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Re: “Serpas: Pot, Immigration Status Not Priorities

We can only win the illegal immigration war, if regular people make a stand on the issue. The US government has for far too long intentionally overlooked this massive problem over thirty years. The border has been overrun, undermanned and so to the delight of un-American employers, millions have swept into this country stealing jobs. As I see it, it’s definitely lowered wages for the working man and women and the taking (approximately) 8 million jobs, in the majority of trades and profit producing companies offering minimum wages and no health benefits. Illegal alien and family members are uninsured, and end up painfully stinging the US taxpayer in the emergency rooms. If businesses didn't attract illegal aliens and reduced the influx they would have no other choice but to hire US citizens and legal residents and therefore wages would spiral upwards and the hospitals would not get a monetary soaking, that eventually pried from YOU and ME by the IRS.

It’s up to the American worker or citizen to serve as a whistle blower and inform ICE, if the company they are employed by is hiring foreign workers. It’s unsettling to note that Nevada has become a settlement for illegal nationals even more so than the Sanctuary State of California. Does it not seem strange that trespassing onto American soil are rewarded by our government, and do not suffer the same fate as illegal’s intruding in other nations. Other countries have severe penalties such as being charged with felony or being fired upon at the Mexican-Guatemalan border. As more and more State legislators see the insaneness of pandering to the invasion that is costing billions of dollars and enact policing laws such as 287 (g) and E-Verify audits. The majority of anxious illegal foreigners will be looking for a new homes across state lines to find a refuge. California is already suffering from turning a blind eye by granting illegal aliens a free pass to welfare entitlements and a non hostile climate were citizens pay a hefty penalty in heavy taxes.

Over many decades taxpayers have been manipulated through badly misinterpreted laws such as the 14th Amendment, allowing the babies of illegal immigrants to access welfare benefits including housing for the low income. When old soldiers remain homeless illegal aliens can receive a key to Section 8 housing--if they conceive enough infants. Even before these people arrive in America, they have been well trained into deceiving the welfare offices with fraudulent ID. Today anybody who believes that we only have 11.5 million foreigners here, must be fortunately indifferent to the coming overpopulation chaos. Only those Americans or legal non citizens who care about the federal deficit will even bother to join a pro-sovereignty group, to show their courage against the open border organizations or even call their federal and local politicians to fight back against this injustice. Those oppose any kind of restrictions on illegal or even legal immigration are in the majority leftist groups with Liberal extremist undertones. Our government keeps more or less silent that over a million legal immigrants enter the US annually? Even the US government , (GAO) the General Accounting office has disclosed that for every (1) dollar paid in taxes by illegal foreigners, they receive back 3 dollars of our money.

It’s my judgment that unless California's Sacramento lawmakers mend their ways and begin the task of cutting off every benefit to the millions of foreigners squatting there, they will become a principle destination. As enforcement becomes the name of the game in less compassionate States those homesteading there will head for Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and other malleable States. It's started already with the State of Arizona that is the first stop on the map for heinous criminals, people smugglers and drug gangs.

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Posted by Francis on 02/07/2011 at 4:21 PM

Re: “Vitter's latest attack ad

Nancy Pelosi's, Barbara Boxer culture of corruption

Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi is most probably the worst offender, when it comes to hiring illegal aliens. Are they picking grapes on her plantations in the Napa Valley, California? As a hypocrite she beats even Senator Harry Reid, in his resolve to force through another Amnesty, on behalf of the estimated 12 to 20 million foreign illegal aliens. Then Pelosi resistance in any attempt to enhance border security, in building the--REAL--double fencing and plot with others to table the E-Verify offering. If mandated nationwide E-Verify would have been a inimitable prevention of businesses hiring people who have entered this sovereign nation illegally. Pelosi voted against the Secure Fence Act of 2006 in building a fence along the American-Mexican border, against requiring ID cards for illegal aliens, against electronic data storage of illegal aliens, and for driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. There are a few signs in the midterm elections, that not all candidates are supporting illegal immigrants. Tancredo is a strong contender to implement E-Verify permanently in Colorado so every foreign alien his risking being caught if identified at a job site. A Mandatory operation at every employment agency, would go a long way verifying all service type people, such as maids, homecare and other jobs. With 9.5 percentage of Americans looking for work, the use of E-Verify would disrupt many illegal workers, making room for hundreds of thousands of jobs in many industries. Meg Whitman would never had questions asked about the employment of an illegal maid, if the employment agency had investigated the women through the E-Verify program.

She is just one of the wealthy landowners who have taken advantage of a steady flow of cheap foreign laborers and a strict defender of offering a path to citizenship; considered Amnesty by a more moderate press. Madam Pelosi along with her husband own several vineyards assessed around $25 million dollars. Her grapes are not considered table grapes, but very expensive inventory of high end wines. Pelosi should join the rest of hypocrites in the long line of Democrats, including Sen. Reid, Sen. Barbara Boxer who if shown a careless positions in introducing laws to contain this propagating issue. Many low income Americans would have jobs, be able to pay taxes and help stabilize this recessive economy. GOOGLE---Pelosi's shameful record on spending taxpayer’s money is well deserved. The information can be found under the (FOIA) Freedom of Information Act at the "Judicial Watch" website regarding corruption in Washington and in State Capitols.

One of the biggest complaints was Speaker Pelosi’s military travel costs using jets of the United States Air Force in the amount of $2,100,744.59 over a two-year period — $101,429.14 of which was for in-flight expenses, including in food banquettes and alcohol. Then we have ultra liberal Barbara Boxer who has used the race card and has the same Motif-Operandi as Sen. Reid. Voting--YES--on funding Sanctuary Cities; Yes on Comprehensive Immigration Reform--Amnesty; Voted--NO--In declaring English official language of government; Voted--YES--on another Guest Worker program, that like the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act was offered Amnesty and in addition voted--YES--on illegal aliens participating in our Social Security, providing Social Services to non citizens. Please---Americans have worked all their lives in able to collect Social Security to keep them afloat for the rest of their lives and Boxer had the audacity to join the rest of the Liberal crowd to enact legislation, allowing foreigners who have never paid into the pool access to our Social Security? In my view as a Tea Party advocate--ALL these incumbents should be shown the road out of town tarred and feathered.

Posted by Francis on 10/08/2010 at 8:56 PM

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