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Alex "Webster" Woodward's 2012 New Orleans Dictionary 

• bath salts
noun: substituted cathinones, or synthetic amphetamines or cocaine, advertised as "bath salts" but not for human consumption; added to Louisiana's Controlled Dangerous Substances list in 2011; allegedly responsible for several Louisiana "zombie" attack stories in 2012

"Man Accused of Biting Off Chunk of Victim's Face" — Lafayette's KATC-TV, June 5

• blog
noun: a personal website; a comment thread on

verb: to write on a personal website; to write on a comment thread

"The paperwork later explains HenryLMencken1951 is a pseudonym used by an active blogger who has posted repeatedly about Heebe." — WDSU-TV, March 13

• Budgeting For Outcomes
noun: a city budget process that doesn't rely on the previous year's successes and failures; an opportunity for a "citizen-driven" budget process; see also "zero-sum game"

• hunker
verb: stay in one place, eat chips and drink beer as Hurricane Isaac hits south Louisiana

"Hunker down." — instructions from Mayor Mitch Landrieu, meteorologists, news anchors, radio hosts, etc.

• HoZone
noun: a proposed "Hospitality Zone" tax district governed by the New Orleans Hospitality and Entertainment District to levy an additional tax of up to 1.75 percent

"The opposition and defeat of the HoZone proposal was never about an attack on tourism. It was about a really bad bill that would have bypassed governmental procedure. It was about stopping a power-hungry oligarchy from overriding community input in order to accomplish their own self-gratifying goals." — American Zombie, June 6

• robust
adjective: significantly reduced in size and/or number

"With a reduced printing schedule starting in the fall ... plans call for the Wednesday, Friday and Sunday editions of The Times-Picayune to be in many ways more robust than each of the daily newspapers is currently." — internal memo from The Times-Picayune's editor Jim Amoss announcing cuts at the daily, May 24

• "war on music"
noun: Mayor Mitch Landrieu administration's alleged coordinated closure of and denial of access to live music venues and performers

"My suspicion is, whether coordinated or not, that [Stacy] Head and Landrieu share a desire to make New Orleans a smaller, wealthier city by shutting down dive bars, so-called 'nuisance bars' and everything in between to change the character of New Orleans into something more quiet, more bland, and more Yuppie." — from "The latest weapon in the war on live music" by Owen Courreges for, Aug. 6


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