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Gambit's 2013 Pet Photo Contest 

Photo by Rene Guitart
This feline, nicknamed Gray Kitty, likes to hang out in Rene Guitart's yard.
Violet, a 4-year-old boxer-pit bull terrier mix, keeps her tennis ball close by as she waits for owner Sadie Nius to play fetch.
Bailey, a Russian wolfhound-terrier mix, loves relaxing on the sofa with owner Hiram Hiller.
This green-eyed beauty is a purr-fect pet for owner Anita Merrigan.
Jessica Russo's dog Molly waits patiently for girls' day out.
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Brody springs for a mid-air flying disk catch as owner Blake Arceneaux snaps a photo.
Lulabell Moonpie shows owner Tiffany Browne her mastery of the difficult ginkgo leaf tongue maneuver.
English bulldog Layla shows owner Jessica Russo it's time for a belly rub.
Cricket Monster extends a 'welcome home' paw to owner Julie Guy.
Geoffrey models his Hurricane Isaac preparation kit for owner Sarah Ann Hammit.
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Aimee Shultz Miller's dog Buster Bear snuggles his stuffed penguin.
Pomeranians Bella, Luna and Sam form a trio of fluffy love for owner Lisa Mosca.
Sinatra sits at attention for owner Tony Gross.
Bella and Cujo are always ready to take a trip with their owner Jill Radosta.
Brody, a 7-month-old Goldendoodle, dresses for active duty and shows owner Amber Knickman how happy he is she is home.
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Chloe and Milly take their twins Gibson and Harry on a spring walk with owner Trish Schultz.
Evangeline strikes a winning pose for owner Sabrina Jacks.
Cheryl Davis' French bulldog Flapjack claims a chair for breakfast.
Photo by Todd Orthmann
Judge Dog says no kibbles in the courtroom.
Mildred Ann Henry's Siamese cat Tibby loves stretching out on her tiger chair.
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Photo by Rene Guitart
Rudolph exercises his tongue in preparation for greeting owners Leslie and Alex Guitart.
This green-eyed beauty is a purr-fect pet for owner Anita Merrigan.
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