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Re: “Arnaud’s Restaurant

Congratulations on preserving smoking in your establishment.

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Posted by Elm on 03/18/2011 at 3:00 AM

Re: “Smoke-Filled Rooms

Thank you prfsnlwannabe. As for dying sooner, I haven't been to an allopathic practitioner since 1994, & just to give you some idea of my age, I once worked at the Blue Room in The Roosevelt Hotel during a time when Leon Kelner & his orchestra were still performing for people to dance, & enjoy a bottle of Crackling Rose' with a cigar or two. As for me, just gotta love all the second hand tobacco aroma. A woman passed by me the other day while I was enjoying a cigar & commented she hadn't smelled something that good in years. The war on tobacco is also destroying one of the most benevolent interactions between people. Remember, "hey buddy you got a light or the friendly offer of a cigarette?" So, the destruction goes deeper than simply lost cash to those who are trying to make a dime. Health has never been their concern, but to undermine fraternal relationships among all Americans & break down the cultural society. I for instance, will not attend public venues where smoking is prohibited. After all, why would anyone willingly enter into an environmental straight-jacket? The war against people who enjoy smoking tobacco is the new bigotry, & vast amounts of resources have been spent facilitating its insidious propogation. What's most disappointing, is how easily Americans are being bullied into compliance. Must be the flouride in the water. Maybe also check out "Hitler's war on tobacco." And if smoking is any indicator of ideology, all three leaders of the Allied powers during WWII were smokers of one kind or another, whereas Axis power dictators were all non-smokers. Seems like cigarettes are "torches of freedom." The question is, do Americans still value their freedom? Seems not. Historically, smoking tobacco was always something men did, but healthy masculinity is in decline. As the Iroquois used to say, "the Creator gave us beans squash & corn, but first he gave us tobacco." To a great extent, both American native AND colonist economic culture were founded upon a cultivation & trade in tobacco. In fact, the Jamestown colonies from whence comes Virginia tobacco would have failed without tobacco. We repress tobacco to our great economic & social peril. There are also health benefits to properly grown & cured tobacco. All "B" vitamins, like niacin for instance, are present in concentrations far exceeding all other plants, which is one reason Kentucky horse breeders even feed an edible species of tobacco to their racing stock. As with most things today however, people have made the treats & occassional pleasures of yesterday into the diets of today. And THIS is a key cause of all illness & disease in any society that embraces the current processed & fast food "western" diet. Maybe there was wisdom in "reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet." So yes, the war upon tobacco is knee-jerk emotional & pathogenic. People are suffering from a lack of nutrition & an adulteration of the food supply, not tobacco smoke.

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Posted by Elm on 03/17/2011 at 3:25 PM

Re: “Smoke-Filled Rooms

If a single "incident" of exposure to so-called "second-hand" smoke causes "heart attacks" & "other serious health events," then most of the American population should have been dead long ago. Rather, chronic anxiety & worry causes heart attacks. Truth is, properly perscribed & administered pharmaceutical drugs, have caused more suffering & death on an annual basis then tobacco ever did. Modern "science" has long been corrupted by political & economic ideology, & a quest for pre-determined outcomes. Truth is, by-en-large, conventional "science" hasn't been "clear" about anything for decades. Some of the healthiest people have smoked all their lives, including my great-grandfather who lived to be 94, whereas many of the sickest have never touched a cigarette (forget about the second-hand smoke BS). Try comedian George Burns for instance, who smoked 30 cigars every day of his life until it killed him prematurely at the age of 100. The anti-tobacco PSYOP is an insidious cloud of second hand smoke & mirrors that has diminished the social environment, economy & freedom of the people. Anti-smoking laws, draconian TSA pat downs & radiation exposures are birds-of-a-feather. This fear mongering tobaccaphobic PSYOP is designed to enable control freaks & bullies. It has no place in a free society. Besides, why would BIG PHARMA, the Corporate State shill it supports & its fellow travellers be so concerned about the health & welfare of the people anyway, when sickness equals profit while they & their associated industries are conspiring to eliminate most of the world's population? There's something seriously wrong with this picture.

Posted by Elm on 03/16/2011 at 10:17 PM

Re: “Smoke-Filled Rooms

Due to the Cancer Industry's support for the war upon tobacco & those Americans who do enjoy smoking tobacco, smokers & all merchants affected by the cancer industry, must no longer donate or support any fund raising conducted by any Cancer Society. Why feed the hand that bites you? Americans who smoke tobacco would be foolish to lend financial or moral support to so-called Philanthropies or Charitable Foundations that conspire against their civil rights. After all, why should smokers fund treatments for illnesses that are a result of environmental degradation & contamination by Corporate Interests? While smoking rates have declined cancer rates & dietary induced illnesses like diabetes have increased. As for second hand smoke? Ask those who grew up in a smoking environment whether today they have developed cancer as a result. I know my family has not.

Posted by Elm on 03/16/2011 at 7:25 PM

Re: “Smoke-Filled Rooms

The greatest irony of all, is that if people who smoke tobacco, including owners & customers, opened a public venue for Americans to enjoy themselves & relax, non smokers would want to also be in attendence because smokers are far more interesting people than non-smoking tobaccaphobes. Not only would tobaccaphobes want to be in attendence, but being the chronic complainers & busy-bodies they are, they would strive to intimidate the owners & enlist the powers of the State to deprive those who do enjoy smoking tobacco of their pleasure. Is this the freedom American GI's, most smokers, faught for in WWII?

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Posted by Elm on 03/15/2011 at 11:51 PM

Re: “Smoke-Filled Rooms

The American colonists thrived because of tobacco, which was once used as a currency among the indiginous population. The immense economic costs to the American economy & all its associated enterprise due to an ill-conceived tobaccaphobic reponse to tobacco, will be such as to diminish the American economy accordingly. This is not about health, but about extortion & control. The PSYOP against tobacco has even induced a psychosis among the people to the extent so-called "second-hand" smoke is blamed for even ingrown toenails. The PSYOP against tobacco is a red-herring that has empowered control freaks & bullies. The anti-tobacco PSYOP has opened the door to fascism, as it serves as a model of control, intrusion & intimidation in most any area of society, both private & public. The Third Reich also waged war upon tobacco under the pretext they were concerned about the health of the volk. Indeed, the war against tobacco has been waged with various intensities ever since the 16th century. Welcome to BIG MOTHER & the Theraputic State.

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Posted by Elm on 03/15/2011 at 11:41 PM

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