Commentary: Our endorsements in Nov. 18 elections

The news that Louisiana Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera has requested years of city credit card records from all members of the New Orleans City Council may or may not make a difference in this Saturday's runoff elections, but it clearly represents a needed step toward accountability and transparency. Purpera wants the records by Friday, Nov. 17 — election eve — but already there are media reports that other council members shared District B Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell's spendthrift habits with their city-issued cards.

Commentary: Mayor's race a mud pit

Neither candidate inspires confidence in her ability to manage City Hall or its annual budget of more than $600 million
The final weeks of the 2017 mayoral election appear to be less a race to the finish line than a long, uncontrolled slide into a mud pit. LaToya Cantrell and Desiree Charbonnet are exchanging accusations of poor money management and even poorer judgment.

Commentary: Maybe...

What it will take for things to be different
You remember that you live in a state that elected a governor (four times) who said the motto of his administration was "Up with skirts, down with pants." Maybe you had heard things before you took that job, but now it's become real: a vulgar comment, an unwanted hug or touch.

Commentary: Every vote really does count

If you live in New Orleans, your vote will determine the city's next steps
As Election Day dawned Oct. 14, many worried — and Secretary of State Tom Schedler predicted — that turnout would be abysmally low. Schedler even offered to eat crow, literally, if statewide turnout hit just 15 percent.

Commentary: Smart and honest on crime

Reducing crime requires more than hiring more cops and paying them more
By any metric, there are too many nonviolent people in Louisiana jails — and putting them there has not reduced our state's violent crime rate in any measurable way. We have roughly the same rate of violence as our neighboring states; we just incarcerate more nonviolent offenders.

Commentary: The Gambit ballot

Gambit's recommendations in the Oct. 14 elections
New Orleans is about to elect its first new mayor in eight years, along with at least three new City Council members and two judges. Also on ballots are Orleans Parish School Board millage renewals, a new council member for Jefferson Parish District 4, two transportation millage renewals in Jefferson, a statewide treasurer's race and three statewide constitutional amendments.

Commentary: To Sen. Cassidy — physician, heal thyself

After seven years of toting 'repeal and replace,' congressional Republicans delivered neither
As the latest rushed attempt to end the Affordable Care Act (ACA) collapsed last week, it took with it another casualty: U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy's reputation. Cassidy, a mild-mannered physician, had insisted for months that he would hold President Donald Trump to his campaign promise that any health care replacement would have to be affordable, cover pre-existing conditions and insure more people.

Commentary: Our endorsements in fall 2017 elections

Early voting starts Sept. 30
Early voting starts Saturday, Sept. 30, across Louisiana — but nowhere is that date more important than in metro New Orleans. Voters in New Orleans will elect a new mayor, at least three new City Council members and two judges.

Commentary: Catching up on catch basins

All drainage responsibility should be under one agency at City Hall
Last week's news that the New Orleans Office of Inspector General (OIG) would begin monitoring contractor performance in catch basin cleaning was welcome. The Department of Public Works (DPW), which is responsible for clearing catch basins, clearly needs a watchdog in that role — having failed miserably to clean the basins after the City Council appropriated several million dollars for that purpose last year.

Commentary: A mild political season

We encourage readers to meet candidates face to face and hear their plans for New Orleans
Southeast Louisiana is in the throes of a very hectic hurricane season, and we're barely halfway through it. In recent weeks, storms seemed to line up in the Atlantic like Mardi Gras floats on Napoleon Avenue — except no one hereabouts wants to see them "parade" anywhere near metro New Orleans.

Commentary: To Houston, with love

Houston was there for us after Katrina. Let's pay Texas back — with interest, and with love
So much water. So much pain.

Commentary: After Charlottesville

And how New Orleans police and protesters handle white supremacists
Watching the images and hearing the words out of Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend was depressing, sickening, infuriating — and necessary. Necessary because the country got a good look at the people who call themselves the "alt-right," which is their sanitized term for neo-Nazis, white supremacists, Ku Klux Klansmen and other haters who feel emboldened in America today.


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