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Re: “Uber’s bumpy start in New Orleans

@call it like it is. Why are you slandering the New Orleans Cab Drivers, I do not understand? Can't you support something with out smearing a bunch of very hard working New Orleanians. If UBER is so great, how come no one in nOLA is using it. I notice you do not want to release your numbers.

To say that New Orleans cab drivers are the worst in the USA can only be said by someone who has never taken a cab in Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami or Atlanta. But that is not the point really.

New Orleans is a tourist destination because we are different. We hang on to traditions and save things that other cities throw away, like their architecture. New Orleanians are savers and we are loyalists. Sorry if we are not ready to throw away hundreds of workers some of whom are 2nd and 3rd generation drivers.

Also ,the people on our City Council are not corrupt. Although apparently in Tampa UBER is acting as a complete scofflaw ignoring rules of the Public Transport Commission and refusing to get permits and to admit that Uber was acting as a taxi service. Throwing tantrums and maligning the judge for ruling against you. UGH

Uber has been banned in Germany and the British cab drivers are protesting...more corrupt politicians? Or citizens who like to have a say in the way their city is run even if they do not agree with your vision of the future and the world. Many people in NOLA feel that the future is overrated.

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Posted by littlewitch on 09/30/2014 at 6:30 PM

Re: “Uber’s bumpy start in New Orleans

@Flyinbayou I take cabs quite often, to Dorgniac's, the hair salon on Maple Street, Friday and Saturdays when I know I will be drinking... , some cab drivers are duds but overwhelmingly New Orleans Cab Drivers are among the coolest, kindest, I have encountered. They will wait for me, let me run into buildings to drop off papers, deliver me food from Saki Cafe all the way to the FQ. I have had some very soulful and heart felt conversations with the old timers and riffed and had fun with the younger drivers. I especially remember Louise who was a grandmother with two jobs supporting her two grandsons and Lennie from United Cab who is a musician. He had a band called the Voodoo Taxis. comprised completely of ...New Orleans Cab Drivers. These people work hard and risk their lives for us

Maybe it is not the drivers ...maybe its...You.

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Posted by littlewitch on 09/30/2014 at 2:11 PM

Re: “New Orleans’ Top 100+ Bars Map [2014]

How good can this list be if you do not include VICTORY BAR on Barrone. Daniel Victory has trained several of the "mixologists" on this list . Victory Bar is one of the coolest places, why isn't it included?

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Posted by littlewitch on 07/01/2014 at 12:18 PM

Re: “The New York Times: New Orleans doesn't have kale

@FAUX DILEMMA I was having a little fun but I do not feel like getting mean or personal or insulting you or anyone, I was just voicing my opinion, I have neither need nor desire to insult you or to defend myself ...this started out as a fun discussion....we all live in NOLA and love it and experience it our own way, lets leave it at that.

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Posted by littlewitch on 03/08/2014 at 4:43 PM

Re: “The New York Times: New Orleans doesn't have kale

@POLITICA SH**BLASTER, Nice try , but I was not born in NOLA and went to Catholic High School in the Northeast came here right after that, just been here a real long time. Could care less about where anyone went to high school. By the way, Making personal attacks instead of discussing the substance of the matter,makes you seem sort of small and defensive. Talk about coming off badly.

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Posted by littlewitch on 03/08/2014 at 2:17 PM

Re: “The New York Times: New Orleans doesn't have kale

@FAUX DILEMMA...Obviously the absence of kale was meant to be a good thing but to whom? and why? That thinking in itself is so lame.

First of all it is not true about Kale so why say it, next of all we do not need to pretend our city is one way or the other. This is a port city people have been coming and going forever... no matter what you say in the NYT.

Before Katrina, people were always leaving New Orleans, now for a while they will be coming here. Isn't it ironic that the most recent transplants interviewed in this article think we can run people off by lying about the nature of life in the city in a NYT article? Absurd... New Orleans is a force that pulls some people and repels others. Plus ad hominem attacks ,really??? Bless your heart...

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Posted by littlewitch on 03/08/2014 at 1:33 PM

Re: “The New York Times: New Orleans doesn't have kale

@alex ebert. Hate to break it to you Alex but to many of as YOU are the prospector you purport to want to exclude from the city.

We do not need you to speak for our city or to tell us how to think. It is irritating that you newcomers try to speak for our city but you only speak for the little hipster ghetto you are working on in the upper ninth. Kalegate is not about our pathetic attempt to "prove we are cosmopolitan" as you wrongly perceive... It isn't so much about whether we have Kale or not, obviously , it is the fact that the person taking about our city in the interview is attempting to "prove we are not cosmopolitan" by making such a dopey comment. As if Kale is code for something y'all do not want to be. Who even cares? If you want to avoid attracting "prospectors" to the city maybe skip doing an interview in the NYT where you define success in NOLA as being" measured by how unhinged you can get", oh yeah that will keep people away especially the already unhinged. Thanks man.

You really should get out more Alex and meet the people in every neighborhood, there is so much more to the city than "your own private bohemia" you apparently are wont to establish wherever you go. A true New Orleanian can go anywhere in this city and know somebody, pass a time and appreciate what is good about each neighborhood. Can you? do you?

As for defining success in New Orleans, you said "in New Orleans success is measured by how unhinged you can get," Maybe for you...I myself would not want to make some definitive statement like that but I do know that compassion, civility, passion for music, food and family , generosity and laughter and profound enjoyment from simple pleasures are some essential ingredients to getting the most out of living here in the City of New Orleans. Oh and next time you try to tell us what to feel, how to interpret a NYT column and define success for us, best to shelve the condescension and skip the "duh"

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Posted by littlewitch on 03/08/2014 at 12:01 PM

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