Clancy DuBos: What's in their wallets?

It would be wise for members of the New Orleans City Council to pay closer attention
The 2017 mayoral runoff has not fostered much enthusiasm among New Orleans voters, but at least it dredged up an issue that could stir voters' passions in the election's aftermath: City Council members' liberal use of taxpayer-funded credit cards.   District B Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell's profligate charges on her city-issued card have become the dominant issue since the Oct. 14 primary, which Cantrell led with 39 percent of the vote.

Clancy DuBos: 'Tuft love' vs. 'the card shark'

Desiree Charbonnet and LaToya Cantrell face off on spending
The runoff for mayor of New Orleans has quickly devolved into a finger-pointing contest over who misspent the most public money the most egregiously. Spending taxpayer dollars prudently (and legally) is always a relevant issue, particularly now that finances are one of the few things not broken at City Hall.

Clancy DuBos: Attacking? Best not miss

In the New Orleans mayoral primary, a lot of misses and a bit of overkill
If the PAC's aim was to knock Charbonnet out of the running, it failed. She lost her frontrunner status, trailing LaToya Cantrell by more than 8 percentage points in the Oct. 14 primary, but she easily beat Uptown favorite Michael Bagneris.

Clancy DuBos: A small step toward fiscal reform?

Could a bipartisan effort on criminal justice be a template for fiscal reform in 2018?
Sales taxes have been a temporary measure to keep the state budget in balance, but that may not be an option any longer. One of the main reasons, if not THE main reason, state lawmakers have failed to enact fiscal reform is that they approach the topic the way opposing teams approach a football.

Clancy DuBos: Pay attention to the City Council races

The next council will hold the city's purse strings and question every proposal from the new administration
As we enter the final week of the citywide elections, voters are getting bombarded by messages from candidates and third-party committees. Hopefully, that will translate into increased voter interest and higher voter turnout.

Clancy DuBos: For once, history is no guide

Attacks against Charbonnet in an election cycle that offers no hints of what's to come
New Orleans voters are on the verge of making history. We'll likely elect our first woman mayor or, for the first time in more than a century, our first new mayor over the age of 65.

Clancy DuBos: Inspire the candidates!

If the candidates aren’t inspiring voters, maybe voters should inspire the candidates
We're now less than two weeks away from early voting in the New Orleans citywide elections, and so far no mayoral candidate has captured voters' imagination or articulated a message that resonates. In fact, most voters' reaction to the field of would-be mayors is a collective yawn.

Clancy DuBos: Landrieu's to-do list

It gets longer each passing week
Mayor Mitch Landrieu no doubt was hoping his last few months in office would be a cakewalk, if not a victory lap. That is not to be.

Clancy DuBos: Hope and the kindness of strangers — an open letter to Houston

We must offer hope and comfort where we can
Southeast Louisiana may have escaped the worst of Hurricane Harvey, but we'll never shake the memory of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. That's why so many Louisianans have rushed to repay the debt we owe Houston.

Clancy DuBos: Mayor Sisyphus and his legacy

It will take years to fix all that is broken with the Sewerage & Water Board
Mayor Mitch Landrieu's legacy was always destined to be a mixture of successes and failures. Such is the fate of all mayors, though history seemed likely to paint Landrieu in mostly positive hues — until recently.

Clancy DuBos: S&WB needs accountability and transparency

We should seriously consider making S&WB a city department under the mayor and council
This may sound like heresy to "reformers" who want to depoliticize everything, but I think we should seriously consider making S&WB a city department under the mayor and council. The New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board (S&WB) hasn't come under this much scrutiny in at least a generation.

Clancy DuBos: Gov. Edwards' tactical pivot

By engaging directly with business leaders, Edwards is flanking two of his biggest adversaries
Less than a month after throwing down a fiscal gauntlet to House Republican leaders, Gov. John Bel Edwards has tacked toward Louisiana business leaders in an effort to address the so-called "fiscal cliff" of 2018 — and possibly start a meaningful statewide conversation about long-term tax and budget reform.   That's a significant — and tactical — pivot by the governor.


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