On The Corner "Hip Hop, Art & Soul Series" 
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On the Corner is a multi-facet red carpet experience that appeals to an exclusive group of taste makers, it brings you back to the purity of the arts. When one thinks of The Last Poets, Miles Davis, or Common, those different genres of music are bridged by the commonality of the corner. Free style battles happen on the corner. Poetic ciphers happen on the corner. Painting graffiti art, creating murals, and break dancing a...ll started on the corner. The intent of this event is to bring the true essence of hip hop, art and soul back to its origin, “On the Corner”. Fusing elements of spoken word poetry, visual arts, hip hop, live soul music and skilled disc jockey along with other forms of art. MAIN ROOM Upon entering the venue, guests will be taken back to the days of shell toes, rope chains and pop locking as we provide the nostalgic atmosphere that makes you ‘Remember When.” Hip Hop artist, Dappa as well as Billboard R&B artist, Rantz will be the featured performers of the night, complimented by a live band. Musical interludes will be provided by the OFFICIAL “On the Corner” resident DJ SLASH. Hosted by HOLLYWOOD SOUL LOUNGE With melodic sounds reminiscent of the Donny Hathaways, and Marvin Gayes of yesterday, the Soul Lounge will set the stage for a perfect atmosphere borrowing from the pioneers of the past. Hosted by Keshia "Peaches" Caldwell, this lounge will feature the jazz, funk and acoustic soul sounds of the Black Star Bangas Band. VISUAL ARTS LOUNGE The Visual Arts Lounge will be decorated by the most talented artists with original paintings ranging from canvas to the human form. At center stage, the art of body painting (by premiere MUA, Jessica Haynes) is the highlight of the night. For ticket info, contact: Che Romana Jones: 713.328.9861 For media inquiries, contact: Keshia "Peaches" Caldwell: 202.449.0566 Tumblr: http://HipHopOnTheCorner.t​umblr.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/onthecorne​r Email: loud365media@gmail.com


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