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"My books are the finger in your eye. And with the Confederate flag on the cover, people don't mix it up with something else." -- Dr. Milburn Calhoun, Pelican Publishing owner

"All of that drama for this little piece of skin." -- Dr. Theresa Dise on circumcision

"Where is the source of their power? They took it. That's fine, just don't f--k with me. I'm watching the watchdog." -- Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee on the watchdog group Metropolitan Crime Commission

"Game is the dog that won't quit fighting, the dog that'll die in the ring, the dog that'll fight with two broken legs." -- a New Orleans dogfighter

"There were squashed cigarette butts all around them and a couple of copies of Playboy tucked underneath the crates." -- Author Heather Pringle, recounting the discovery of two mummies in a stairwell of the basement of the Tulane library

"We'd probably be willing to spend five or ten thousand [dollars] once it becomes available." -- Pet owner John Giovanelli, who has paid Baton Rouge-based Lazaron Biotechnologies to preserve frozen tissue from his now-deceased dog, Smedley

"You could put my daddy in some of the worst schools in New Orleans -- in the worst areas where people think the kids couldn't be taught -- and you give him a band, and in like five or ten years, he'd have a group of the most swingingest people ever." -- Wynton Marsalis on his father, Ellis

"Once you take responsibility for one defective person's acting out his or her inner psychoses inspired by your movie or Beethoven's Fifth Symphony or Picasso's Guernica or I Walked With a Zombie or one of the Bible's myriad violent stories, how could you a) live with yourself as a human being or b) ever, ever create a work of edgy, fictional drama again? You can't, and that's the point." -- Director Oliver Stone

"Once you smell a death scene ... it's a smell you'll never forget." -- Tommy Boudreaux, owner of Clean Scene Services

"Some of these cab drivers -- they're people I see everyday. They know who I am. But they still wouldn't pick me up." -- Anthony "Tuba Fats" Lacen, in a story investigating allegations of discrimination by local taxi cab drivers

"[Billy Ed] is a satiric character who always represents the extreme right-wing -- if you will, 'redneck' -- point of view." -- WRNO General Manager Tom Kennedy defending anti-Arab remarks made on air by announcers Walton and Johnson

"I am sorry for putting you in with a bunch of knee-jerk ideologues, Christopher. Now, as to the 5,000 things you've said that I heartily disagree with, we'll leave those for a calmer time." -- Andrei Codrescu apologizing to Christopher Hitchens for observations made in "Penny Post" about Hitchens' post-Sept. 11 commentary

"You can't make a boys' program into a girls' program by painting the walls pink and taking out the urinals." -- University of Hawaii professor Meda Chesney-Lind on the need to tailor juvenile-justice programs especially for female offenders

"We're not walking around up here packing heat; too many of us would be dead by now." -- Gubernatorial press secretary Marsanne Golsby responding to a New York Times report that Gov. Mike Foster proclaimed himself and his help "well-armed" and capable of dealing with any potential terrorist attacks

"The entire premise of this book is accomplishing a dream that is slightly out of reach. I only hope that one day, if you ever have the courage to take a leap of faith, you will not have the misfortune of having your dream ruined because someone feels that they know better." -- One of five published letters taking Gambit staffer Scott Jordan to task for his review of Woody Falgoux's One Dream: The NFL

"Why would I quit something I've been doing for 30 years?" -- Big Chief Monk Boudreaux on his controversial split from the Wild Magnolias

"It's barbaric. Broken bones, nightmares, rapes -- when you hear that you know they're talking about Tallulah." -- activist Avis Brock, at a September protest aimed at closing down the infamous juvenile facility

"In this day and age, it is not fair to penalize a professional woman because her husband is in public office. We are not going to keep Melanie Sanders in the closet." -- Troy Carter media consultant Ray Teddlie, on the presence of the WDSU-TV anchor in her husband's mayoral campaign commercials

click to enlarge State Rep. Sharon Weston Broome tried to make Louisiana a no-Darwin zone.
  • State Rep. Sharon Weston Broome tried to make Louisiana a no-Darwin zone.


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