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Our electronic dance music scene is described as "decadent and depraved" (thanks?) and out-of-towners sample New Orleans cuisine 

"New Orleans' Electronic Music Scene is Decadent and Depraved," declared Michelle Lhooq of Thump, the electronic music vertical of, in a deep-dive look at the city's EDM world. Lhooq spent Halloween here, going to a warehouse party called "Journey to the Moist Abyss" and hanging at Republic. She also hung out with Rene Brunet, who staged 1990s raves at the State Palace Theater. Lhoop came away impressed, citing "the effusive kindness of total strangers, the fact that gay and queer kids are leading the pack, and above all, a spirit of resilience that is perhaps a defining trait of the city as a whole." ...

The New York Times named New Orleans as one of "Four Cities That Celebrate New Year's Eve in a Big Way." Shivani Vora described the midnight drop of an 8-foot-high fleur-de-lis in "Jackson Square" (surely she meant Jax Brewery). But what of Baby New Year, who normally drops at midnight? Well, Baby New Year has been dropped — permanently — and a new baby is being commissioned. We nominate the New Orleans Pelicans' King Cake Baby, who also could remind us each year that king cake season is only six days away. ...

With Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl, the website Red Cup Rebellion ran "A New Orleans Culture Guide for Ole Miss Fans," cluing them in to some off-the-tourist-track things to do, including the Lafitte Greenway and Hong Kong Market. The best advice, though: "Don't eat at the Krystal on Bourbon Street if there are Bama fans nearby." Will the Krystal ever live down that infamous caught-on-video teabagging incident? ...

The website TechCrunch reported the New Orleans supper club Dinner Lab was laying off 30 full-time employees, "shifting to a contract-based model," according to reporter Matthew Lynley. DinnerLab CEO Brian Bordainick compared the restructuring to a certain controversial ride-sharing company: "What we're doing historically is trying to run [an] Uber by owning the car and having the driver full-time," Bordainick said, "and it's really challenging to turn a margin unless you're banging out 300 events in a market."

  Dinner Lab announced it had raised $2.1 million in its first round of outside funding in June 2014. At the time, Bordainick said, "A lot of people said that the funding mechanisms are not in place to do this here, but we certainly believe that a truly scalable business can attract capital from right here in New Orleans." ...

Restaurant writer John Mariani penned a two-part guide to New Orleans dining for the Huffington Post and — surprise! — focused entirely on city stalwarts rather than trendy spots like Shaya, Compere Lapin and Balise. Mariani visited Galatoire's, Commander's Palace, Emeril's and Brennan's, finding them unchanged in many cases and improved in some.

  Meanwhile, the San Diego Reader's Darrin DuFord visited the Southern Food & Beverage Museum (SoFAB), sampled absinthe and alligator ("think Slim Jims") and marveled at the scope of SoFAB's vision. "Considering the inclusion of crab hammers and wine bottles of Maryland, as well as a display describing the White House's tradition of hardwood-fired barbecue, General [Ulysses S.] Grant would probably have not approved of the geographic breadth of what the museum considers Southern," DuFord wrote. "The museum follows the more traditional Mason-Dixon Line for its northernmost cutoff."

  Please, let's not drag SoFAB into the monuments discussion. ...


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