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Names of the Games 

Here are some key terms of shady behavior at casinos:

Card counting: Card counters in blackjack keep track of which cards have been dealt, thus giving them better odds. While not illegal, card counting is frowned upon by casinos, who might toss the player off the floor.

Cold deck: When a dealer prearranges cards in a deck to benefit a player

Danglers: A coin attached to a string that can be pulled back out of a slot machine. Due to new technologies, this ploy is near extinction.

Eye-in-the-sky: The term used for the hundreds of cameras that can be found in or around the casino floor. It can also be used to describe a surveillance or security official.

Geiger counters: This device can be used to discreetly notify a player when one of his marked cards, which have been rubbed with a radioactive isotope, has been dealt.

Grift: A con job or scam

Inside jobs: When an employee of a casino is used in or orchestrates a cheating scheme

Monkey paw: A small light attached to a wire or rod that is used to electronically tell a slot machine to keep dispensing money

Mope: Also know as a perp or cheater. Someone who is untrustworthy, generally breaking the law or has criminal intent.

Past-posting: The art of replacing or adding chips to a bet after the outcome is known, under the nose of dealers and pit bosses

Savannah: A complicated past-posting move that involves placing a lesser value chip under a higher value chip to make it appear they are both of the same value

Shoe computers: Used by some to calculate odds on roulette or count cards at blackjack. Toes can be used to tap in data.

Slugs: Counterfeit coins or tokens used on slot machines

Tiny camera: A micro-camera that catches the hold card of a dealer and submits the image to an offsite location. The value of the card can then be transmitted back to the player.

Walking the reels: Before slot machines were computerized, cheaters could actually manipulate the gears using the machines' arms to force a certain outcome and get paid.


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