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Re: “Best of New Orleans 2010

Seems that "Foodienola" has a deep hatred for Gambit. Probably "" is more like it, growing ever more fearful of the insignificant role the Picayune plays for New Orleanians as Foodie promotes the once mighty daily.

Foodie can't comprehend that this Gambit article was a reader poll, not the staff's opinion. "We tallied the votes," it clearly says in the second paragraph.

So all the hatred spewed by Foodie is aimed at regular New Orleanians. Foodie needs a chill pill slipped into his R&O's gumbo, which I agree is pretty good.

Posted by Seems that "Foodienola" has a deep hatred for Gambit. Probably (AudubonGal) on 09/04/2010 at 6:34 PM

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Re: “Regarding Chris Rose ...

Today is 1-11-11. Distinguished digital date. And three months to the day since the writer's disappearance.

Posted by AudubonGal on 01/11/2011 at 4:10 PM

Re: “"Champagne, caviar and dancing dwarfs"

Nell Nolan's society column is Ashton Phelps Jr.'s sacred cow and the Picayune's raison d’être. Ashton's affinity with New Orleans' blue blood society is a very deep alliance. Ashton would keep publishing a bankrupt Picayune if only to run Nell Nolan's column and the debutante news, along with gala news of Rex, Comus, Plimsoll and Boston clubs.

The Living Section would be the front page and the only section of the paper. The annual Rex and Loving Cup announcement would be the premier editions. This would enthrall the debutante krewe. The only thing that would be missed by readers is the Sports Section.

Nell Nolan is one of the best society columnists in the country, probably in the world. And Nell is one of the nicest people one could ever meet. Yes, it is terrible writing, exactly what the form has devolved into (as billyt points out.) And yes, the targeted audience, and Ashton, wouldn't have it any other way.

Posted by AudubonGal on 01/06/2011 at 2:13 AM

Re: “Regarding Chris Rose ...

Chris who?

Posted by AudubonGal on 12/27/2010 at 7:12 AM

Re: “WWL-TV to introduce weekly commentary by Clancy DuBos

Great news! Congratulations to Clancy DuBos and to WWL-TV. Clancy has been the best political observer and commentator in New Orleans for many years. I trust Clancy and believe he has the city's best interests at heart.

It will be a pleasure to see him every Tuesday on television. No one in New Orleans has more insight and wisdom to take the place of Phil Johnson than Clancy DuBos. This new assignment is a great tribute to Clancy's leadership at Gambit and his years of contributions as the leading political editor and columnist in New Orleans.

Posted by AudubonGal on 11/12/2010 at 10:38 PM

Re: “Kanye apologizes; Bush forgives; Kanye reconsiders

The real tool, and real fool, is Bush.

Ex-prez Bush is a shallow narcissist for saying Kanye West's comment was "the worst moment of my presidency." If that was the worst moment of his presidency, Bush is a thin-skinned brat and a major racist who doth protest too much about being called a racist.

Bush did abandon New Orleans and left its people without water and food for far too many days. I agree with Kanye that George Bush does not care about black people. It was clear for the world to see during Katrina.

During a speech in Mississippi, Bush called the destruction in New Orleans "this part of the world." Not this part of the country, the nation, the homeland. "This part of the world." That quote went unnoticed and spoke volumes about Bush's feelings about New Orleans and its people. We are like "third world" to him.

After Kanye's foolish upstaging and rudeness to Taylor Swift at the MTV awards last year, Kanye was labeled a racist and it hurt. That is why he expressed empathy to Bush with Matt Lauer. However, I agree with Kanye that Lauer screwed Kanye over to create a cat and mouse game between Kanye and Bush.

NBC, like most once legitimate TV newsrooms, has become sensationalist, lowlife junk. NBC is competing with CBS's Entertainment Tonight and Warner Brothers' Extra. NBC is owned by ultra right wing General Electric.

NBC recently displayed their disgusting behavior with the "indefinite suspension" of Keith Olbermann for making "unapproved" political contributions. Olbermann promptly was back on the air when 300,000 signatures hit NBC's front office demanding he be returned immediately.

The Times-Picayune became a sensationalist, lowlife junk newspaper starting in 1993 when New Jersey owners Newhouse brought trash-minded Newark management to town. Everyone has seen the embarrassing decline of our hometown newspaper over the years.

The Times-Picayune was once "the newspaper of record" and the pride of the state. It was the largest and best newspaper in a four state region: Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. Baton Rouge, Little Rock and Birmingham now put the Picayune to shame. What the Picayune has turned into lately is literally not worth publishing, online or in print.

Editorially, the Picayune lost all moral decency and literally lost the right to be journalists by supporting David Vitter for U.S. Senate. Vitter admitted to committing crimes with prostitutes. Even though the DA did not have the guts to charge him, he is an admitted criminal, adulterer, and hypocrite “family values” candidate. Nevertheless, Vitter is good enough for the Picayune Board of Directors. When they look in the mirror, I wonder what they see, or what "lists" they are on.

It is easy to understand why "The Fourth Estate," now primarily owned by giant non-news conglomerate corporations, is going out of business. "The news," especially network news and daily newspapers, cannot be trusted and no longer serve the public good. The laughable Faux Fox News is a separate category, more like the comedy channel, but mean-spirited and destructive to the dignity of the United States of America.

Kanye West thinks NBC’s Matt Lauer screwed him over. MSNBC viewers think Keith Olbermann was screwed over. Moreover, Picayune readers, judging by the lengthy forum of negative reactions to the Vitter endorsement, think their daily newspaper screwed them over by supporting an immoral and criminal scumbag to be Louisiana’s United States Senator.

The Fourth Estate, Proud To Call It Gnome.

Posted by AudubonGal on 11/12/2010 at 3:02 AM

Re: “Friday Night Dad

You're older. You're slower. You're squarer. You're reckoning with middle age. Please, Chris, don't turn into a male Sheila Stroup. We need your sharp edge, your wit, your mind's prism on New Orleans and relevant issues. Not "daddy stories."

Posted by AudubonGal on 10/12/2010 at 4:20 PM

Re: “"Check, please." "Cash only."

I love Mandina's but do not care for the cash only policy. I do suspect that any business with a cash only policy is to hide revenue. If the 3% card fee is the real reason, Mandina's could add 3% for credit card customers. I would gladly pay that. But I love Mandina's too much to stop going, regardless of the policy.

The restaurant is so special, so delicious, so friendly, so uniquely New Orleans, and has such a loyal customer base, it can have any policy it wants and every table will be filled. I also commend Mandina's for adding the parking lot years ago, and for always having a very friendly NOPD officer on duty at the door. It is a safe restaurant in a not so safe neighborhood. The restaurant is well run, well managed, and has the best waiters, waitresses and bartenders in the city.

All that said, getting some cash from my bank ATM beforehand is a small price to pay for much pleasure received. But I do wish they would take credit cards. It's more convenient, especially when Mandina's is a spontaneous dining choice.

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Posted by AudubonGal on 10/03/2010 at 1:18 AM

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