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Uncommon Core: Test your knowledge of New Orleans’ most oddball stories of 2014 

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1. What was in the "suspicious package" that shut down Orleans Parish Criminal District Court in April?

a) The remains of a Popeyes lunch

b) An energy drink

c) A bottle of vomit

2. Why did the City Planning Commission raise concerns over the construction of the new Deutsches Haus building on Bayou St. John?

a) It "glorified beer consumption"

b) It "looked like a mausoleum"

c) It was "too Germanic"

3. New Orleans police arrested two people in May for selling something on Frenchmen Street. What was it?

a) Weed lollipops

b) Laughing gas balloons

c) School fundraiser chocolate bars

4. What was the official explanation proffered for Ms. Lauryn Hill's 45-minute tardiness at the Voodoo Music Experience?

a) She was having dinner at Booty's

b) She misplaced her iPhone

c) She got lost on the way from her hotel

5. In April, the Louisiana House of Representatives voted 67-27 to keep which unconstitutional (and therefore unenforceable) law on the books?

a) The Bible as the official state book

b) Criminalizing oral sex

c) The legalization of "chicken boxing"

6. When longtime City Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson was defeated in March, what field of endeavor did she tell Gambit she would take up next?

a) Opening a hair salon in Algiers

b) Performing with her daughter, actress Patricia Clarkson

c) Honorary consul-general to Lithuania

7. What dubious local snack was coveted by one of the main characters on the new show NCIS: New Orleans?

a) "some deep-fried gator balls"

b) "German chocolate king cake"

c) "beignets and lemonade"

8. Which celebrity showed up at New Orleans City Councilman Jason Williams' victory party?

a) Lil Wayne

b) Lil Boosie

c) Big Freedia

9. Which Louisiana-shot TV show did Variety call "creepy on almost every level"?

a) American Horror Story: Coven

b) Top Chef: New Orleans

c) The Governor's Wife

10. Which candidate tweeted "#byefelicia" at a Louisiana political columnist?

a) State Rep. Lenar Whitney

b) Incoming U.S. Rep. Garret Graves

c) Former Gov. Edwin Edwards

Answers: 1c, 2c, 3b, 4c, 5b, 6c, 7c, 8b, 9c, 10c

1c: A bottle of vomit
2c: It was "too Germanic"
3b: Laughing gas balloons
4c: She got lost on the way from her hotel
5b: Criminalizing oral sex
6c: Honorary consul-general to Lithuania
7c: "beignets and lemonade"
8b: Lil Boosie
9c: The Governor's Wife
10c: Former Gov. Edwin Edwards


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