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West Bank 

1100 Stephens St., Gretna, 366-7665
This eatery prepares both Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. The Vietnamese hot and sour shrimp soup is a large bowl of broth flavored with the distinctive tang of lemon grass, which is commonly used in Vietnamese cooking. Although seafood is the most prominent player on the menu, regulars love having their Vietnamese rare beef served tableside on a sizzling cast-iron pan. Reservations recommended on weekends. Lunch and dinner Thu.-Tue. Credit cards. $$

8523 Hwy. 23, Belle Chasse, 392-0541
The aptly named seafood restaurant lives up to its billing, frying and grilling mud cats to create everything from catfish salad to catfish sandwiches to the Wholesale Platter, an entr — e of three fresh fish on the bone. Adams also offers a children's menu and dinner starters that rival the national chains, such as the flowering onion, fried vegetables and fried pickles. No reservations. Lunch Mon.-Fri., dinner Thu.-Sat. Credit cards and checks. $

2245 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 362-7800; 4001 General DeGaulle Drive 361-9700;
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

501 Gretna Blvd., Gretna, 366-3275
In spite of the name, the Beef Connection adds seafood to the menu, including whole Maine lobster and entrees of salmon or tuna. From the beef side of the menu, the filet is popular. The menu is the same at lunch and dinner, but lunch specials come with two sides, such as potatoes au gratin or vegetable of the day. Reservations accepted. Lunch Mon.-Fri., dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards and checks. $$

605 Lapalco Blvd., Gretna, 433-0333
The deli at Breaux Mart serves some items every day, such as the baked or fried catfish. It also offers a rotating list of daily specials, including Thursday's hickory-smoked pork chops glazed with a housemade, honey-based sauce and seafood gumbo on Thursdays. No reservations. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Credit cards. $

605 Lapalco Blvd., Gretna, 393-8160; 5100 Lapalco Blvd. Marrero, 348-0492
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

1801 Stumpf Blvd., Terrytown, 361-3106
Offering Italian fare and spirits, Café Di Blasi serves traditional Old World entrees in a comfortable setting. Chef-recommended dishes include the bracioloni, a round steak stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella and boiled egg, and the Crabcakes Di Christy, fresh crabmeat cakes pan-fried and topped with shrimp and Creole cream sauce. Italian favorites such as lasagna and spaghetti are also available. Reservations recommended. Lunch Tue.-Fri., dinner Tue.-Sat. Credit cards. $$

2104 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 361-0058
Check out the pastas, pizzas and Philly cheese steak sandwiches, but regulars love the Chicken Pomodori served with onions, bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, cooked in butter and covered in both Alfredo and marinara sauce. Reservations recommended for parties of 10 or more. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

197 Westbank Expy., Gretna, 587-0849;
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

435 Wall Blvd., Gretna, 392-2315; 4001 Lapalco Blvd., Harvey, 340-3535
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

1201 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 368-2100;
Specialty margaritas and California-Mexican dishes make dining fun at Chevy's. Good for sharing, the Sampler includes four wings, nachos, a flauta and a quesadilla. All the usual suspects are served here — enchiladas, fajitas and burritos — and choices of tacos include grilled fish tacos with chipotle aioli. Reservations accepted. Lunch and dinner daily, late-night Fri.-Sat. Credit cards. $

830 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 366-8822
This West Bank mainstay offers affordable and abundant Chinese cuisine. Lunch combinations — more than a dozen options — are served with shrimp fried rice and an egg roll or cho cho. House specialties include the Crab Rangoon, a fried wonton filled with crab spices and cream cheese. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

429 Wall Blvd., Gretna, 392-3939;
Christina's covers all the Chinese classics, whether you're coming in for a quick lunch special of sweet-and-sour chicken with sides of either fried or steamed rice, an eggroll and tea, or family-style suppers of mo shu pork with plum sauce. Reservations recommended for parties of four or more. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

1102 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, 368-6498
Christy's gets a little bit fancier than just sandwiches. While there are pressed Cuban sandwiches of pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles, specials include many Spanish dishes, like the Friday and Saturday special of stewed oxtails served over rice with plantains. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Cash only. $

2505 Whitney Ave., Gretna, 366-3995
Step into Clementine's and transport yourself to the European countryside. The staff recommends beginning your meal with the steamed muscles served with a white wine cream sauce and accompanied by crisp Belgian fries (who says the French invented them?). Among the crepes, a delicate version includes baby spinach with goat cheese and parmesean. Reservations accepted. Lunch Tue.-Wed., dinner Thu.-Sat. Credit cards. $$

2701 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 361-1113
This Mediterranean restaurant boasts an extensive menu of Middle Eastern delights. The Cleopatra appetizer special includes hummus, falafel, kibbi, stuffed grape leaves and tahini salad. The fattoush salad is the chef's favorite and is topped with scallions, cucumbers, and green peppers along with mint, parsley, and toasted pita bread. No reservations. Lunch and dinner daily. Credit cards. $$

1700 Lapalco Blvd., Harvey, 364-1575;
Copeland's features some of Al Copeland's most popular dishes, plus steaks and great values at lunch. There are traditional dishes like shrimp Creole as well as seafood combinations like creamy shrimp over golden fried catfish. Pasta dishes include shrimp and tasso over bow-tie pasta and pasta jambalaya. Crawfish popcorn salad is a popular salad choice. No reservations. Lunch and dinner daily, brunch Sun. Credit cards. $$

2766 Belle Chasse Hwy., Gretna, 393-7766
Here you'll find a family-friendly atmosphere, reasonably priced Mexican cuisine and popular margaritas. The menu features traditional Mexican dishes like fajitas, burritos, flautas, enchiladas and tacos. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

1944 Belle Chasse Hwy., Gretna, 392-2242;
See "Citywide" listing for a restaurant description.

1788 Carol Sue Ave., Terrytown, 392-7589; 3900 General DeGaulle Drive, 367-0227
DiMartino's makes no secret about its house specialty, the muffuletta, served in small and large portions with housemade olive salad on toasted bread. Roast beef po-boys are generously piled with slow-cooked beef sliced thin and served with hot gravy. Hit the Terrytown location on Fridays for an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

8160 Hwy. 23, Belle Chasse, 393-1160
Ditali's specializes in New York style thin-crust pizza, hearty pasta entrees, and succulent sandwiches. Sink your teeth into a Philly-style cheese steak, dripping with peppers, cheese, and onions. Or make your own pizza from the variety of toppings. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

8236 Hwy. 23, Belle Chasse, 433-4333
Begin a meal with hot-and-sour soup, crisp egg rolls and steamed dumplings, then move on to seafood, a specialty at this Chinese restaurant. Of special note is the deep-fried whole red snapper served with Hunan sauce. On the fowl side, General Tso's chicken is another customer favorite. Reservations accepted. Lunch and dinner Sun.-Fri. Credit cards. $

133 Deleronde St., 361-8240;
Hop off the Algiers Point ferry and into this neighborhood tavern where the kitchen turns out sandwiches, seafood platters, big salads and tempting bar munchies. Take on the half-pound Bestbank burger or the crawfish pasta in a creamy sauce topped with Parmesan cheese. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Tue.-Sat. $

2800 Manhattan Blvd., Suite B, Harvey, 361-9099
Frosty's signature bubble tea is a popular favorite, with sweet, gummy tapioca balls floating in the sweet liquid. Not to be missed is the jasmine green tea with jellied lychee or the avocado shake. For more solid fare, the cafe has sandwiches and salads as well as Vietnamese dishes such as the spring rolls. No reservations. Lunch and dinner daily. Credit cards. $

435 Huey P. Long Drive, Gretna, 368-1114
This Gretna deli is known for bargain prices and generous portions. The huge muffuletta with homemade olive salad is a house specialty, and burgers come with all sorts of extras, from avocado to pastrami. Plus there are wraps, sandwiches, appetizers and a kid's menu. Side dishes include loaded baked potatoes or sweet potato fries. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

838 Derbigny St., Gretna, 374-9620
The new addition here is the Bayou Burger, a combination of andouille sausage and ground beef topped with a Creole mustard sauce. It joins the Big Blue burger: Maytag crumbles, greens and blue cheese. On the seafood side, go with grilled yellow fin tuna on organic greens with wasabi vinaigrette. This is now the spot to be seen in Old Gretna, especially in the Leopard Lounge. Reservations accepted. Breakfast Sat., lunch and dinner Tue.-Sat. Credit cards $$

2781 Belle Chasse Hwy., Gretna, 889-0160
The chain advertises the wings, but there is a whole menu of "Hooterstizers" to graze on while hanging out and watching sports. Dig into platters of nachos, quesadillas, Buffalo chicken strips or a combination platter. Or go for the chicken wings served with either a mild, medium, Three Mile Island or 911 sauce. For main courses, there are burgers, a variety of sandwiches, salads and seafood. No reservations. Lunch and dinner daily. Credit cards $$

1530 Lapalco Blvd., Harvey, 362-3657;
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

349 Whitney Ave., Gretna, 366-2489
While Kim Son is known for its seafood-centric preparation of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine, one house specialty served since 1989 is the Bo 7 Mon, a seven-course beef extravaganza. The meat comes cooked and served countless ways, with flavors of basil, cilantro, lemons, onion and fish sauce adding extra flavors. Reservations accepted for large parties. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

2701 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 362-8522
You'll find the kitchen's Mediterranean flair and local flavors in dishes such as the crabmeat pie and Tuna Steak Neptune: tuna steak cooked to order with sauteed spinach, fresh tomato, garlic butter and feta cheese. Reservations accepted. Lunch and dinner Tue.-Sun., late-night Fri.-Sat., brunch Sun. Credit cards and checks. $$

1112 Avenue H, Westwego, 341-9650;
Mo's name is about the only small thing you'll find at this beloved neighborhood pizzeria. The pizzas measure almost 21 inches across and are available in many different combinations from the classic pepperoni to a pizza made with olive oil replacing the traditional red sauce. Mo's also makes sandwiches, including a gigantic muffuletta made on fresh-baked bread with housemade olive salad. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Cash only. $

710 Terry Pkwy., Gretna, 433-4111; www.ohenrys.comSee "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

5145 Gen. DeGaulle Drive, 393-1107; 1995 Barataria Blvd., Marrero, 348-2008;
Pizzas made to order with freshly prepared dough and a variety of toppings are the hallmark of this casual, Mediterranean-style cafe. The chicken pesto pizza includes grilled chicken, pesto sauce, artichoke hearts, fresh tomatoes and a blend of cheeses. If you're not in the mood for pizza, try the pasta jambalaya with smoked sausage, seasoned chicken, onions and bell peppers simmered in a roasted garlic cream sauce over penne. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

1501 Barataria Blvd., Marrero, 341-5544;
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

632 Terry Pkwy., Terrytown, 362-7272; 2153 Lapalco Blvd., Harvey, 361-3636; 5009 Lapalco Blvd., Marrero, 349-0155; 3626 General DeGaulle Drive, 365-8100;
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

235 Derbigny St., Gretna, 371-5015
Papanini's offers sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, along with soups and salads for the latter. Among the grilled paninis and wraps, the barbecue pork wrap (pork, bacon, and provolone) is a favorite, or try the Philly Melt, Papanini's version of the cheese steak. No reservations. Delivery available. Breakfast and lunch Mon.-Fri. Credit cards. $

113 Westbank Expwy., Gretna, 368-9846
While much of the metro area laments the still-closed Pho Tau Bay locations, the original Gretna restaurant still serves up the Vietnamese cuisine that made the Pho a booming local franchise. The huge, nearly intimidating menu lists everything from fresh spring rolls to vermicelli salads topped with your choice of shrimp, pork, tofu or even egg rolls — and, of course, its namesake pho soups. No reservations. Lunch and dinner daily. Credit cards. $

4150 Gen. DeGaulle Drive, 392-7030;
Hearty, affordable, dependable fare is the rule at Piccadilly Cafeteria. The menu features local, southern, and American staples, including crawfish etouffee, fried chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, and a delectable array of pies (apple, pecan and cherry — oh my!). No reservations. Lunch and dinner buffet daily. Credit cards. $

4100 General DeGaulle Drive, 392-4280;
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

93 Terry Pkwy., Terrytown, 263-2101; 1170 Terry Pkwy., Terrytown, 394-3808; 1801 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 368-7839; 1855 Barataria Blvd., Marerro, 340-0887; 7605 Westbank Expressway, Marerro, 328-7300;
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

1735 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 297-3600; 4817 Lapalco Blvd., Marrero, 328-9550
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

1036 Lafayette St., Gretna, 367-0935;
Long a focal point of the Gretna dining scene, Red Maple recently ramped up its wine selection to accompany its steaks, seafood and local specialties from its kitchen. Choose a red when ordering a 12-oz. or 8-oz. filet with saut — ed mushrooms, b — arnaise sauce, bordelaise or crumbled blue cheese. Go with your mood when ordering the crispy fried mirliton topped with crabmeat, shrimp, andouille and fried oysters in bordelaise. Reservations. Lunch Mon.-Fri., dinner Mon.-Sat., brunch Sun. Credit cards. $$$

1121 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 361-8590;
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant information.

900 Terry Pkwy., Terrytown, 393-7600; 1818 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 218-7991; 1991-B Barataria Blvd., Marerro, 349-3477; 3865 Gen. DeGaulle Drive, 362-9995; 8160 Hwy 23, Belle Chasse, 393-1604
See "Citywide" listing for description.

141 Delaronde St., 227-2989;
Roll off the Canal Street ferry at Algiers Point and into this petite take-out gourmet food specialist. Try any of the baked goods made in house, like cakes, breads and cookies. Soups and sandwiches make great take-out meals, along with specials like New Orleans-style barbecue shrimp. You can also check out Sortez Caf — 's creations at the Crescent City Farmers Market and the Gretna Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Fri. Credit cards. $

62 Westbank Expressway, Gretna, 368-9695; 601 Terry Pkwy., Terrytown, 366-3777; 1020 Westbank Expressway, Westwego, 328-7100; 1021 4th St., Gretna, 376-1919; 1121 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 362-4228; 1820 Belle Chase Hwy., Gretna, 361-4134; 2300 Gen. Meyer Ave., 263-0898; 2420 Barataria Blvd., Marrero, 328-7757; 4901 Westbank Expressway, Marrero, 348-2923; 5015 Lapalco Blvd., Marrero, 348-2325; 7686 Hwy. 23, Belle Chasse, 391-2090; 9654 Hwy. 23, Belle Chasse, 394-8838;
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

2600 Belle Chase Hwy., Gretna, 391-0053;
Stylish yet casual décor sets the mood at Sun Ray Grill, where an eclectic menu provides a melting pot of dishes from around the globe and close to home. Signature dishes include Thai barbecue chicken in a spicy glaze with coconut rice and cucumber salad, ahi tuna steaks crusted with black and white sesame seeds and the Sierra Madre pork chop — a 16-oz. cut basted with Grand Marnier and ancho chili glaze, served with potatoes and roasted corn. No reservations. Lunch and dinner Tue.-Sat. Credit cards. $$

1818 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 366-3898;
Known for its sushi rolls and sashimi, Tennou also offers a wide range of noodle dishes, soups and other cooked dishes. Roll specials combine popular selections like spicy tuna, spicy salmon and yellowtail rolls with soup and salad, while bento box dinners offer combinations of sushi, beef, chicken or salmon teriyaki or tempura, plus soup, salad and appetizer. No reservations. Lunch and dinner daily. Credit cards. $$

4001 Lapalco Blvd., Marrero, 328-4988;
From chicken satay to coconut curries to noodle salads, Thai Style offers a variety of traditional Thai dishes. Some popular entrees include tilapia served with a ginger root or basil sauce or jumbo shrimp in a creamy Alfredo sauce over angel hair pasta. Soups include a spicy lemon grass broth soup as well as hot-and-sour chicken soup. Pad Thai and mee krob, a crispy egg noodle dish topped with mixed vegetables, round out some of the popular noodle dishes. Reservations accepted. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

4024 Behrman Hwy., Gretna, 368-5694
Among the Vietnamese specialties at Thanh Thanh you'll find different varieties of spring rolls. There's also a Vietnamese crepe that stuffs shrimp, pork, sprouts and onions in pan-fried crepes, and is served with fish sauce. Reservations accepted. Lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $

347 Verret St., 362-2264
This coffee shop serves as a home office away from home for some of its patrons, who plug in computers and get to work with coffee drinks and tea to keep perky. But Tout de Suite also serves as a restaurant, preparing panini-style sandwiches filled with chicken or duck with peppercorn aioli, onions, peppers provolone cheese, and salads combining greens, fruit, nuts and chicken or seared salmon. No reservations. Breakfast and lunch daily, dinner Mon.-Sat. Credit cards. $$

450 Laroussini St., Westwego, 347-9187;
Affiliated with a swamp tour company, this family-friendly West Bank cafe offers some culinary versions of the local fauna visitors may have just seen on a wildlife outing. Alligator sausage and fried frog legs start off the appetizer menu, while mainstays like blackened fish or shrimp come in generous portions. No reservations. Lunch daily, dinner Thu.-Sat. Credit cards. $$

1650 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 361-5655;
See "Citywide" listing for restaurant description.

click to enlarge Henry Estrada serves a couple of dishes at Serranos Salsa - Company in Metairie. - TRACIE MORRIS SCHAEFER


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