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Commentary: Gambit’s 2017 resolutions for others 

Each year, it's our custom to make New Year's resolutions — for others. Herewith our 2017 suggestions. Happy New Year, everyone!

  I, Governor John Bel Edwards, resolve to present Louisiana citizens and lawmakers with a balanced, comprehensive plan for fiscal reform.

  We, the Republican members of the Louisiana House of Representatives, resolve not to let partisan politics sidetrack Louisiana's best chance for fiscal reform in decades.

  We, Sens. Bill Cassidy and John Neely Kennedy, acknowledge that our senatorial careers will be defined not only by how we work with President-elect Donald Trump but also by how much we improve the lives of our constituents. Therefore, when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, we resolve to concentrate on the "replace" element of "repeal and replace" as much as we campaigned on "repeal" — because our constituents are among the least healthy in the country.

  I, Jeff Landry, recognize that I was elected attorney general to serve the citizens of Louisiana as their chief legal officer. I therefore resolve not to grandstand, take cheap political shots, or attempt to impose my views on social issues on the people of Louisiana by misusing my authority. (OK, we admit it: This was our New Year's resolution for Landry in 2016. He did just the opposite. Still, hope springs eternal.)

  I, Mayor Mitch Landrieu, resolve to finish the fight I started over the so-called Confederate monuments before qualifying begins for my successor in July 2017 — and not leave it hanging over the citywide elections as a divisive issue.

  We, the New Orleans City Council, recognize that the costs of rent and homeownership have vastly outstripped the earnings of many of our constituents. We therefore resolve to concentrate on affordable housing and expan-ding economic opportunities in 2017.

  We, the Regional Transit Authority, opened a new streetcar line and expanded the city bus system in 2016. We now resolve to demand on-time service from our drivers — and ourselves.

  We, the citizens of Jefferson Parish, recognize that Parish President Mike Yenni has no intention of stepping down in the wake of his sexting scandal, and that the recall petition seeking to dislodge him from office appears to have stalled (fewer than 50,000 signatories as of mid-December, with more than 90,000 verified signatures needed by April 10). We resolve to redouble our efforts to make the recall petition succeed, which means not waiting until someone knocks on our door asking us to sign.

  We, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, resolve to have the Napoleon Avenue neutral ground construction finished (as pro-mised) by the time the Uptown Mardi Gras parades begin rolling in mid-February. In turn, we, the parade-goers of New Orleans, resolve to treat each other with more bonhomie and less pig-gish space grabbing than we have displayed during the last few Carnival seasons.

  We, the New Orleans Saints, the New Orleans Pelicans and owner Tom Benson, resolve to give our faithful fans reasons to cheer again. (Yes, that's another holdover from 2016.)

  I, President-elect Donald Trump, promise to stay off Twitter for the next four years — if not forever.

  We, Gambit, promise to cover all this and more in 2017.


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