Clancy DuBos: Inspire the candidates!

If the candidates aren’t inspiring voters, maybe voters should inspire the candidates
We're now less than two weeks away from early voting in the New Orleans citywide elections, and so far no mayoral candidate has captured voters' imagination or articulated a message that resonates. In fact, most voters' reaction to the field of would-be mayors is a collective yawn.

Clancy DuBos: Landrieu's to-do list

It gets longer each passing week
Mayor Mitch Landrieu no doubt was hoping his last few months in office would be a cakewalk, if not a victory lap. That is not to be.

Clancy DuBos: Hope and the kindness of strangers — an open letter to Houston

We must offer hope and comfort where we can
Southeast Louisiana may have escaped the worst of Hurricane Harvey, but we'll never shake the memory of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. That's why so many Louisianans have rushed to repay the debt we owe Houston.

Clancy DuBos: Mayor Sisyphus and his legacy

It will take years to fix all that is broken with the Sewerage & Water Board
Mayor Mitch Landrieu's legacy was always destined to be a mixture of successes and failures. Such is the fate of all mayors, though history seemed likely to paint Landrieu in mostly positive hues — until recently.

Clancy DuBos: S&WB needs accountability and transparency

We should seriously consider making S&WB a city department under the mayor and council
This may sound like heresy to "reformers" who want to depoliticize everything, but I think we should seriously consider making S&WB a city department under the mayor and council. The New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board (S&WB) hasn't come under this much scrutiny in at least a generation.

Clancy DuBos: Gov. Edwards' tactical pivot

By engaging directly with business leaders, Edwards is flanking two of his biggest adversaries
Less than a month after throwing down a fiscal gauntlet to House Republican leaders, Gov. John Bel Edwards has tacked toward Louisiana business leaders in an effort to address the so-called "fiscal cliff" of 2018 — and possibly start a meaningful statewide conversation about long-term tax and budget reform.   That's a significant — and tactical — pivot by the governor.

Clancy DuBos: In Jefferson, war is here

Recent moves in Jefferson Parish may trigger another era of political warfare
Things are rarely dull in Jefferson Parish politics. I still recall the factional wars of the 1980s and early '90s between then-District Attorney John Mamoulides and then-Assessor Lawrence Chehardy.

Clancy DuBos: Edwards calls conservatives' bluff

What’s needed is leadership, not brinkmanship
If you talk to conservative state lawmakers and business leaders in Louisiana, they'll tell you there's no "appetite" for fiscal reform. They all know what fiscal reform looks like, they just don't see a way to get from where Louisiana is today to where it needs to be in the future, or even next year.

Forward New Orleans: Holding candidates accountable

A coalition of civic and business groups sets a broad agenda
Candidates who qualified to run for public office in the Oct. 14 citywide primary now have slightly less than three months to get their messages out to voters. The competition will be fierce, particularly in the contests for mayor and City Council.

Clancy DuBos: The pendulum effect

In selecting New Orleans' next mayor, voters will decided which way the pendulum will swing — and along what axis
While no one can say with certainty who New Orleans' next mayor will be, history offers some insights worth noting. For example, we tend to elect young mayors when there's no incumbent running.

Clancy DuBos: First, do no harm

The question Cassidy and Kennedy must answer on health care is, "Whom do you represent?"
Louisiana's Republican U.S. Sens. John Neely Kennedy and Bill Cassidy soon must decide how they want to be remembered by future generations: as partisan hacks who put their party ahead of their constituents, or as courageous independents who sought to end America's bitter political divide.   That's what's at stake when the two men vote on the GOP's latest health care reform bill.

Clancy DuBos: A familiar but unique scenario

The 2017 mayor's race draws parallels to the Nagin campaign
No two elections are alike, but this year's race for mayor of New Orleans reminds me (so far) of the 2002 mayor's race. Ray Nagin won that contest, but don't panic.


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