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  • Oct 23-29, 2001
  • Vol. 22, No. 43


  • Images of Mike
  • Images of Mike

    For decades, photographer Michael P. Smith has provided a window to a hidden city. As a new exhibit presents the scope of his work, he talks about his life and art -- and about living with memory loss.
  • Speed Zones
  • Speed Zones

    Once largely associated with Midwest farm towns, meth labs are now creeping as far south as New Orleans.
  • Taking Ownership

    How women and men run their businesses differently
  • Prognosticating the Polls

    Last week, we asked local politicos to predict the fate of 3T. Here's what they had to say.
  • Cracking the Male Code

    Forget women's intuition. Author Deborah Swiss goes intelligence gathering to find out what men in the workplace really think about their female peers.
  • The Great Divide
  • The Great Divide

    Fifty years ago last week, Hale Boggs first endured the sensational charge that he was a communist. Now, as the country again embarks on a hunt for enemies among us, author Garry Boulard re-examines the lessons of the red scare.
  • Editor's Note
  • Letters to the Editor

    'After reading your review of Mr. Falgoux's book, I must admit it only makes me want to enjoy it again. I suggest you do the same, only this time put your ego in a lock box and sit back and enjoy a refreshing new author.' -- Astrid Edwards
  • A Search for Meaning
  • Virgets
  • A Search for Meaning

    My editor tried to look thoughtful as he noisily sucked another orange slice dry. 'We should think about ways to make your column more relevant.'


  • Clancy DuBos
  • Absolute Power

    The ultimate power play, be it by a national politician or an Olympic athlete, is the struggle with one's own self.




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