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'I was extremely infuriated when one of the men interviewed referred to streetfighters as being the "cruel" ones. How could you publish that?'Elizabeth Weiner

which side are you on?

To the Editor:

I am writing to find out if the people interviewed in your article ("Fight Clubs," July 10) have been arrested because it seems like you interviewed them letting them glorify the horrible sport of dogfighting. I was happy with the activist section, but extremely disappointed in the other section with the professional dogfighters. I was extremely infuriated when one of the men interviewed referred to streetfighters as the "cruel" ones. How could you publish that? It is all extremely cruel, especially when we know that many people involved in animal cruelty are later involved with cruelty to humans, including horrendous murders and spousal and child abuse.

I just can't even express my disappointment. I think that there needs to be a clarification as to the advocacy of dogfighting by Gambit Weekly. Plus, pit bulls often make wonderful pets, and they already have a tough enough time getting adopted. The fact that they can make the best family pets was not emphasized enough. I just pray and hope your intentions were not the advocacy of dogfighting.

Elizabeth Weiner

the 'real' animals

To the Editor:

Regarding "Fight Clubs," [in the] July 10 edition, here is yet another reason why I am so happy and proud to call New Orleans home. Thank you, Gambit, for bringing this horrendous and shameful subject to the attention of the public.

Let's query who the real animals are.

M. Dyer

a breed apart

To the Editor:

I appreciated your article on dogfighting, though I wish you had not quoted the interviewees so much. The quotes you used from them seemed to glorify this activity. These people are ignorant [and] sick. I hate them with a passion, and I would love to chain or kennel some of them. I am from New Orleans and am now in Atlanta. I do pit bull rescue up here and regularly work to fight breed-specific legislation. If possible, I steal dogs from dogfighters.

You would not believe some of the horrible things I have seen. Fact of the matter is, the dogs don't love to fight. They are starved for affection, praise and basic care unless they exhibit the desired aggression. Pit bulls do at some point develop aggression, but most of these "dogmen" beat it into them as pups.

The truth is that the American Pit Bull Terrier is the most abused dog in history. Not only do they have to suffer at the hands of monsters that want to fight them, but they also suffer from the prejudice of the media. The media love to report pit-bull maulings because it creates a hysteria among those who are not familiar with the breed. These so-called "dogmen" only serve to damage the reputation of the dogs further, while decent, respectable people like myself fight to maintain my right to own this breed. The breed is in danger of being banned all together, and the only victims will be responsible, loving owners and the dogs themselves. These scum bags won't have a thing to lose except extra income. Also, the fact that they take them to a vet or attempt to give them medical care is a moot point. They claim to love their dogs, but still endanger their lives. What kind of love is that? Isn't it like a man who beats the crap out of his wife because he "loves" her?

Amiela Brooks

Atlanta Area APBT Rescue and Rehabilitation

wrong hemisphere

To the Editor:

There was an error in [David Lee Simmons'] review of The Mummy Returns ("Assault on the Nonsenses," May 15). He refers to two characters as "African Americans." I don't think they were "American."

Jeff Hockenheimer

The bogey men

To the Editor:

read with interest Glynn Wilson's article on Audubon Golf Course ("A Matter of Course," June 26).

Who are these men, anyway? What [Stan Stopa and Bob Becker] propose is essentially to take the course away from the locals who use it and to hand it over to tourists and those affluent enough to pay $25 for a short round of golf. They want to attract executive types and members of English Turn? Give me a break! They're going to price most of the current users right off the course, never mind the fact that hardly anyone except the Audubon Institute power brokers welcomes the change to a predominately par 3 layout.

This whole project is clearly more about the aggrandizement of the institute and its executives than it is about serving the Uptown golfing public. It is a shame they can get away with it.

Michael Easley

attacking emeril?

To the Editor:

Just read your review on NOLA ("Bam It!", July 10). Strange, it seemed like a personal attack rather than a review. I go there on a regular basis and enjoy the food and the service. No one can be 100 percent all the time, but NOLA has always taken the time to address any problems I've ever had. It's a shame; I respect and have read Gambit for a long time, but I am taken aback by this. Anyway, just an opinion from a reader.

Thomas Jones


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