picked up nationally by the satire-snark political site Wonkette.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

A Very Y@ Speak Christmas

Posted By on Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 10:45 AM

'Twas the week before Christmas, and through many tweets, Phil Robertson got fired and Garrett Hartley returned his cleats... Wait. Sorry, folks: Y@ Speak regrets to inform our readers that Fletcher Mackel has canceled Christmas. See you next week.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Y@ Speak: Twitter feuds, Y@ Speak Awards, and a goodbye

Posted By on Tue, May 28, 2013 at 10:28 AM

While not quite at an Amanda Bynes level, New Orleans Twitter saw some drama this week. A well-know local blogger took issue with NOLA.com over its new dining Twitter handle, there were dispatches from the protest at the site of the new Planned Parenthood facility, and people had some things to say about the finalists in the inaugural Y@ Speak Awards (sorry, moms).

Also, some programming notes: first, be sure to vote in the awards and to RSVP to our event on June 3 at the Freret Street PubliQ House!

Second, I am sad to say that this my last Y@ Speak! After more than three magical years with Gambit, I am moving on to Renaissance Publishing where I've accepted an associate editor position. I'm leaving this roundup in the capable hands of staff writer Alex Woodward. It's been fun doin' the tweets for you guys! Thanks for reading, sharing and for sending me ideas for tweets to include that I usually ignored.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kneecapped: The Advocate hires away four Times-Picayune journalists

Posted By on Wed, May 8, 2013 at 12:26 PM


Since New Orleans businessman John Georges bought The Advocate just a week ago, things have been moving quickly. Georges installed former T-P managing editors Peter Kovacs and Dan Shea as editor and general manager, and there was word that The Advocate's Baronne Street offices were adding several additional parking spaces immediately. It was a poorly kept secret that the paper had been talking to T-P city editor Gordon Russell, and only a slightly better kept secret that The Advocate was also interested in Martha Carr, a veteran of the city desk known as a meticulous editor.

"If Gordon and Martha go," a city reporter told Gambit Saturday night, "we all go."

And that's what seems to be happening. This morning Kovacs announced that Russell would be joining the New Orleans Advocate (not the New Orleans bureau of The Advocate, but "the New Orleans Advocate", a change in terminology). Also leaving the T-P: city reporters Claire Galofaro and Andrew Vanacore. (Former T-P staffer Sara Pagones, who had been helming the New Orleans bureau since it launched last fall, will now be St. Tammany bureau chief.) Russell becomes The Advocate's managing editor for investigations, while Carr will be the New Orleans paper's managing editor.

Kovacs told Gambit this morning that he didn't have a precise date for when their bylines might start appearing in The Advocate. "I think our goal is in the very near future," he said. "Things are moving very quickly and I would hope we would start seeing them in the next week or so. It’s a ramp-up process." Beyond that, he had little to say when asked about a redesign of the paper (rumored to be scheduled for late summer) and a possible web redesign. "We have lots of plans to improve the paper," Kovacs said. "I’m not going into which they are and when they’re coming."

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Le Diner en Blanc: The Great Doucheby

Posted By on Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 3:26 PM

Instructions on how to have a dinner party, from the Le Diner en Blanc website
  • Instructions on how to have a dinner party, from the Le Diner en Blanc website

Hey New Orleans — here's a dinner deal for you!

First you pay $35, then you bring your own food, utensils and your own goddam table.

You don't know where you're going, but you must wear white from head to toe. Oh, and there's a three-step process for application and a waiting list ("Best of luck in your registration!"), because, you know, the experience of paying a stranger for the privilege of staging your own dinner party is not just for everyone, darling.

And you can't cancel. Period.

The concept is called "Le Diner en Blanc," it's been done in other cities around the world, and it's coming to New Orleans this month, as described by Doug MacCash in a Times-Pic article this morning (hat tip: Food Goddess Lorin Gaudin). MacCash describes it as "an international phenomenon with thousands of adventure seekers finding their way to clandestine clone events," and I'm certainly with him on the clone part.

From Le Diner en Blanc's website:

Seats are allotted on-site in a very specific manner.

In order to participate, one must be invited by a participant from the previous year or get on the official website's waiting list.

Once confirmed, the presence of each guest thus becomes mandatory, regardless of weather conditions, as the event is held regardless of weather conditions.

Huh? You want me to pay you to bring my own dinner and my appearance is mandatory? And no weather cancellations, no matter what? We cancel Mardi Gras parades that have been in the works for a year if the weather is going to be dangerous — your dinner party is more important than those?

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Michelle Shocked to discuss anti-gay comments on Internet radio

Posted By on Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 11:26 AM

UPDATE: Shocked has released a statement to Fox News, which says in part, "When I said… ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates f**s,’ I was predicting the absurd way my description of, my apology for, the intolerant would no doubt be misinterpreted. But I am damn sorry. If I could repeat the evening, I would make a clearer distinction between a set of beliefs I abhor, and my human sympathy for the folks who hold them.”


Folk singer Michelle Shocked, whose anti-gay comments at a San Francisco concert last Sunday night made worldwide headlines after fans walked out and the venue pulled the plug on her mic, will appear on an Internet radio show tomorrow morning to discuss the incident.

Shocked, a former New Orleans resident who performed at the 2011 Jazz & Heritage Festival and local venues around town (most recently a gig at Chickie Wah Wah in November), had much of her upcoming tour canceled after her remarks, which reportedly included her belief that the overturn of California's Proposition 8 (which put a ban on same-sex marriage in the state Constitution) would result in the return of Jesus Christ. (Time reported the story with the headline "Singer Who Everyone Thought Was a Lesbian Spews Anti-Gay Hate at Concert.")

Shocked, now a self-described fundamentalist Christian, has taken to Twitter to explain, somewhat, that her remarks were taken out of context and misquoted. "Am neither against a woman's right to choose nor gay marriage. Am a fundamentalist tho," she explained. "Most don't even know what my 'views on Gays' are. What is reported to be my views on Gays isn't," she added, as well as "Just my usual troublemaking, at the expense of dear friends who trust me, even when I appear to be gay-bashing."

She is scheduled to appear on The Nicole Sander Show on RadioOrNot.com Thursday morning at 10 a.m., where she'll certainly be asked about exchanges like this:


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Monday, March 18, 2013

Report: Michelle Shocked tells concert audience "God hates fags," denounces same-sex marriage

Posted By on Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:28 AM

Michelle Shocked
  • Michelle Shocked
Folk singer and former New Orleans resident Michelle Shocked created a firestorm at a San Francisco concert last night when she delivered a homophobic tirade from the stage, according to observers:

The crowd had come, presumably, to hear songs like “Come a Long Way” and “On the Greener Side,” which got airplay on MTV back in the day. (“Greener Side” was even up for a VMA against Madonna’s “Vogue.”)

Instead they were treated to a tirade that allegedly included Shocked announcing “God hates fags.”

Matt Penfield, who was live-tweeting the show from onstage called her rant, delivered during her second set, “totally sincere [and] super anti-gay and hateful.”

We’re still trying to get the full text of her speech, but apparently she told fans “you can go on twitter and say Michelle Shocked said ‘God hates fags.’”

Another Twitter user posted that Shocked “said she lives in fear that the world will be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry.”

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Gridiron shows: Bobby Jindal and Stacy Head

Posted By on Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 12:18 PM

Gov. Bobby Jindal's performance at Saturday night's Gridiron Club Dinner in Washington, D.C. went over well — at least with President Barack Obama, who praised Jindal's material and delivery at the logrolling annual chance for politicians and the D.C. press corps to share a laugh:

"I have to say, I thought Bobby (Jindal) was incredibly funny this evening. I thought he was terrific," Obama said last night at the high-profile Gridiron Dinner, in his remarks after Jindal made a highly impressive speech full of fun and jokes, wiping out his 2009 lacklustre speech which was in response to the first State of the Union Address by Obama.

Jindal's entire speech has been posted online by The Washington Post. Here's one for Louisianans:

[N]ow some people have asked me if I intend to run for President in 2016?

And the answer is that I have no plans to run. I’ve made that clear, over and over again…in Iowa…in New Hampshire…and in South Carolina.

And for those who want a local take on politicos and press rubbing elbows, tickets are now on sale for the Press Club of New Orleans' annual Gridiron Dinner, which takes place March 19 at Walk-On's. The headliner is New Orleans City Council president Stacy Head; tickets are $40 and are available here.

More Jindal under the cut. (Lots of Indian jokes!)

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Friday, February 15, 2013

CNN: Lack of communication aboard Carnival Triumph = Hurricane Katrina

Posted By on Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 11:18 AM


Last night I saw a bloated vessel filled with crap dock in Mobile, Ala. — but enough about CNN. The story, of course, was the arrival of the Carnival cruise ship Triumph, which had an engine failure that stranded it in the Gulf of Mexico and turned it into the Good Ship Lollipoop for a few days.

But for CNN's Martin Savidge, the lack of communication aboard the ship was equivalent to the lack of communication on the ground in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures ...

SAVIDGE: blah blah blah Hurricane Katrina blah blah I assume it's something very similar.

PASSENGER: Yeah, but let's put that in perspective. I mean, Katrina was a major devastation. We're on a friggin' cruise ship, and we're just havin' a good time, so ... Two different things. Two different things.

CNN has mostly moved on to the Russian meteor story, but if you still want tales from the S.S. Hurricane Katrina, CNN.com still offers "Video: 'Everyone will need psychological help'", "Parisa Safarzadeh shares her account of the hellish trip on the Carnival Triumph" and the popular "Passenger video: Sewage on walls."

UPDATE: It seems that one of the charter buses bringing passengers from Mobile to New Orleans broke down on I-10, and those on board had to wait nearly an hour for a replacement bus, which must have been like Superstorm Sandy.

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