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Gambit Ink Settings 


Creating ads with Gambit’s custom ink settings:
Note: We are not responsible for ads that do not follow these specifications by the appropriate deadline.

1. Download the custom Gambit ink settings (.csf file) to your desktop or a folder for later use.
2. (Adobe Software) In the top menu bar, click Edit > Color Settings (steps are the same for Photoshop and InDesign).
3. Click load and navigate to the location of your file and click open; then click OK.
4. Click Edit > Assign Profile.
5. In Photoshop: choose the middle option for “Working CMYK: GambitInkSettings”; click OK.
5. In InDesign: choose the middle option for RGB Profile “Assign current working space: sRGB IEC61966-2.1” for CMYK Profile choose “Assign current working space: GambitInkSettings.” Click OK.
6. Create a new file using the file sizes provided.
7. Design your ad.
8. Please refer to the .PDF below for formatting and exporting instructions.

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