Clancy DuBos: In the Louisiana legislature, it's always Groundhog Day

How many more can voters tolerate?
Since the collapse of the recent special session, many have called any attempt to get state lawmakers to fix Louisiana's fiscal problems "Groundhog Day." It's a reference to the movie in which a misanthropic character played by Bill Murray keeps waking up in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania on Feb. 2 until he finally gets his act together.

Clancy DuBos: Legislature a study in chaos

There’s no such thing as a 'fiscal conservative.' Lawmakers are either fiscally responsible or fiscally irresponsible
Anyone who wants to study the application of Chaos Theory to politics should examine the Louisiana Legislature, but it may help to do so with lots of mind-numbing substances. They won't explain anything, but they will dull the pain.

Clancy DuBos: Measuring our 'fiscal cliff'

To the surprise of no one, lawmakers failed to even consider long-term fiscal reforms
Exactly how high is Louisiana's "fiscal cliff" anyway? It depends on whom you ask.

Clancy DuBos: Once more, into the ditch

The only thing voters like less than taxes are cuts to education and hospitals
Gov. John Bel Edwards has summoned state lawmakers into a fifth special session in just over two years to deal once more with Louisiana's structural deficit. The session runs Feb. 19 through March 7.

Clancy DuBos: A tireless advocate — Johnny Jackson Jr.

The former City Councilman and state lawmaker died Jan. 24
There aren't many first- generation civil rights leaders left in New Orleans, and we lost another one Jan. 24 when former City Councilman and state Rep. Johnny Jackson Jr. died the age of 74 after a battle with cancer.   A tireless advocate for civil and human rights, Jackson reluctantly entered public life after serving as a community organizer in the Desire-Florida neighborhoods in the 9th Ward.

Clancy DuBos: One if by land, two if by air

Perhaps Mike Edmonson was just too busy looking for his own car keys
The latest news about former State Police Col. Mike Edmonson had me checking my calendar. When I heard the FBI was looking at his possible misuse of State Police helicopters — after earlier reports of Edmonson pressing troopers into service as overland couriers and personal chauffeurs — I could have sworn it was April Fools' Day.

Clancy DuBos: Big chill far from over

Nobody’s blaming Landrieu for the cold weather. But he bears a lot of responsibility for the current woes of the Sewerage & Water Board
For months, New Orleanians feared a sudden rainstorm more than anything else would overwhelm the city's antiquated infrastructure. Now we know that an extended cold snap can be just as ominous.

Clancy DuBos: Sick and tired yet?

Lawmakers talk about fiscal reform but do nothing about it.
When it comes to fiscal reform, voters should be getting sick and tired of seeing lawmakers do nothing — and I do mean nothing — about a serious problem that hasn't fundamentally changed in a decade.   In 2002, at the urging of Republican Gov. Mike Foster, voters approved the Stelly Plan, which lowered sales taxes and increased state income taxes.

Clancy DuBos: Jefferson Parish sheriff race will redefine the parish

Joe Lopinto and John Fortunato face off
It didn't take long for the gloves to come off in the Jefferson Parish sheriff's race. Interim Sheriff Joe Lopinto and former sheriff's spokesman John Fortunato came out swinging right after qualifying on Jan. 3.

Clancy DuBos: Cantrell's early missteps

Cantrell needs seasons advisors who can help her avoid more missteps, and she needs them now
Disgraced former state Sen. Derrick Shepherd attended a meeting with Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell and the city's legislative delegation, causing consternation among local lawmakers. Is Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell ready to grasp the reins of power at City Hall?

Clancy DuBos counts down the top 10 political stories of 2017

In Louisiana politics, there's never a recession
Louisiana politics gets crazier every year, and 2017 was no exception. In fact, there were so many zany stories this year that I had to lump all the scandals into one, under the heading of, well, "Scandals."

Clancy DuBos: Irvin Mayfield's road to perdition

Looting the library foundation and an end to a career that once seemed limitless
The recent federal indictment of Grammy Award-winning New Orleans trumpeter Irvin Mayfield and his longtime friend and artistic collaborator Ronald Markham reads like a mobsters' playbook for how to loot a nonprofit — except for the part about not getting caught.   Mayfield and Markham aren't charged with racketeering, but the 19 counts against them include just about everything else the feds typically throw at crooked politicians and mafiosi — a count of conspiracy, four counts of wire fraud, one count of mail fraud, one count of money laundering conspiracy, 11 counts of money laundering and one count of obstruction of justice.


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