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Re: “Reveling in Recovery: Rex Duke Parade Reviews

I just looked through that Muses bulletin when another obvious thing jumped out at me. Now the anonymous mr. Duke talks about how cleverly each float brought out the satire, while simultaneously saying so much stuff was flying at him he hardly had time to notice how well it was brought out. There is one thing I spotted that points to a poverty of design. The top or side of each Muses float simply had the tractor sign repeated again in HUGE letters. Isn't that the opposite of a clever design? I suppose it beats having to come up with something interesting or artistic. Maybe RD was so busy bending down for gewgaws that he didn't notice things like that. And please dont' try and say that's what a Bond film movie poster looked like; I have seen some of those recently.Sardonicus

Posted by sardonicus on 03/05/2009 at 5:43 PM

Re: “Reveling in Recovery: Rex Duke Parade Reviews

Eloquently said, but lost on the person or persons who write the RD reviews.
As far as my earlier post about a Muses Bulletin, let me say this. I have a copy of the comic book. It was just that , a comic book, and not truly a bulletin. It had a comic book storyline and format, so I don't call that a bulletin. As for the cd, it must have been somewhat a rare item, so I am not sure what its format was.
I saw the Muses parade in person and felt there was little to no magic, more like what you saw in the photos; slop. There was almost no use of elements from the movies themselves to enliven the floats. They failed to find ways to incorporate many Bond elements, just playing right off of their target.Nagin as Blofeld was one of the few exceptions. For me it was not even close to being as good as other Muses parades. The best I can say is that they didn't have fifteen talk bubbles on every float as in some past parades, but they didn't have much of interest to replace them with.
Carnival would be better off without a Kern monopoly and a Rex Duke monopoly.Sardonicus

Posted by sardonicus on 03/04/2009 at 10:33 PM

Re: “Reveling in Recovery: Rex Duke Parade Reviews

Since Chaos and d'Etat re both satirical parades and incorporate 3-d aspects into their floats, I have to take issue with that statement. Royal Artists blends both with artistry and style that big box flat Kern Studios Bacchus Muses floats don't match. And how exactly is calling Obama Golden Boy in any sense a skewer or a satire?. It seems more a panegyric than satire;.
The fault lay neither with Muses nor Babylon for the delay. Chaos broke down at Napoleon and Magazine for about an hour.Sardonicus

Posted by sardonicus on 03/03/2009 at 5:54 PM

Re: “Reveling in Recovery: Rex Duke Parade Reviews

You are correct at least about the family friendly issues, however in fairness to the Muses, they did print a bulletin for the first time this year. The BERGs ( Big Easy Rollergirls) were skating in the parade early, though given the crowds, the likelihood of getting one was somewhat low. We should remember that d'Etat has been doing a bulletin for about five years, lest the Muses media allies start saying that Muses invented the parade bulletin.
A close look at this year's Muses reveals that they used topics this year that were done by Chaos and d'Etat last year and even two years ago, but it would take people with knowledge and memory to recognize this. One example is David Vitter, which both Chaos and d'Etat covered last year.
Muses is adept at borrowing things and making them their own.Le Krewe d'Etat had a Walking Elvi group in 2002. The next year Muses came with a rolling Elvi group that is now in every year.
What this year has proven to me beyond the shadow of a doubt, is that the media is in the purse of the Muses. Until there is a rival critique going on, this sort of nonsense will occur. Sardonicus

Posted by sardonicus on 03/03/2009 at 12:27 PM

Re: “Reveling in Recovery: Rex Duke Parade Reviews

I have long since stopped putting much store by the comments of Rex Duke, but this year takes the cake. I saw every one of the parades that were rated 4.5 and above. It is a shame that Rex Duke's wiriters have such an inadequate understanding of Carnival artistry and what goes into making a great parade. Muses has the usual big box, totally two dimensional look that Kern studios gives its parades , with the exception of Rex, Endymion, and Orpheus, which force a 3-D look to be included. For folks with understanding, that alone should have been enough to make it marked down.
Rex Duke marked another satire parade as not being fresh for an Obama float, but Muses skated for having a David Vitter and a Donald Trump float. Can we be honest here and say that those are so last year at this point? Vitter floats were in last year's satire parades of Chaos and d'Etat.Trump was much more in the news a year ago with the Rosie O'Donnell flap.
I saw the Druids parade and strongly believe that its theme was of a sort done by a bunch of eighth graders in a creative arts class. Orpheus does a virtually identical theme and both are praised. Can somebody please explain this to me, as Garland likes to say. Why did the Orpheus float about getting oil out of the ground have to be covered in white flowers? I guess it's a flower associated with Texas or something, but white flowers are not what I think of when I think about oil wells.
Duke also doesn't understand a basic thing about Carnival, which could be cleared up by talking with someone who knows better, that an apparently simple theme worked well is as good as something that makes for a bunch of clever sounding tractor signs..
One more thing that I must say. Every year Muses has a variant of the following three things; gold diggers, divorce, and the guy who broke my heart. I'd have to research it,, but I know this wasn't the first time I've seen those concepts. While I realize it is a woman's parade, can't they get off of those occasionally?
Hermes and Proteus are magnificently beautiful parades and they or a few others were more deserving than Muses.
These online polls are a joke. It is clear that Endymion and Muses members jump on them and vote the lights out before many have heard of them. I guess some organizations are more atuned to the latest stuff on the net.
Sorry to say it, but I no longer have any respect for RD's ratings. I do have a new use for rhe Rex Duke Gambit issue, but I am not sure that Tucks would do it. Sardonicus

Posted by sardonicus on 03/02/2009 at 10:54 PM

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