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Re: “Bobby & Barack

MIXING OPINION WITH FACT - certainly not news

In Mr. Alford's first paragraph, he labels Barack Obama as an "increasingly centrist Democrat" and Jindal as "a conservative Republican inching ever closer to the Far Right."

That alone may be enough to let you know that Mr. Alford sees the world through liberal glasses.

I have witnessed no evidence to support the assertion that Obama is any kind of a centrist. In fact, I have observed Obama, gleefully presiding over a Congress that leans so far to the left that they may not be able to drive their personal cars without rolling down the window to stick their heads out.

Barack Obama is doing for the Democrats - what George Bush did for the Republicans; working to make them unelectable.

"Jindal first took on Obama earlier this year by rejecting $98 million in unemployment assistance from the president's stimulus package. The governor stood on principles against the wishes of many state lawmakers — and won — but since then he's been quiet as millions from the stimulus kitty flowed into Louisiana. But that doesn't mean he hasn't found a way to take credit for the newfound fortunes."

Not taking the stimulus money vs taking it is analogous to "cutting off your nose to spite your face."
We who have lived through hurricane Katrina quickly learned that a government handout should never be turned away. If the money didn't wind up in your pocket it would most likely be stolen or misused by "benevolent" government agencies or subcontractors; entrusted with the task of distribution. (ie. ICF International, Inc.) The upshot is that whether you take government money or not - you will still have to pay your part of the bill. That is - if you actually pay taxes.

Bush and the Republicans made the one mistake that conservatives and independents could not tolerate. They spent money like drunken sailors and destroyed the value of life savings. To reelect the Republicans after their poor stewardship would have displayed a vote of confidence. Few could stomach that.

The result was the election of Barack Obama, who has redefined fiscal irresponsibility.

"... that Jindal is hitching his wagon — in an oppositional way, of course — to issues connected to Obama..." - misrepresents the beginning of a feeding frenzy that will find many opportunists: great and small.

Like a pride of Serengeti lions who have devoured all of a dwindling, native, food source - Obama's legion has turned to "the cattle of the Masai;" their hunger overcoming fear.

It takes the strike of only one warrior to create a small but mortal wound. There will always be well fed hyenas - Jinadal and a host of others. The beetles will feast on the remaining morsels. The taste of kings is always sweet.

The answer to solving the fundamental problem with the U.S. economy relies on the ability to turn the balance of trade. If the US continues to import more than it exports - it is doomed to failure.
Not one of Obama's grand ideas addresses the necessity of making the US more competitive.

Instead we have been offered a "dog and pony show" - your Federal government stands ready to offer you the same kind of substandard health care afforded to "our" American Indians and beloved veterans. They are ready to tax the crap out of our natural energy reserves - coal, natural gas and oil - proffering wind and solar technology that cannot withstand the demand of a growing economy. Nuclear power has achieved "N" word status.

Bobby Jindal may be a fine manager but may not be the best choice for president. Smart takes many forms and smart sometimes may not be quite good enough.

Mr. Alford's article recognizes the brewing conflict between conservatives and liberals but leaves the reader with the feeling that Jindal is little more than an obstructionist.

Productive ideas may have to come from a new front; their voices not yet loud enough to be heard.

caslo cranston

Posted by caslo Cranston on 07/28/2009 at 11:25 PM

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