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Re: “Mitch Landrieu and the Confederate monuments

I have one question to the people who want the monuments down. ...WHERE ARE YOU FROM? and if you weren't here before Katrina, you do not understand how people feel and you should just thank us for creating this great city full or beautiful architecture and history and friendliness that you came to enjoy

Aside of that, I have spoken to many people black and white and some inter-racial families that I know and they wonder who in the heck has children that ask about the man on the pole because I just had a conversation with someone in LaToya Cantrell's office and we were laughing about it. We have gone by these things a billion times and don't associate them with slavery (which IS a major objection stated by some) and he was saying his kids never ask about that...who are these people. They are clearly being asked to think of them as symbols of hate. Someone just wants to stir the pot. The locals , black and white, have lost enough.

A more important question during the 10th anniversary is how a man-made disaster served as an opportunity for some to come here and profit while locals could not afford the rent. The populations are up in neighborhoods, but who is living there?? It is young upwardly mobile transplants mostly white. I could barely come back and I don't the expense of kids. Most of the neighborhoods in midcity that used to be local are full of people from everywhere BUT here!!

New Orleans has always been special and it's the local here that lived here that made and kept it that way.

You should respect and understand that people from here enjoy the familiarity of the city. Take a look at Lee Circle and Jeff Davis during Mardi Gras...the crowds don't look like the Black people are offended...they got their spot. This landscape has been here during our lifetimes and is not some great is a part of our personal memories.

As Dr Bob said "BE NICE OR LEAVE"

After the mayor redecorates our city to his and a few PC people and build all these new schools, hospitals and river development, the biggest question in my and many LOCALS minds is WHO will be here to enjoy it??? My guess is no one from here....

look at NYC...the city of transplants...nobody is from there and you have to be rich to be inside the city.


Posted by Sandra Gerhold on 07/24/2015 at 4:57 PM

Re: “Mitch Landrieu and the Confederate monuments

These are NOT monuments to racism . Some are monuments Civil War heroes who risked their lives to defend us for one.

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Posted by Sandra Gerhold on 07/16/2015 at 9:38 PM

Re: “Mitch Landrieu and the Confederate monuments

I don't want any or my tax money to be used to move these beautiful monuments and replacing them as well not to mention reposting thousands of street signs, changing maps and on and on ...where does it end. Just support the children and stop the crime and leave the city alone. We have lost enough in Katrina. Familiar sights are some small comfort after that, while the locals are priced out!

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Posted by Sandra Gerhold on 07/16/2015 at 9:29 PM

Re: “Mitch Landrieu and the Confederate monuments

I went to one of the budget meetings and moving the monuments is just the beginning. He insinuated that after Jefferson Davis he wanted to rename all of the streets. To give you an idea we can begin with Jefferson, Washington, Calhoun, Henry Clay, General Taylor and many more. Also, if they include anyone associated with slavery it could extend to anyone of the era including Bienville, Camp, (pretty much every street in the quarter), Freret,Jackson, actually the list is too long. Can you imagine how many businesses and people will have to change their addresses and for what? What good did renaming Melpomene and Dryades (Oretha Castle Haley) do? Actually we should start with the city name since the Duc d'orleans had slaves. Some people will never choose to move's always easier to blame but not very empowering. Very Sad

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Posted by Sandra Gerhold on 07/16/2015 at 9:24 PM

Re: “Mitch Landrieu and the Confederate monuments

I am not a Civil War historian and clearly neither or you or the rest of the city. But I can do a little reading too and I will respond with a few facts. Both the North and South had slaves as part of their economy before ( including 3000 black free men of color) before the North replaced them with machines during the Industrial revolution. Many people north and South conflicting feelings about slavery and Lee hated it and didn't have slaves , but Grant did. The Civil war, like many wars, was about money and taxation. The north taxed the South to control them and force them to buy goods from the North. The issue of slaves was another issue that impacted the Souths economy more. But make no mistake the North did not decide to send almost half a million men here and use money to save the slaves. You can't be that naive.

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Posted by Sandra Gerhold on 07/16/2015 at 9:11 PM

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