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Re: “Where is Carlos Marcello buried, and did the Mafia in New Orleans die with him?

Just another observation" ChandlerBling"... About six months ago (approximately), the police department busted that hotel prostitution ring. Made up mainly of, you guest it, Russian enforcers and eastern European organized crime. Most of the women where also Russian & Eastern European.

But most, if not all, where also victims themselves. Forced injections of heroin, and tied or chained to the beds in which they were later forced to be raped by paying customers. The drugs not only keep them hooked so that if they escape they're really not hard to find. But also keep them incapacitated, so that they wouldn't cry, and scream, and fight as they are forced to have sex with random men all day and all night... completely against their will. As most paying customers don't like their "temporary love partner" (as they are called but "sex slave" is closer to the truth) to scream and cry as they are being raped.

Besides war, especially civil, human trafficking is really the most grotesque way an individual and\or a group of individuals can find financial gain. Difference is it is happening right in our back yard. Not to mention, if after being doped up they still do not comply, these bosses make a decision, and these young girls (sometimes as young as 11) are just killed. Given a lethal dose of heroin, or simply smothered or asphyxiated.

What I'm about to share with you is my personal incite. And I suppose all you have read previously is just that. I am not a Psychiatrist. Nor am I a Psychologist. I have no college degrees on the mental treatment of those who are ill. If you want to get down to it, I'm a city loving country boy from LOUISIANA, that has a passion for people. I spend so much time on this post simply because I care. I am a father of a beautiful child. And I know I would loose my mind if any situation remotely close to what these young, and I mean YOUNG girls have to suffer through happened to my child, or any child I know. Or for that matter, just simply happened around me, and I knew that I could act accordingly.

--Against their will,
day after day...
...Screaming in silence... ...
...By the MILLIONS!--


But I do write this to you as a a man that first hand experience on the subject. I've experienced it first hand. And I've seen the ways it effects other people. College degree or not I'd say I'm qualified to at the least speak on the matter.

To sexually abuse ANYONE, is to destroy them on 3 different occasions, & on 3 different levels. All at the same time.

The first and most obvious is the physical abuse. The bruises, the cuts and tearing of flesh, and the broken bones. The destruction of the victims reproductive organs, and though this can be tied into two and three... The feeling of vulnerability and subject to further and possibly more violent attacks.

The second is violation of ones body, but MENTALLY and feeling of being completely helpless to stop the abuse.(IF THIS SENTENCE IS A LITTLE CONFUSING, PLEASE STOP AND READ IT AGAIN) I said the violation of ones body, but mentally. This sometimes coexists with the feeling and the brainwashed belief that " it is your own fault" and "you brought it upon yourself." At the same time, the confusion of "why me".

This is the abusers most powerful weapon, and on a personal note was probably the heaviest weight on my chest. That no matter how bad it gets It is your fault and if it happens again, it is only because you deserve it. So what would be the point of telling others. As they probably already know how disgusting you are.

The third and most powerful point, and also the reason I believe 100% in the death penalty to all second offense child molesters. If not all of them together. Is the destruction of that persons soul. You take away they're innocence. Weather they have lost there virginity or not is irrelevant. A certain amount of innocence remains with individuals who have healthy and natural sexual relationships. Case in point, this is the reason rape is so devastating.

You change that person forever, and statistically and significantly increase the chance that your victim may eventually abuse others. You crush self esteem. You destroy the natural way mature relationships are developed. Because as feelings get stronger when two consenting individuals realize that they are both attracted to each other, all of a sudden, the overwhelming feeling that something terrible is about to happen makes the victim defensively push that person away. This can happen even when a victim has no memory of being abused.

That person is forever altered, and most likely has no idea, simply because they just don't know any other way. It's a lot like PTSD (POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER).

Everything could be completely perfect on a date or something. And the person who is trying to date a post-rape or abuse victim shares the same taste in cologne as the abuser from 20 years ago. All of a sudden a mental break down within a few seconds and fight or flight kicks in. Possibly causing harm to the abuse victim themselves or those around them.

Why I chose to write all of this tonight, I have no idea. But I do hope it gives just one person the courage to stop a potential abuser from striking again possibly saving lives.

If you noticed after writing all this. This is only about the state of a victim of abuse. I haven't even been able to scratch the surface of human trafficking, and the effects of sexual abuse/assault while in captivity.

But you can help there are all kinds of ways to get involved and with human trafficking being 3rd to only drugs and money smuggling. The weight of the problem in the sheer mass number of people should shock you as to how large this problem is. If you think in the slightest that something like this may be going on please don't hesitate. You can discretely report a problem or suspicious activities to

--Louisiana Coalition Against Human Trafficking--


The HOPE Coalition
Crime Stoppers

You could save a life & I meant every word of it when I said these people ESPECIALLY the CHILDREN!!! ARE SCREAMING IN SILENCE.

Thank You for Your Time &
God Bless You & Goodnight.


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Posted by Landin M. Petz on 07/07/2014 at 11:37 PM

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