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The "Glasshole" Factor 

glass•hole (noun) someone who has early access to or is in possession of Google Glasses and flaunts them around like a jerk

  (noun) A person who wears Google Glass and refuses to remove it when directly interacting with other people, private gatherings, or public events. The general belief is that these people are photographing, recording, Googling and Facebooking the people they're interacting with instead of focusing on the conversation or acting like a human being."

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  Considering some of the vitriol levied at Glass on Facebook and Twitter, I was expecting at least a few negative interactions. None occurred in the week since I visited Google's New York headquarters and returned to the Crescent City wearing Google on my face. Most of the people I encounter who ask about Glass are more positive and curious. Within five blocks of leaving Google's fitting room above Chelsea Market, I was stopped and asked about them half a dozen times.

  Back home, I found people Uptown were far more likely to approach me than those in the French Quarter. Downtown, people noticed but kept their distance. When I went to the Quarter many would look, but few would approach me.

  While I was crossing Royal Street, a cyclist yelled out "Glass?" as he raced past.

  "Yes!" I shouted back, raising my hand in a thumbs-up.

  "Very cool!" he yelled as he disappeared across Chartres Street.

  I had very few direct interactions about Glass while meandering around the French Quarter. Consider the number of celebrities and musical titans that walk those streets frequently, and it does make Glass seem a lot less notable. What really amuses me is that New Orleanians are so much more blase about it than New Yorkers were.


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